Friday Reads | Hunter of Demons

This has not been a good reading week for me. I have abandoned two books, and I hardly ever abandon any. I admit to not really knowing what the books were about before I started reading them—still trying to clean up a bit in my library—but still. Therefore, it felt so good to fall back on something reliable. Jordan L. Hawk is that to me. I haven’t read anything by her I haven’t enjoyed.

Hunter of Demons is the first story in the SPECTR series. Caleb is an unregistered paranormal person who hides what he is, but when his brother’s corpse is walking away from the funeral home he gets more problems to think about than stay hidden.

There is never a dull moment in this story, I really like it and can’t wait to read the next in the series.

Happy reading! *

Book Cover Hunter of DemonsUnregistered paranormal Caleb Jansen only wants a normal life. But when a demon murders his brother, Caleb knows he has to avenge Ben’s death, no matter what the cost. Unfortunately, his only allies belong to an extremist group who would kill Caleb if they found out about his talent.

Gray is a wandering spirit, summoned to hunt and destroy demons by drinking their blood. This hunt goes horribly wrong, and for the first time in his existence Gray is trapped in a living, human body. Caleb’s body…and Caleb is still in it.

Hotshot federal agent John Starkweather thinks he’s seen it all. But when he’s called to exorcise Caleb, he finds a creature which isn’t supposed to exist outside of stories. For Gray is a drakul: a vampire.

Having spent his life avoiding the government as an unregistered ‘mal, Caleb can’t let himself trust a federal exorcist, no matter how sexy. And he certainly isn’t going to give into the heat growing between them and sleep with Starkweather.

Can Starkweather win Caleb’s trust and convince him he isn’t the enemy? Can Caleb keep Gray under control, as the drakul experiences the temptation of a living body for the first time?

Because if he fails and Gray gives in to bloodlust, Starkweather will have no choice but to kill them both.
Novella: 33,643 words

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Friday Reads | Evenfall

It’s Friday today, did you know? I didn’t. When I woke up this morning I was wondering why my husband wasn’t in bed with me—turns out he was getting our son to school because apparently it’s Friday, not Saturday as I thought, and apparently I was tired because I have not heard any alarms go off or noticed my husband getting out of bed. But since it is Friday I’ll do a little post about what I’m reading.

This week I’ve let myself become obsessed with Hsin Liu Vega. For ages, I’ve had Evenfall by Santino Hassell and Ais on my E-reader and now I decided to read it. I downloaded the Director’s cut versions of In the Company of Shadows #1 and since then I have cheated on my daily word count goal, I’ve neglected all forms of cleaning, the pile of laundry is growing and why, why, do we have to eat so damn often?

I’m beginning to think I have a questionable taste in men—what else is new, you wonder, and nothing really. Me falling head over heels for an assassin with all his fucked up ideas and morals is not new at all. That I like blood, gore, and cruelty isn’t new either. That I gladly read post-apocalyptic stories isn’t much of a surprise, nor is the fact that I like stories with more plot than sex. So the strangest thing here probably is that I haven’t read it until now.

I’m so impressed by authors who manage to write these kinds of stories and I can’t even begin to imagine the number of hours Hassell and Ais have put into it. I hoped they enjoyed writing it as much as I’ve enjoyed reading it.

Available at:

In a post-apocalyptic future, the Agency works behind the scenes to take down opposition groups that threaten the current government. Their goals justify all means, even when it comes to their own agents.

Sin is the Agency’s most efficient killer. His fighting skills and talent at assassination have led to him being described as a living weapon. However, he is also known to go off on unauthorized killing sprees, and his assigned partners have all wound up dead.

Boyd is not afraid to die. When his mother, a high-ranking Agency official, volunteers him to be Sin’s newest partner, he does not refuse. In fact, his life has been such an endless cycle of apathy and despair that he’d welcome death.

In the newly revised Director’s Cut of Evenfall, the first volume follows these two cast-offs as they go from strangers to partners who can only rely on each other while avoiding death, imprisonment, and dehumanization by the Agency that employs them.

120,000 words.

Warnings: Explicit violence, physical and psychological abuse.

Note: This is the first of the two volumes comprising Evenfall, the first book in the ICoS series.

Friday Reads | Private Eye

The spring cleaning in my e-book library continues! Right now I’m reading Private Eye (Liaisons #1) by S.E. Culpepper, and it’s another one of those books I’ve had for ages and never got around to—well, now I did.

Private Eye is a solid Gay For You story with a hot Italian P.I. and a golden Adonis motorcycle police. There is a nasty case that needs solving while the MCs hash out relationship issues, plays softball, deals with meddling best friends and interfering exes. It’s a nice mix of romance and mystery and a good dose of self-discovery and some OMG-I-almost-lost-you moments. So if we’re still allowed to read GFY stories without being crucified, I would recommend this one.

Rafe Bridges stopped mixing business with pleasure long ago, but when he receives a call from an intriguing cop who needs help searching for an old family friend, he breaks down and takes on the case. With each day that passes, Rafe becomes further fascinated with Jeremy Halliday…but the biggest problem isn’t his attraction to the cop or his growing need for him. It’s the tiny little detail of Jeremy being straight.

Jeremy isn’t as immune to Rafe as he’d like to believe and as they work together, sifting through a case that is more mysterious and dangerous than it seems, Rafe draws away from him. Knowing he might miss out on someone incredible, Jeremy has to figure out what and who he really wants. And soon.

Nothing is black and white anymore.