Writing Goals for 2016

fire works and hearts
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The first of January… I love the first of January! It’s a day for looking forward but also a day to evaluate the past year. I had a goal of writing six stories during 2015. I never stated to myself how long those stories should be so I could claim I made it, but that’s not the feeling I have. During 2015 I had five stories coming out:

Silent Woods – A mythological mystery novella

Blood on Sand – A Paranormal novella

Dazzle Me – A humorous novelette, part of Summer Bigger than Others

Deadly Sugar – A horror novelette, part of Buried Desires

Once in a Snowstorm – A trope-filled M/M Romance novella

Then I had one flash published through Saturday night Reader, a flash fiction magazine that unfortunately now have closed shop. Oh No, Not Again… – A horror flash

During 2014 I had three flashes published through SNR, the rights have been returned to me and I published two of those again during 2015, A Christmas Princess that is up on several platforms, and A Public Love Story that for the moment only are given to my email list subscribers.

So in a way, I made my goal for 2015, but I’m reluctant to count my flashes. I’m going to say that I didn’t make it, I’m one story short.

But now to my writing goals for 2016!

A week from today I’ll be in a hospital and by this time I’ll most likely be holding a newly born in my arms. Knowing that I’m a bit reluctant to set up goals—who knows what my life will look like. But to say I don’t have any goals would be a lie. I have in fact already made a list.

For 2016, I want to write/publish six stories. I’m not going to have any length goals this year either and even if I were to write six stories there’s no guarantee they will be published, but it’s my goal. I’m fully aware of maybe not making it, I see many sleepless nights ahead and I do not work well without sleep.

I do however feel like I have a head start, I have two stories in editing at the moment. One called We Exploded that is a story about one of the love locks removed from Pont des Arts in Paris. It’s due out in time for Valentine. And one called Falling Through that is a paranormal short story about a ghost and the human living in his flat. I’m not sure on publication date on that, but it’ll be part of an YA/NA anthology and will be out sometime during the spring.

Other than that I would love to do something with the lovely Amy Spector again, Buried Desires was the highlight of my 2015. I would love to do another story set in Nortown—the same place Once in a Snowstorm took place in, and wouldn’t it be a dream to work with Al Stewart?? I have also made some promises regarding a sequel to Blood on Sand, but we’ll see.

For those of you who are members of the M/M Romance Group, you’re probably aware of the polls for 2015 Member’s Choice Awards now being open. I have stories nominated in a few categories:

In Best Cover Art both Buried Desires and Silent Woods are nominated.

In Best Dark Themed both Buried Desires and Deadly Sugar are nominated.

In Best Story that Should have a Sequel Blood on Sand is nominated.

In Best Slave/Dub-Con/Kidnapped Blood on Sand is nominated.

The polls close at the 17th of January.

Happy New Year!

       Book Cover A Public Love Story



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