Worth His Salt – A Ghost Story

I thought it would be fun to start 2018 with a book release, so today Worth His Salt – A Ghost Story (Tattooed Corpse Stories #2) is available to the world!

Book Cover Pink Slip by Amy SpectorThe Tattooed Corpse Series is a series of short stories that have nothing in common except that there at some point during the story will appear a body, the same body as in the previous stories and it has a snake tattoo on its forearm… These stories vary in genre and length (though they’ll all be pretty short) and the characters have nothing to do with each other – it is as it says on the cover ‘Different Time. Different Place. Same Body.’

I love being a writer, I love creating my own worlds, but sometimes you’re the only one in that world – apart from your characters, of course. Therefore it’s fun to take part in something that’s bigger than your own stuff, or at least I think so. We haven’t decided on how many stories there will be in the series but Amy Spector wrote the first one, Pink Slip – A Halloween Romance and now it’s time for Worth His Salt – A Ghost Story.

Worth His Salt is a paranormal little tale about Eldred Henstare, a not so powerful witch, and Mo Vin, a man living next to an abandoned lighthouse.

Two and a half year ago we bought a house in Småland, Sweden (Where Astrid Lindgren came from if you’ve read Pippi Longstocking or any of her other stories), and it’s lovely. I don’t regret moving here but, and that’s a big but, there is no sea.

I grew up on the west coast, I walked along the coastline every day with my dogs, I come from a long line of fishermen, maritime pilots, and lighthouse keepers. When I was a kid my dad use to take me to the ruins of a house on the cliffs where his grandparents used to live. My great-grandfather was manning the pilot look-out tower when it still was in use. It’s high up on the cliffs, the fall down is several metres and they lived there, far away from any civilization and it was even farther back then, with their children. I would worry myself to death, but I guess it was different times back then.

Anyway, I wanted to write lighthouse story, so I did. There is nothing that fills you with such awe as seeing the sea, dark and grey when a storm is brewing.


Eldred Henstare is a not so powerful witch who’s been left in charge of helping the city’s lingering spirits to move on. He usually handles it pretty well, but something’s wrong with the spirit leading him to the abandoned lighthouse.

Mo Vin likes his quiet life in the cottage next to the lighthouse, at least it’s quiet until one night when Eldred Henstare—young, beautiful and crazy—arrives. After that night things aren’t the same. A man is found dead on the beach outside Mo’s cottage, and he’s almost sure he’s the one who killed him, except it doesn’t make sense. Why would he kill anyone?

Eldred needs to get rid of the ghost haunting Mo. If he doesn’t Mo’s life is in danger, but to do it he needs both Mo and his brother Lachtin to help out.


Friday Reads | Worth a Shot

I stayed up way past my bedtime reading Worth a Shot by Lyra Evans. Something about this story hooked me and I just kept on reading even though I should be sleeping.

It’s a paranormal mystery. Detective Oliver Worth is a wizard who is trying to solve a murder that looks like it’s been committed by a werewolf. When he gets into the land of the werewolves to question them, he meets Connor Pierce an alpha in Logan’s court.

I would’ve given just about anything to get Connor’s POV. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Oliver, but Connor *swoon*.

This isn’t the first werewolf/wizard story I’ve read. It isn’t even the first this month – I read The Duality Paradigm by Lia Cooper just the other week – but I had a hard time putting Worth a Shot down.

If you’re into werewolves and wizards, pick it up. There are three books in the series and I regret not buying the box set.

Book Cover Worth a Shot by Lyra EvansDetective Oliver Worth has everything he needs—the job he always wanted and a knack for picking one-night stands. When a high-born Witch is found murdered on the steps of Nimueh’s Court, Oliver is given the case of the century—because no one else will touch it. Not when it looks like the murder was committed by a Werewolf.

The Treaty between the Courts of Nimueh and Logan has stood for over a hundred years, and peace was hard-won. If a Werewolf is responsible, the murder counts as an act of war and would plunge both kingdoms into chaos. Something Oliver’s Captain is keen to point out.

