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It’s Friday again and I’ll gladly admit that I went to Amazon and downloaded a short story just to have something to write about today. I have been reading a little this week but nothing that is published yet. That’s one of the perks of having author friends—sometimes you get to read stuff before it’s out. But as I said I paid Amazon a visit, went looking at the top 100 30 minutes LGBT stories and saw Alex Hurst’s Memories. The cover stood out among the rest so I downloaded it.

Memories is a touching 13 pages long story about a dead woman walking through a shop filled with memories. She is allowed to pick one thing, one memory, to bring with her. This story was written during debates about same-sex marriage in the United States in 2012-2013, rather than making a commentary Alex Hurst wrote Memories.

It’s 13 pages, you have the time to read it!

Book cover Memories by Alex Hurst“It is the shop of memories. Its stores are what moments we collect through our lives, those which gather dust or glory on the shelves of our mind. Some are forgotten, some boxed away; some touted as the very best of our life. Every article has meaning, every clipping, sensation. The store changes for each person. What will you see on its shelves? What will you find in its intimate interior?”

This is a story that wishes to be true.

In this new short story by Alex Hurst, the meanings of the words we use for loved ones are explored, as well as the value of the memories we hold dear. After death, a woman peruses the aisles of her life’s memories, recalling the lost, forgotten and cherished moments of her life. She is allowed to take one item with her when she passes on, and the path to that choice is one of love, happiness and heartbreak.

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