The Deadly Sugar Series

The Deadly Sugar series started with Amy Spector asking me if I wanted to do a horror collaboration – who wouldn’t want to?!

In 2015 we wrote Buried Desires #1 – A Horror Double Feature consisting of Deadly Sugar and Amy Spector’s Cold Fingers. We also included links to a hidden chapter for each story – Deadly Secrets and Mrs. Greenberg Sells a Watch.

Then in 2016 we wrote Buried Desires #2, continuing our series with Deadly Lies (Deadly Sugar #2) and Body of Work (Cold Fingers #2) and we decided to include links to hidden chapters this time too – Deadly Dates and Dalton Sikes Finds a Body.

Since I consider the Deadly Sugar Series done (I think I am, at least) I bundled the stories together in The Deadly Sugar Collection which includes Deadly Sugar, Deadly Secrets and Deadly Lies and has a special link to Deadly Dates.

These are some of my least read books but probably the ones I had most fun writing – I regret nothing! LOL

The Deadly Sugar Series:

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