Friday Reads | The Universe Doesn’t Give a Flying Fuck About You

I think I’m among few who choked on their morning coffee this morning because they realised it’s Friday. I did, there I was sitting on the sofa, rocking my youngest while trying to sneak in a sip every now and then when it hit me that I should get in front of the computer and write a few lines about what I’m reading. What I was reading was my own writing and there’s no way I’m doing a Friday post about that.

The emergency solution was to go to Amazon and look at the 15 min read list. The first title that got my attention was You’re Dying, and Your World is a Lie by J. Truant, only I saw it was Book 2 in a series. I didn’t read the description, didn’t check what kind of book it was or what categories it was listed in, I just went looking for Book 1.

The Universe Doesn’t Give a Flying Fuck About You (Epic Series Book 1) sounded good to me. I haven’t read anything by Johnny B. Truant before but I’m listening to his podcast, The Self-Publishing Podcast, quite often. Had it been any other author I might have looked at the blurb or at least checked what genre it was, but I didn’t.

The Universe Doesn’t Give a Flying Fuck About You is actually #1 in both Motivational and Entrepreneurship on Amazon…I thought it was fiction. That’s what you get for not reading up on what you download, but with almost 1.700 reviews I thought it must be good.

But, no matter how much I like listening to Johnny and how awesome the title is, this wasn’t really for me. It’s about how short your life is and that you shouldn’t dream about things, you should do them. And I agree, you should. This could be the last day in your life and worrying about what others will think it quite pointless. They will have opinions whether you do something or not…but the universe doesn’t give a flying fuck. So get to it, people! Be awesome!

If you walk around every day on eggshells, nervous about making a mistake or looking stupid, then you should read this.

If you have a “next big thing” in mind you want to do because you know it will be awesome (starting the business, making the big move, launching the nonprofit, writing the book) but are afraid of doing what it would take to make that thing happen, then you should read this.

The universe is very big. You are very small. In fact, you’re so small and so insignificant in the big picture that you don’t even register to the eye of the cosmos. The universe was here before you were born and will be here long after you’re gone, and your life is but a blip on its vast, vast radar. If your life is to matter, it’s not going to matter to the universe. It’s up to you make your life matter in the only way you can: by doing things that make a difference to you, to those around you, and to those whose lives you touch. Time is short. You have exactly NOW to do whatever it is you’re here to do, or to let the inexorable passage of hours and days and years kill your potential like fruit left to die on a vine.

The universe doesn’t hate you, but it doesn’t love you, either. You’re just an atom in its infinite workings. The universe doesn’t care if you live, die, suffer, or thrive. Whatever your life here will mean is up to you.

Stop worrying so much about what others think and start being who you’re supposed to be. It’s time to do some epic shit.

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