Are you up for a challenge?

Read a Rainbow!

It’s pride month and I’m going to assume everyone who drops by here likes to read, so what better way to celebrate than to read a rainbow?

I’m gonna be perfectly honest and say I didn’t read all these books this month,  not even this year. But I was bored and tired, and what I do when I’m bored and too tired to write is play around with photoshop.

So, it all started with a look at a rainbow flag and me wondering how many book covers I could fit in one row and have it look like a flag. I went with 13, but I guess you could do 15 too.

A pride flag made out of book covers

So, a pride flag has six colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. That’s 78 books. Should you go with 15 books per colour, you’d get 90 books, and that might seem like a nicer number since it’s even and all, but 90 books take a long time to read.

If you’re like me, you don’t mind doing a 90 book challenge, I’ve done the M/M Romance Group’s shelfaton a few times over at Goodreads.  I think that’s somewhere around 200 books.

I have read every book in my flag, but I’m cheating a bit with the covers…or cheating, I don’t know if it’s cheating, but some don’t have the cover I’ve chosen to include anymore.

When I realised just how many books we were talking about, I made a square too. We’re Instagram savvy people, right??

A rainbow square of book covers

Reading a rainbow square would mean 54 books. That’s easy, people! LOL

If you decide to do this challenge, please let me know, I’d love to see what your squares and flags look like. So let’s #readarainbow!

And if you’d rather do a genderfluid flag or an asexual or bi or trans flag there is nothing stopping you. I went with the LGBT flag, but there are many options to fit your books covers.

If you have a hard time finding books, pop by Pinterest. I have a board called Read a Rainbow where I sort books according to colour. It’s still under construction, but I’m sure you can find some book you haven’t read in a colour you need.

Happy Reading!

A Rose is a Rose

Today it’s National Red Rose Day, and I ended up reading  A Rose is a Rose by Jet Mykles – I didn’t mean to re-read it, I didn’t. But I listed it in a post not long ago and I was scrolling through my books and saw it there. The cover is hard to miss.

In many early cultures, red roses were used as decoration in wedding ceremonies and as time went by the red rose has become a symbol of love and romance. I wouldn’t call my husband a romantic, not by any means, but I do get roses quite often.

But, since I now re-read A Rose is a Rose, and since it’s the National Red Rose Day, I might as well talk a little about it.

Carson plays a part in a  burlesque show, but when he ends it with his sugar dad, he realises just how hard it is to pay the bills with what he makes. Eddie,  his landlord, comforts Carson when he finds him crying in the garden, but Eddie isn’t rich, so it doesn’t really matter that he is everything Carson wants. He has expensive tastes so he needs someone who can provide for him.

Eddie is growing roses in the garden, and he cuts them when they’re just right and gives them to Carson. It starts with one rose but pretty soon Carson needs to get more vases. But roses, as beautiful as they are, won’t pay for the things Carson needs.

I would like to hate Carson, I really do, but it isn’t his fault his mother raised him to believe he’s nothing but a high-class whore who has to have a sugar daddy to be able to survive.

This is an opposite attracts story – Eddie is calm and solid, Carson is not, and it’s Jet Mykles, so it’s GFY too of course LOL

Many of Jet Mykles’s books were published through Loose id, and sadly they’re no longer around so some of her books are currently without a home and without a place where they can be bought, A Rose is a Rose is one of those books.

It isn’t very often you find a main character who is a burlesque artist, it reminded me a little of Nicole Forcine’s This Little Whatever, where the main character is a male belly dancer. Perhaps that should be my next re-read…

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other word would smell as sweet

A Rose is a RoseWhen his latest sugar daddy drops him like yesterday’s news, Carson’s got more than a bruised ego to deal with. He’s broke! No designer clothes, no baubles, and while he loves his job with the burlesque show he needs to pay the bills.

Should be no problem. Carson’s young and pretty, so it should be no trouble finding someone new to pick up his tab.

Instead, he finds Eddie. The superintendent of Carson’s apartment building, Eddie couldn’t be further from Carson’s usual type, financially or physically, but his gift of a single red rose touches Carson’s heart.

For the first time, Carson doesn’t want to be just a kept man.

To live the life he always thought he wanted, he needs to find a new sugar daddy. But how can he part with the support of someone who seems to really love him?

Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Male/male sexual practices.

Author of the Month at My Fiction Nook

Author of the MonthToday, you’ll find me over at My Fiction Nook. For quite some time now, they’ve been running an Author of the Month event, and for June, that’s me!!!

Back in December (I think) I was sitting by our kitchen table having a cup of coffee with my sister. She was about to show me something on my iPad when she saw I had a message from Sandra over at My Fiction Nook.

It was just a short message, Sandra asking me if I wanted to be part of their Author of the Month programme. Sis gave me a flat look, saying ‘You have to say yes’ and pushed the iPad at me gesturing for me to answer. I did and then I was freaking out because I had no idea what was expected of me LOL.

I hopped over to My Fiction Nook and figured that yeah, I wanted to be part of it all, and now we’ve reached the day when it’s time.

There will be interviews, excerpts, and giveaways, so head on over there and take part in the fun. At some time, my biggest fear will be mentioned…again. If you’ve missed what the scariest thing hopping on this earth is, here’s a clue.