Wrap-Up Wednesday | July

It’s time for the monthly Wrap-Up Wednesday post, and I have to admit the list of read books is embarrassingly short. I’ve had a lot to do, and when I’ve had some time on my hands, I’ve spent them on the sofa watching Netflix with my darling husband.  

So here is what I’ve read this month: 

Okay, Then

Okay, Then by Addison Albright – a story about Henry and Sam from Til Death Do Us Part (which I haven’t read) got together. This is just a short little thing – hot flashes always are – where we get to know Sam and Henry who are working together. They’re going on a smoothy-accompanied date. 

42934232._sy475_Prequel to ’Til Death Do Us Part

Okay, then…that’s what Sam said after Henry convinced him he was interested in dating, not merely a fling while together on a research trip to the Solomon Islands. And so they embark on their first date, but the conditions are not ideal.

Henry is desperate to convince his crush of his sincerity but second guesses his every move. He’s thrilled to discover Sam is just as anxious to impress him. Can these two work through their first-date jitters or are they destined to drift apart?


Iron & Velvet

Iron & Velvet (Kate Kane, Paranormal Investigator 1) by Alexis Hall – This is F/F, and I normally don’t include the F/Fs I read in my wrap-up, just like I don’t include the M/F stories I read. Today I do since I’m so low on books LOL. I love the cover – LOVE! Did I love the story? It felt like I’ve read it before. I wasn’t a big fan of Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews, and it was as if I was reading it again. Maybe I should’ve read some reviews before starting it, but I was blinded by the cover LOL. 

And I only now realised, there’s a new cover 🙄


I like my women like I like my whiskey: more than is good for me.

Name’s Kane, Kate Kane. I’m a paranormal private investigator, which is like a normal private investigator except—and stop me if you’re having trouble following this—more paranormal. This business comes with a few basic rules: don’t start drinking before noon, don’t get your partner killed, don’t sleep with the woman who killed him.

Last year I broke all of them.

The only rule I didn’t break was the one that said don’t work for vampires. But then a dead werewolf showed up outside the Soho shag palace of Julian Saint-Germain—a bloodsucking flibbertigibbet who’s spent the last eight centuries presiding over an ever-growing empire of booze, sex and hemoglobin.

I shouldn’t have taken the job. The last thing I needed was to get caught in a supernatural smackdown between a werewolf pack and a vampire prince. Even if the vampire prince was dangerously my type. But what can I say? I was broke, I’m a sucker for a pretty face and I gave up on making good decisions a long time ago.

This book is approximately 77,500 words


Brand New Patch of Sky

Brand New Patch of Sky By Yolande Kleinn – a short story about a pilot and his captain looking for a ship. A good distraction if you have a cup of coffee and a slice of time on your hands. 

51op8xk-36lStarship pilot Mitch Kato doesn’t make a habit of pining for the impossible. He’s always kept tight hold on the inconvenient feelings he harbors for his captain, Solomon Finn. But when a close scrape grounds Sol’s ship and threatens to scatter the crew, Mitch finds himself making an unexpected promise. As he and Sol consider a different trajectory, Mitch wonders if their longstanding friendship might be the beginning of something more.


Taking Flight

Taking Flight (Contemporary Celtic Myths) by A.L. Lester – A short contemporary story based on the tale of Brânwen in the Mabinogion, which I do not know, but you don’t need to know it to enjoy the story. Gwyn is trans, and it causes a bit of a problem for him when his bigoted co-worker finds out. I think the original tale is about a woman being trapped, and Gwyn is too since he doesn’t have any means to leave the Kings of Ireland Hotel where he is. Sweet story! 

Cover Taking FlightGwyn’s an idiot. Mal made it clear from the start he’d like to get Gwyn in his bed at the Kings of Ireland Hotel and after a couple of weeks of pursuit, Gwyn gave in. Mal was hot and pushy and just the kind of dangerous to pique Gwyn’s interest. He honestly thought Mal knew he was trans.

