Friday Reads |Watching Elijah Fall

I haven’t read much this week, I’ve been writing. How people manage to do both is a mystery to me. That being said, I did read one lovely little tale, Watching Elijah Fall by Amy Spector.

It’s one of those stories I will remember for a long time. Not because it traumatising in any way, it’s a genuinely sweet story about moving on. What I liked best was the mood, I snuggled down in my bed and fantasised about darkrooms and sexy, vulnerable Elijahs.

I’m really hoping there will be a sequel, and I have it on good authority that Evan, one of the characters in Watching Elijah Fall, does show up in Cold Fingers – A Love Story * If you’re looking for a Halloween read maybe you should start with that one instead, or why not pick up both of them! *

What have you been reading this week?

Book Cover Watching Elijah Fall
Book cover by Amy Spector

A simple story about moving past the terrible things that life throws at you and finding happiness on the other side.

Months after his breakup with a long-term boyfriend, Jacob Pierce is still more than a little fragile, he has withdrawn from life, his friends are concerned and even he knows that something needs to change. With the encouragement of his friends and a nudge from the newest member of Jacob’s small circle, he agrees to sign up for a film based photography class.

Elijah Fall, a widowed photography teacher, is exactly the man to bring Jacob back to life. But, while Jacob may have found the man of his dreams, will Elijah, someone who has lost everything once, be willing to risk his heart again?

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Friday Reads – Scar by Dee Aditya

I’m cheating today, I actually finished Scar by Dee Aditya yesterday, but since I haven’t started a new book yet I’m going to count it as my Friday Read of the week. I’m not big on Sci-Fi, but I do like me a post-apocalyptic story every now and then…or even more often than that.

Scar has a complicated family situation, illegal fighting, forced prostitution, and of course love. The world is one of great injustice and oppression. I greatly enjoyed the story and hope there’ll be a sequel out soon. I want to know more about the world and more about the warden.

If you’re into dystopian tales I suggest you check Scar out. It was written as a part of the Don’t Read in the Closet event and you’ll find it on Goodreads (M/M Romance Group), or here: *

ScarGabriel Lamb decides to go to the ninth district for peace and quiet after he is released from prison. A meeting with a stranger, and a case of restless boredom brings him to the illegal fighting rings that thrive in the ninth. Here he meets the most irreverent man he has ever seen, who still manages to rouse his protective instincts.

Russ Andrews has spent all his life in the ninth, fighting in matches to earn the money that lets his family eat. The ring is where he meets the bored new fighter who irritates him and arouses him in equal measure.

A tentative friendship turns into an arrangement of mutual comfort. But then, Gabriel isn’t prepared for the rush of possessiveness he feels for Russ, and Russ isn’t prepared for his world to crumble around him. As things come to a head, they must learn to lean on each other to get through the tough times.

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Friday Reads – Shelter from the Storm

I’m continuing my Friday Reads…do I dare call it a series? Two posts almost make it a series, does it not? So, tell me what are you reading? Are you gearing up for Halloween with horror reads? Or are you curled up in an easy chair with a cup of tea reading a steamy romance? Or a cosy mystery?

It’s been a week of short reads for me, a long book seems too much of an effort at the moment, and isn’t that just sad. I’ve read about Sci-Fi flower sex, vines and all! I’ve read a little flash fiction, and a little horror, and I’ve just now started Shelter from the Strom by Mia West.

It’s a short one, I picked it mostly because of that but also because of the promised crossdressing—and there is crossdressing. I like the story so far, it’s formed as a letter, and though I don’t predict any surprises it seems like a sweet little tale.

I haven’t read anything by Mia West before, and I haven’t found this story anywhere other than on Goodreads. You’ll need to be a member of the Goodreads M/M Romance Group to read it, but if you are you’ll find it here.

Now, tell me, what are you reading?

Book Cover Selter from the StormDear Author,
I’ve never thought much about taking a wife. Eligible women are scarce here. When Ma died, it took all of our energy to keep the farm going. Pa died last year and I have help in the field but it’s not enough. A year of living alone has made me long for the sound of a voice besides my own and a warm body to help stave off the night chill. So I finally put in an ad for a mail order bride. And she’s on the next train. She seems perfect. She can cook, clean, tend a garden, and read and write. Maybe too good to be true. But I’m desperate and can’t help but hope.