The Good Doctor

hallway hospital
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I resisted the urge to tug at the tubes going into my body while I listened to the doctor talk. “Dead for thirty-seven minutes.” “Had to use a defibrillator.” His voice droned on and all I wanted to do was to eat him—sink my teeth into his flesh and tear out a big chunk of meat, chewing it while warm blood trickled down my chin. The smell of him made my mouth water.

“By this time tomorrow, you’ll be able to go home.” He patted my knee.

A smile stretched my lips—tomorrow. I’d have me some doctor then.

A Morning Snore

Man with a bookI woke to the sound of rustling paper. With a soft murmur, I turned, hoping he would think I was still asleep. The sun caressed his bare skin, enhancing the slopes and valleys. I could watch him read forever if he’d only let me. A day in bed, what more could a guy wish for? He would never allow it, though. With a frown, he turned another page. I quickly closed my eyes, if he saw me he would insist on us getting up.

“I know you’re looking at me.”

My fake snore wasn’t as believable as I had hoped.


photo credit: chamber of secrets via photopin (license)

The key to survival

Man swimming

“If we sneak out through the bushes, there’s a possibility they won’t see us until we’ve reached the car.”

I looked behind me. “Are you crazy? Those are thorn bushes.”

“Well, we can’t go out there.” He pointed at the rock where our clothes were drying after our swim. They would kill us. If they were merciful it would be quick, if they were bored… How long would I survive torture?

“We crawl through there. You get into the car. Start it—”

“I don’t have the key.”

If looks could kill I wouldn’t have to worry about the flesh-eaters.


photo credit: Man Swimming in the Anacostia via photopin (license)