Since that horrible night, Mal has had Gwyn ‘work-shadowing’ Chef in the deeply unhappy kitchen. He doesn’t want to go home and make a fuss that might cause the sale of the hotel to his family company to fall through; but when a huge row breaks out over a flour delivery and Mal backhands Gwyn across the face, he finally decides enough is enough. With the help of one of the line-cooks with whom he’s formed a tentative friendship, he leaves.

During the two-day journey home from the middle of Ireland to Wales, Gwyn and Darren have plenty of time to exchange confidences. Could the delicate pull of attraction between them grow into something stronger? Is it safe for Gwyn to out himself to Darren? Will Darren want to go out with a trans guy? And how will his brother Brân take Gwyn’s arrival home with a stranger?

A 14,000 word short story in the Contemporary Celtic Myths collection.


Cover Reveal | Deadly Lies

Cover-RevealWe have another cover! I’ve had it for a week or so, but I thought I’d space them out a little 😊 Deadly Lies is the sequel to Deadly Sugar, and I don’t recommend reading it unless you’ve read Deadly Sugar first. 

I don’t know what to say about these, really. They’re not romances. 

In Deadly Lies, we get Josh’s point of view. Josh is Jett’s husband, and Jett is the main character in Deadly Sugar. We’re five years later in time and a few years back, they adopted their son. So we’re now looking at a married couple with a kid and a locked root cellar only one of them knows what it contains. 

Things go to hell right at the beginning with Josh finding out about Jett’s secret, and Jett trying to kill him. A healthy, loving relationship, don’t you think? 

This is the last story in the series, and I would claim a happy ending, even though… people die, so I guess it’s not really a happy ending LOL 

Want to see the cover?? 



After being betrayed by his husband in the most unimaginable way, Josh Thompson has only three things on his mind; grab his son, find help, and get out. When Josh can’t get to his son, the plan to save them both becomes a little more complicated. 
Injured and afraid, Josh doesn’t know where to turn. When he finally gets hold of the police, the bodies he could’ve sworn he saw are gone, and no one believes him. Did he see them? His husband, Jett, tells him he’s been in an accident and is imagining things, but Josh doesn’t trust him. He has to get out of there before it’s too late, but how to get his son away from Jett when he guards their every step?

Pre-order link:

Gay horror: 19,639 words

JMS Books

The Snowflake | National Frozen Margarita Day

July 24 - Frozen Margarita

Today it’s National Frozen Margarita Day. Though in some places, I read it’s National Tequila Day. I guess since you have Tequila in Margaritas, they go hand in hand. 

As soon as I saw Frozen Margarita, I thought of my favourite sculptor. Theophile Lekas in The Snowflake has a thing for ice – and Dylan Mincer, of course.  

Of all the things I’ve written, this… I don’t know what to say. I love this, I loved writing it, and when I read it again to re-release it, I informed hubby he’s married to a genius. He simply smiled; don’t know how I should interpret that 😂 

I get that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, though. I mean, I guess crazy artists who talk to their cats can turn some away LOL. Okay, maybe it’s the blood and creating a sculpture out of body parts, I don’t know. 

Anyway, to give you a glimpse of Theo’s love for ice, here’s a snippet. 


Theophile Lekas gazed out over the crowd in the nightclub. He took another swallow of his third mojito. The taste was all right, but it wasn’t the reason he drank them. The crushed ice was what made his spirit sing—or something along those lines. Words had never been his thing. The beauty of ice was something that couldn’t be described, and should people failed to see it, the world would come to an end.

He rubbed his chest, the cold from the drink made him shiver, and looked out over the sea of dancing people. Perhaps too small to be called a sea—pond?—words again. He grimaced, ignoring the way the bartender raised his eyebrows. He hadn’t said it out loud, he didn’t think, and if he had, the music would’ve drowned it out.

Out there, rubbing against a man way more handsome than Theo, was Dylan Mincer.

Dylan—tall, dark, and mouth-watering. As unique as a snowflake, as beautiful as cut ice, and as unaware of Theo’s existence as the rest of the world’s population.

Perhaps Dylan should be his next project. When his musician exhibit was finished, he needed to woo the world with something new. Not everyone had been wooed by the show, of course, but he couldn’t continue making sculptures for weddings and banquets, or he’d end up ramming an ice pick in his temple merely to end his misery.

A homage to the male beauty.

