Silent Woods

Do you believe in myths and ancient creatures?

SilentWoods-CoverDaniel has never felt the need to leave the city behind, so when his husband suggests a camping trip for their holiday he agrees with reluctance. Even before they step out of the car, Daniel has the feeling of something being wrong. Something about the forest is turning his stomach into knots.

He wants nothing more than returning to the safety of their home, and when their five-year-old son goes missing his fears turn into full-blown panic. What awaits them in the depths of the forest is far more sinister than anything Daniel ever could have imagined. Will they be able to find their son before it’s too late?


I jerked up into a sitting position, absolutely certain that we were surrounded by wild boars. It took a while for my brain to take in the forms of our sleeping children next to me, and the cold light of dawn.
“Yeah?” I croaked.
“I’m gonna run up to the centre, shouldn’t take long, but do you know how to start the mini stove if the kids wake up?”
“Erm…I think so…but do I have to cook anything for breakfast?”
“Yeah. It’s oatmeal porridge mixed with bilberry powder.”
I scrunched my nose in dismay, and Anders chuckled softly.
“It’s good for you.”
“It’s disgusting.”
“Nah. Everything tastes good when you’re hungry, and you’re gonna need it.”
I sighed, thinking about the hike he had planned for us today. Anders kissed my forehead.
“Get some more sleep if they don’t wake up when I leave, okay? The weather isn’t as nice today. It’s almost dark so I thought it was earlier than it is, but it’s already a quarter past six.”
Already, I scoffed internally. It had been one of the longest nights of my life. My body ached, my muscles were stiff, and I had grit the size of walnuts in my eyes. I did not fit in this tent—no matter what Anders said about quality. It might be fine if you are five-eight like he is, but I’m six-three. Both my feet and my head touched the canvas without me even being stretched out. Normally I fell asleep in Ander’s arms and woke up sprawled over the bed with at least one arm above my head, but that was impossible here. And the canvas had a damp feel to it, as if condensation had formed during the night—it wouldn’t surprise me if it had, since it had felt like we were sleeping in a sauna at one point.
“I think I’ve had enough of this for one night,” I grumbled while glaring at him. My body screamed in protest as I tried to move. He watched me with no small amount of amusement in his eyes—cheeky bastard. “You can show me how to light the stove, I wouldn’t want to be responsible for burning down the entire forest.”


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Silent Woods

Review quotes:

 ”This lovely, haunting, and tense story kept me riveted and wormed its way into my dreams.” — Shelf Inflicted (Full Review)

”A great short read for one of those nights when the wind howls and a distant owl hoots. You just need to start worrying when it stops.”— Debbie McGowan (editor) (Full Review)

”This was a short, but intense book, starting off very simply as a slice of family life but then the tension starts to ratchet up. You just have to keep reading.”— Zipper Rippers (Full Review)

”Silent Woods is another LGBT novella that is just a little bit different in the genre, and it’s nice to read them. While it could have been a bit more creepy, it si the kind of book that allows itself to be read by those who might otherwise find a novella like this overwhelmingly dark or scary.” —On Top Down Under Book Reviews (Full Review)

”Silent Woods would make a great summer camp story to be told over a camp fire and one that would make me look out over a lake before going for a swim. Ofelia Gränd has a great suspense story that makes you laugh while at the same time keeping your mind on edge.” — Love Bytes Reviews (Full Review)


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