Silent Woods will be published!

Book Cover Silent Woods Ofelia Gränd
Silent Woods – A Gay Paranormal Mystery Novella

Tomorrow, on the 21st of February, Silent Woods is being released. It’s my second story published by Beaten Track Publishing, and I hope there will be more to come because Debbie McGowan is an absolute joy to work with.

Silent Woods is about a married couple going camping. Anders is the outdoorsy kind, Daniel is not. But even though Daniel knows nothing about the woods he feels something is amiss—it’s too quiet, too still. He tells himself that he is just imagining things, but when their son, Axel, goes missing everything changes.

This is a short paranormal read where the creatures originates from the Scandinavian folklore.


A short excerpt:
As if Anders could see the frenzy churning in my brain, he sighed and petted my cheek. “Nothing is going to happen, Daniel. How do you think people survived before?”
“I don’t know,” I growled.
“It isn’t any more dangerous to be outside now than it was when we were kids. And we didn’t have cell phones, or overprotective parents. We couldn’t ring anyone from the middle of the forest. I think it’s cheating, by the way.” He nodded toward my phone. “Not much of a back-to-nature experience with that thing in your pocket.”
“I don’t want a back-to-the-nature experience. I want safety.”
He kissed me then, and mumbled, “I know you do, and we’re gonna be safe, I promise.”
I glanced out the car window and wished I could believe him. A thick wall of trees stretched out in front of us. I frowned as I looked at them. They were completely still; nothing moved as far as I could see, not a single leaf swayed. My stomach clenched. I knew nothing about forests, but something felt wrong with this one.


You’ll find Silent Woods here:
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Silent Woods



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