Treading lightly, Oliver has no choice but to venture alone into Logan’s Court to investigate. The trail of clues leads right to Connor Pierce, a newly minted Alpha of Logan’s kin. Connor is gorgeous and captivating and absolutely a suspect. Determined to do his job and catch the killer, Oliver finds he’s now got more to worry about than an inter-kingdom war. He tries to ignore his growing desire, but Connor keeps drawing him in. Everything about Connor is intoxicating, and Oliver isn’t sure how long he can fight off temptation…

Now there’s not just the peace of two kingdoms on the line—there’s also his heart.

Worth a Shot is a M/M paranormal mystery romance with Werewolves, Wizards, and explicit sexual content. First in a series but can be read as a stand-alone. No cliffhangers.

Friday Reads | Finding a Tomorrow

I’ve just finished Finding a Tomorrow by Kathleen Kerridge. I picked it up earlier this week for free on Amazon, I think it still is free if you want to check it out.

I really liked the first half of the story. Rami tries to take his life but when he wakes up a the hospital there is a man waiting for him, a man who keeps coming back day after day. He goes through therapy and still the man, Ryan, is by his side. He gets to go back to his old house, and Ryan is still coming to see him. Little by little Rami starts feeling better and Ryan is there then too. I loved how their relationship developed.

Then during the last half of the book, it was like one issue after the other was introduced. I still liked the book and I will keep and an eye on Kerridge in the future – I’ve already glanced at her Into the Woods – but I would’ve liked it better if the book ended a bit earlier. But maybe that’s just me.

Do give it a try.

Book Cover Finding a Tomorrow by Kathleed KerridgeRami doesn’t see himself as a survivor. He doesn’t want to be one, either. At his lowest point, with everything he cared for lost forever, he knows there’s only one way out. Rami is one of life’s planners and he plans his death to the last small detail. It’s no cry for help; he means to die.

Waking up on a hospital ward, Rami is devastated that he failed. It’s impossible that he isn’t dead, but the ache in his chest from being resuscitated and the bleeps of the monitors tracking his heartbeat say otherwise. And there’s the quiet friendly stranger at his bedside who, for some reason, isn’t prepared to let Rami be alone.

Hospitals, drugs and therapy lead Rami slowly towards a path where he begins to see a glimmer of a future, despite the darkness in the corners of his mind and the shadows that haunt him. Despite everything life might throw at him, Rami begins to believe that he has a future, and can find his tomorrow.

Friday Reads | Thirsting for More

Autumn is here. In my head, I’m painting pictures of us all snuggled up on the sofa with something hot to drink and a good book to help us escape the whining wind outside. The reality is not getting any sleep because the kids are coughing through the night and being covered in snot because they use me as a living tissue.

In an attempt to place myself  in that romantic picture of a book, a steaming cup, and a cosy sofa I went looking for a vampire story. Yes, vamps are very autumny. But, since reality once again made itself known, I realised I’d better pick something short if I’m ever going to finish it. I was browsing Amazon when I spotted Thirsting for More by Claire Cray in the ‘Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought’ section.

I recognised Claire Cray’s name, I’ve read her before, and before I knew what I was doing I pressed the buy button. The book is free so don’t worry, I didn’t impulse buy books for my food money.

Thirsting for More is about Cal, who has been a vampire for seven years, and Ira who has been one since the 1940s. It’s a short, sexy tale about love and misunderstandings. I wouldn’t have minded a little less sex and a little more vampy stuff but hey, still a great little story worth every minute invested in it.

Book cover Thirsting for more Claire CrayCal’s seven years as a vampire haven’t been so bad. After being turned by a horny immortal he never saw again, he got used to things pretty quick. The aphrodisiac venom has been an unexpected perk, keeping him supplied with beautiful boys who double as meals.

There’s just one thorn in his side: for this entire seven years, Cal has suffered a painful unrequited crush on the vampire Ira. Cool, narcissistic, and loudly straight, Ira drifts in and out of his life as he pleases, soaking up Cal’s attention when he’s around and then leaving him alone with his hopeless desires.

After Ira’s latest departure, Cal has decided to get over him for good. But now Ira’s back with a shocking proposition that threatens to change their dynamic forever…