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Book cover Knickers in a Twist Ofelia Gränd M/M Romance
Knickers in a Twist – A free M/M Romance novelette

Knickers in a Twist is now free on!!! Yeah, I know it took me about a year to get it up there, but I figured if it ever were to happen it had to be now. I’ll soon start pestering you with snippets from Blood on Sand and Dazzle Me, those are my upcoming releases, but before I do I wanted to give Knickers one last post, and an excerpt to follow with it.


Oh, that felt nice. He fingered the cool, silky fabric. The colour would look so good on him, creamy champagne against his golden skin. The stretchy lace waistband seemed comfortable and would’ve hugged his hips perfectly. They would’ve been perfect, if they had been made for a man, that is. He stretched the lace, tested it. Yes, it would have felt nice to put them on.
“May I help you?”
Peter jumped, startled. The shop assistant had materialised out of nowhere. She was wearing heels, which should have alerted him to her presence, but he hadn’t heard her coming. He stared at her and tried desperately to come up with a casual response. “Eh…” He didn’t blush, he did not, but his face felt a little too warm for him to really believe it.
The assistant fixed her gaze on the white-knuckled hand that clenched the crumpled silk. “No, thank you. Just looking around,” Peter managed, a little breathlessly. He would be looking for the exit as soon as he could convince his hand to release the amazing fabric.
“Looking for something for your girlfriend? We have the most beautiful longline corset that came in yesterday. I would die to have one. If that’s a bit too much, then we have some new balcony bras in wonderful colours, some lace demi-cups and a few new contour bras, all with matching panties and some with matching suspender belts.”
Suspender belts. Oh, that would be nice. He would love to have a suspender belt. No, snap out of it! Focus on bras. Peter stared at her. He knew nothing about bras, and he had no intention of learning. “Err, no, thank you. I was just looking around. I’ll go now.”
“Come back any time,” she said with an amused smile.
Did she know? She looked like she knew, but how could she? No, it didn’t show on the outside. He looked down at his thighs. No line was visible. Peter was always cautious. A revealing line could give him away if he wasn’t careful. His finger found the barely-there lace-top of his thigh-highs, but it wasn’t visible. The trousers stretched uninterrupted with each step he took; they weren’t catching on anything. He looked proper in his suit, he was sure of it. No one would know just by looking at him.
Yet somehow, his mother had always known, hadn’t she? She could give him one look, and then she’d start to spew her hatred. How could she always tell? Even if he just wore something plain, like satin briefs, she’d known. Maybe it did show.
Peter rushed out of the shop. He was not going back, he wasn’t. He had to stop gawking at women’s underwear. He didn’t even like women all that much. But even though the internet gave him access to shops that sold beautiful panties for men, online shopping wasn’t ideal. He needed to feel the fabric, make sure that it lived up to his expectations, and he couldn’t do that in an online shop.


Twelve days later Peter relapsed, and found himself just inside the door of Underneath. Again. The shop beckoned to him. It wasn’t very big, but the interior design reminded him of a warehouse. Everything apart from the lingerie was in black and grey which made the colours pop out even more. He liked it. A concrete bunker decorated in colourful lace.
He’d promised himself that he wouldn’t come back, but then he saw a pair of hipster panties online made from some kind of mesh he hadn’t seen before.


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Knickers in a Twist

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