Buried Desires and Deadly Lies

Book cover Deadly Lies (Deadly Sugar #2) by Ofelia GrändDeadly Lies #TeaserTuesday

I’m a serial killer. I’ve lost count on how many characters I’ve offed, but it’s been a few, and the pile keeps growing it seems. It isn’t often you come across someone who encourages you to keep on killing but I have a person doing just that, the lovely Amy Spector is all for dead bodies. I actually suspect she has a collection in her crawlspace. But body collector or not, Amy has a beautiful mind and often comes up with great ideas. Last year, she suggested we’d do a horror double feature, and we did.

This year we decided to continue the stories. On the 27th of October, in other words in two days, Buried Desires #2 will be published. And since it’s Tuesday and some smart person has come up with the #TeaserTuesday hashtag I thought I’d share a little snippet from Deadly Lies (Deadly Sugar #2).


With small, soft sweeping movements, he managed to push away the dead wasps littering the ground underneath his hands. His fingertips connected with the uneven stone floor that rasped against his skin as he moved. If he could only find something.

He touched more dead wasps, dried-up bodies and paper-thin wings. Something pricked the pad of his finger, and he instinctively pulled away. He didn’t know if dead wasps could sting, if they had any venom left in them, but it didn’t stop it from being unpleasant. Steeling himself, he continued to feel around on the ground. Something. He needed something small.

Josh froze as a rustle came from the bunk above. The following silence had his hair stand on end.

“Hello?” He held his breath. He was alone; he knew he was. None of the bodies in there with him could move.

Josh yelped as something hit the back of his head. His trapped arms yanked him back when he tried to get away. Close to his ear, something moved only to come to rest against his scalp. Squeezing his eyes shut, he tried to convince himself those weren’t skeletal toes caught in his hair.

Buried Desires Final Cover HiRes CORRECTEDDeadly Suger Final MedRescover-cold









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