The Best Year Ever

The first of January! I do love the first of January, it’s my favourite day of the whole year. Everything seems new and fresh, though I have to admit this first of January has caught me a bit unprepared.

I usually have everything figured out goal-wise but I haven’t this year. There are too many uncertain things looming for me to have the slightest idea of how much time I’ll be able to spend writing. The horrible truth is I might have to get a job *shudder*. A real job, with working hours and time away from the computer, and kids in nursery schools and whatnots. I’ll stick my head in the sand for a bit longer and pretend I have all the time in the world to write but…

So…was 2016 the Best Year Ever?


I guess it depends on how you see things. I have refrained from making any political statements throughout the year, but how can a year where an orange man has been elected president of the USA, the UK has decided to leave EU, refugees have been, and still are, running for their lives only to drown on their way to safety, unassuming people were shot when they were out dancing, run over by a truck, or blown to pieces by some lunatic somewhere – how can that be considered the best year ever?

Did I reach my personal goals for 2016 – yes I did. I said to write six stories, and I wrote eight. Or that’s not entirely true, one of those stories was written during 2015 but published in 2016. So seven stories were written and eight stories published.

  • He Melted Us (Part of the Love Unlocked Anthology)
  • Falling Through
  • Once in a Forest (Nortown #2)
  • The Empty Egg (Nortown #2.5)
  • Once in May (Nortwon #3)
  • Happy Endings (Nortown 3.5)
  • Deadly Lies (Deadly Sugar#2)(Part of Buried Desires #2)
  • Deadly Dates (Deadly Sugar 2.5)
  • The Maddest of Men

I realise now that that makes nine, but we can pretend Deadly Dates doesn’t count since it’s not really published anywhere else but here. Still, I’m not really sure 2016 can be names the best year ever.

Will 2017 be the Best Year Ever?


I sure hope so, but the things I mentioned above are still happening, aren’t they? But my personal hopes and wants for 2017, apart from peace on earth, are to:

  • Finish the Nortown series – I’ve written a first draft of Nortown #4 and will start working on that now so I can send it to my publisher. Then I’m planning two additional stories. If I can write them both in 2017 I don’t know, but I hope so.
  • Write a sequel to The Maddest of Men
  • Write a sequel to Falling Through
  • Write a sequel to Blood on Sand

It’s somewhere here I realise I’ll never have the time to write everything I want to this year, because not only do I want to write the six stories I’ve listed above, I also want to do some collaborations.

I hope Beaten Track puts together an anthology this year too and for the last two years I’ve done something with Amy Spector and that’s always fun so I hope we can do something and maybe fool Claire Davis and Al Stewart into joining us…but none of that is decided yet. I also have a couple of drafts on other stories lying around that I really should have a second look at – a spring cleaning of my notice boards is in order.

So will 2017 be the best year ever? Well, we all have to try our best to make it that.

Book Cover He Melted Us Ofelia Gränd Book Cover Love Unlocked Beaten Track Publishing Book Cover Falling Through Ofelia Gränd Book Cover Once in a Forest Ofelia Gränd Book Cover The Empty Egg Ofelia Gränd Book Cover Once in May Ofelia Gränd Book Cover Happy Endings Ofelia Gränd Book Cover Deadly Lies Ofelia Gränd Book Cover Buried Desires #2 Ofelia Gränd and Amy Spector Book Cover Deadly Dates (Deadly Sugar #2.5) Ofelia Gränd Book Cover The Deadly Usgar Collection Ofelia Gränd Book Cover The MAddest of Men Ofelia Gränd

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