A man with naked torso unbuttoning his jeansMy heartbeats pounded in my throat. Rough concrete chafed my naked skin as I curled up in the corner, trying to make myself smaller. There was no way out, no way to escape.

The sounds of his footsteps reached me long before I could see him, slow but determined. Ice filled my stomach. I clawed at the concrete, leaving bloody streaks as I shredded my fingertips. His cruel lips twisted and I whimpered.


I knew that voice. I belonged to that voice.

“You’re dreaming.”

His soft lips against my temple. I was safe, or was safety just another illusion?


[bctt tweet=”Is this #drabble an illusion? “]


Check out Bealevon Nolan’s drabble to this photo.

photo credit: masterdesigner via photopin cc

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