Bubbles spread in his chest. He could have Dylan pose for him, could bring him out to his barn where he could model while Theo sculpted. He could already see the clear ice glistening as he shaped it into a copy of Dylan’s abs—there would be abs, he was sure of it. He wanted to learn every little dimple and ridge of Dylan’s body, wanted to transfer every scar and every sign of life lived onto the ice version. Beauty is made of imperfections and those imperfections made Dylan perfect. Theo rubbed his neck to clear his head of the thoughts swirling in there.

Another?” One of the men who had been dancing with Dylan appeared by his side.

Erm…” Theo swirled the remaining contents of his glass. The ice had melted, and some sad-looking mint leaves clung to the rim.

You like mojitos?” The man was shouting, and Theo did his best not to scrunch his nose.

I like ice.”

The man’s laugh was as loud as his shouts. “I know.” He clapped Theo’s shoulder and motioned for the bartender. “A beer and a frozen margarita for my sculptor here.”

Theo straightened and studied the man’s face. He’d remembered that nose. It sloped. It wasn’t big, rather narrow actually but with a rounded tip and in combination with the heavy brows it looked ridiculous. They hadn’t met. Theo might not be good at names, and he might not be good at remembering things, but shapes he knew.

Hey, where did you—oh…” Dylan Mincer. Theo’s breath caught, but before he could smile, Dylan was glaring at him.

Dylan.” The one breathy word shouldn’t have been audible, but for some reason, the music stopped in the exact same moment as Theo was having a verbal orgasm.

You two know each other?” Nose-guy smiled, nodded between them, and draped an arm over Dylan’s shoulders. His brain would have looked better on the ground than in his head.

Never seen him before, but you have, I see.” Dylan turned his glare to Nose-guy who chuckled and Theo pictured a chisel protruding from his neck.

Nah, we haven’t met before.” Nose-guy nodded towards Theo as if he wanted him to back his story. Theo kept his mouth shut.

Yeah, right.” Dylan signalled to the bartender. “You hurried off the dance floor and managed to buy a drink for a complete stranger before I could get here.”

The bartender placed a margarita glass with what looked like scooped ice in it in front of Theo, and he tuned out Dylan and Nose-guy. Sure, it was Dylan Mincer, but a piece of ice slid down the outside of the glass, reflecting the light. The salt on the rim could almost be mistaken for ice too, but it wasn’t as beautiful as the edges of the crushed cubes. It saddened him that it would melt.

When he made sculptures, the melting aspect was part of it. A sculpture lasted for several hours, but details would fade away. A display of life’s ephemerality—or something. Light caught in water drops sliding down an icy surface.

Dylan, this is Theophile Lekas. Theophile, this here is—”

Dylan Mincer.” Why Theo had to say his name he didn’t know, but it was as if his tongue longed for the caress of it—or whatever. He stared at the air behind Dylan and Nose-guy. If he couldn’t bring Dylan home now, they could just as well leave him alone.

Have we met?” Dylan took a step closer, his frosty grey eyes narrowing.

Theo shook his head. “Not really. You were the year above me in school. I remember you.” Remember. Theo almost rolled his eyes.

Oh…” Dylan frowned, and Theo catalogued the way his muscles moved. “Wait—” He turned to Nose-guy. “Theophile, wasn’t that the guy who was as unique as an Elvis impersonator in Vegas?”

The floor shook under Theo’s feet. An Elvis impersonator?



Nothing inspires art like love. 
Theophile Lekas has spent the last seventeen years trying to build a name for himself as an ice sculptor. Ice is his world, but he lives for Dylan Mincer. 
But loving from afar isn’t enough, and if Theo wants to win Dylan’s heart, he’ll need to sweep him off his feet. And what better way to do it than with a sculpture that will leave Dylan breathless and the world in no doubt of Theo’s genius? 
After an argument leads to murder, Theo is hit with true inspiration. And he has the perfect block to begin his project. For Dylan, Theo will create his masterpiece. And it will be as unique as a snowflake. 
Great art requires the perfect muse. 

Buy links:

Gay Horror Romance: 20,523 words

JMS Books :: Amazon :: books2read.com/The-Snowflake