#WhatToReadWednesday | My Top 75 Free Gay Romance Books

It’s been a year since the pandemic hit. I don’t know how it’s been for you, but I’ve hardly been working at all, and my guess is that after we’re through the vaccination, we’ll have an economic depression on our hands. I know it angers some people to say so, but life won’t go back to normal as soon as the last person has been jabbed – at least, I don’t believe it will.

Maybe you, like me, are on a tight budget. Maybe you feel like you can’t afford to spend money on books right now. May I suggest the library? Libraries are great, and if you’re in the US you have some awesome library apps that allow you to read ebooks and listen to audiobooks FOR FREE (check out Hoopla and Libby).

But if you, like me, is in some backward country where the library apps aren’t that good, there is a ton of free books out there. Sooo many they get buried underneath other free books.

To give you some tips about what to check out, I spent hours looking through the books I’ve read. I’m not kidding – this took so much longer than I’d anticipated LOL. I was fiddling with Pinterest and realised my ‘Free M/M Romance’ board had close to 100 pins, and I haven’t pinned all the free stories I’ve read – I can’t even remember all the free stories I’ve read, but here we go!

Click the cover and you’ll get to where you can download the book…hopefully 😀

Ofelia’s favourite free stories:

The God Eaters The Magpie Lord The Name on my Wrist The Last Pure Human 12191040 The Duality Paradigm Waiting For Clark Lima Oscar Victor Echo As He Watches All I See The Gate In Heaven and Earth

I thought I’d give you ten, and they’re not in any order of preference, but we ended up with twelve. These may be my favourites, but there are others worth reading, too. I was a bit undecided about how to organise them, but we’ll give it a try like this.


Love on a Wing and a Prayer Life Drawing Just like in the movies Just a Feeling Sign of Spring Glitter 56472797._sy475_ Dirty Pirate Dirty in Drag Sixty Five Hours Better than New This Hour I Lost Bare-Knuckle Love Billie Jean fawn You Get Full Cretid for Being Alive  Dirty Cop Six Learning to feel Game On


The Lodestar of Ys Treasure 27818755._sy475_ Thirsting for More Resurrection Man Winter Winds The Violet and the Tom Guarded Metronomy An Intrepid trip to love Obsidian Bluewood Caged Like A Sparrow Through the Heart Altered States Nor Iron Bars a Cage A Wizard's touch The Ransom of a Night Hunter


The Last Rebellion Where Willows Won't Grow Reifu Rising Red Mind Fuck Ten Simple Tips For Surviving the Apocalypse Your Cover's Blown Villains Line of Sightcollateral Facing the Mirror Reclamation The Novelty Maker Flight of Fancy Prisoner 374215 Esperanza


Book Cover Offense and Satisfaction by Vanessa Mulberry When Skies Have Fallen Shelter from the Storm

Holiday Stories

Snowy nature with a large wolf like dog and a handsome man Up! The invasion of Tork book cover 16036332 10104297 Mate Wanted for Christmas

That’s 75 if I’ve counted correctly. Looking at them, I feel like I’ve missed a bunch that should be on this list, and maybe some should be replaced, but this is how I’ll leave it for now.

Freebies by Ofelia Gränd

Scary-Gary-gif Blood on Sand

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