A Flash

Two men kissing”OH MY GOD! Was that a flash? It was, wasn’t it? Do you think he took a picture of my face?”
”How could he? You’re all the way up there.”
”But, shit. Shit! I’m naked in your lap…”
”… and someone took a picture of us.”
”Appears so.”
”So… can you still see him?”
”Staring right at him, Babe.”
”Oh my God.”
”Want me to take care of him?”
”What? How?”
”You shouldn’t permit peeping Toms into your driveway, love.”
”Permit! You think I gave him permission?”
”Of course not, and I’ll take care of him. Now, where were we?”

photo credit: Kiss: Alessandro + Marveloos / 20100117.7D.02028.P1.L1.SQ.BW / SML via photopin (license)

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