Deadly Lies (Deadly Sugar #2)

32734561With one foot in the grave

After being betrayed by his husband in the most unimaginable way, Josh has only three things on his mind; grab his son, find help, and get out. When Josh can’t get to his son the plan to save them both becomes a little more complicated.

But things are not always as they appear. A chance encounter gives Josh hope but it also raises a lot of questions. Can Josh get away from his husband with his son and sanity intact? The things revealed will change the future for everyone.


Struggling against the cuffs, his rattling set off an echoing in the never-ending darkness. Metal cut into his skin as he tried to lift the bunk. His swollen fingers wouldn’t cooperate when he strained to get a good grip on the bed leg. No matter how he pushed or tried to lift, it didn’t move. Feeling around, he grazed a nut on top of a metal plate. Whoever had done this knew what they were doing.

The dried blood on his wrist cracked, and a fresh wave broke through. It wasn’t as bad as the first time around. He didn’t move in panic now, didn’t thrash and pull like a trapped animal, but desperation still made him careless.

His thumb pulsated and burned where it hung immobile next to his other digits. From the feel of it, he guessed it was about twice its normal size. Josh had no way to check, of course. The thick air pressed in on him, and the taste of death was heavy on his tongue.

At the moment, he preferred the darkness; had there been light, he would’ve seen the others.

Bile rose at the back of his mouth, and his heart sped up yet again. He didn’t want to think about who they were or how they’d ended up in the root cellar. Somewhere, someone was missing a husband or wife, a son or a daughter. Was any of them the scared young man with the green eyes he’d seen in the picture all those years ago? Josh’s stomach clenched as he recalled it. Could Jett have done it?

In the midst of all the horror captured in the picture, it also held something else, a tangible…maybe not love. Josh refused to put the word together with what the image represented. Admiration? Maybe even affection—not from the young man, but from the photographer. Could Jett even have taken a picture like that?

He shuddered. He didn’t want to think Jett capable of doing such things, but given where he was sitting…

Out. He needed to find a way out.


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