A Man on a Leash


Male Sub Bondage

Bailey cowered behind the rusty slide, hyperventilating. His leash was tied to one of the posts of the climbing frame, right where his Master had abandoned him the night before.

A child’s squeal rang through the air. “Daddy, look.” A little girl was pointing at him. He wagged his rump, wishing he’d had a real tail, and tried to look adorable.

The man smiled and Bailey wiggled his rear more eagerly.

“Can he live in the doghouse?” Bailey sent a pleading gaze at the girl’s father, hoping he’d become his new owner.

“Maybe,” the man said and untied the leash.



By geier [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons The photo has been cropped.

Read Bealevon Nolan’s drabble inspired by the same photo here and Alexis Wood’s here.

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