The First Nortown Box Set

Longing for Nortown

Welcome to Nortown, where the men are bearded, the shirts are plaid, and where wood is found in more places than the forest.

Not too long ago the fifth book in the Nortown series saw the light of day. Five stories, no too hard to keep track of, right? Perhaps not, but then there are the .5s. Should be logic, right? Should be book #1, then 1.5, then 2, then 2.5 and so on. And yes, it’s like that…except there isn’t a 1.5, and there isn’t a 5.5 either (Yet. I should say, yet. *whispers* ‘The End’ of a first draft is written).

I’ve always tried to make the novellas standalone stories, but of course, there are details that someone who’s read the story from the beginning will catch that someone who’s started on book 3 might miss. So to make it easier for new readers who want visit Nortown, and for old readers who maybe got lost in the .5s and got the order mixed up, we’ve created a box set.

It’s Box Set #1 and this is because we’re planning a second box set later on. And while the individual stories are published wide – you can find them on almost any online retailer – the box set is in KU – it’s only available on Amazon and for those subscribed to Kindle Unlimited, it’s free to read.

So if you’re looking for a favourite lumberjack to snuggle up with, check out the box set and perhaps you’ll find him!


Welcome to Nortown, where the men are bearded, the shirts are plaid, and where wood is found in more places than the forest.

In this box set, you’ll get to know some of Nortown’s inhabitants and follow them on their journey to love.

Once in a Snowstorm: Aiden & Tristan
Aiden gets trapped in a snowstorm in the middle of nowhere and is saved by a real-life lumberjack. Tristan doesn’t want his tranquillity disturbed, but he can’t leave the poor man to freeze to death, and there are more ways than one to warm a person.

Once in a Forest: Tom & Jason
Jason has one rule when it comes to holidays—find a willing body to distract himself with—and this Easter that body will be Tom. Tom doesn’t do relationships, and he doesn’t do flings, but his house grows terribly quiet this Easter, and say what you want about Jason, but he isn’t quiet.

The Empty Egg: Aiden & Tristan
Aiden plans on surprising Tristan with an Easter egg filled with sweet toffees and silky fun, but he grows more and more nervous as the egg gets emptier and emptier.

Once in May: Zachary & John
John is hiding from his ghosts. He has found the perfect little place, far away from people, to do so. Then one day, a huge, bearded man knocks on his door. Zach knows he should leave the skittish man alone, but for some reason, he can’t.

Happy Endings: Aiden & Tristan
Aiden is working hard to get his massage studio off the ground. Tristan thinks he’s working too hard, so when Aiden’s back is giving up on him, he tries to hide it. Tristan, on the other hand, decides it’s time for Aiden to be on the receiving end of a massage.

Content advisory: stories include scenes of explicit intimacy between consenting male adults.


All’s fair in love and war: The Great Village Bun Fight

Giant pumpkin (CC0 Creative Commons)

I have this, most likely completely false, idea of  Brits competing in the strangest ways – giant pumpkins and crazy perfect gardens – and now I know they also do it with cupcakes. Compete, that is.

We do it here too…I think. They at least have people competing in cake-baking on TV so I’m assuming we have cupcakes too. I would say there is one big difference, though, one thing I really love about the picture I’m painting of the UK, and that’s these village traditions. We don’t really have that here, not in that way at least.

By now I bet you’re wondering what the heck it is I’m talking about. I’m talking about The Great Village Bun Fight by Debbie McGowan. This is a story about Henry, who begat Herny, who begat Henry, who begat Henry and just so you know I begat a Henry too. If he becomes a baker, we’ll see.

So Henry Jones started a bakery in 1874, and all the Henrys after him were bakers too, until Henry the 8th got into a bit of trouble and Henry the 7th refused to change Henry Jones and Son to Henry Jones and Daughter – it has to do with tradition you see. An end of an era,  which lead to THE Village Bakery opening and left the Joneses without any bakery to call their own.

But as Henry the 9th is denied a wedding cake when he’s to marry his partner because Margaret, owner of THE Village Bakery, can’t give her blessing, things escalate.

This is such a lovely story. I snuggled up with a blanket and a cup of coffee and followed the battle of the bakeries until only one remained :D. The Great Villiage Bun Fight is sweet and funny – the narrator my absolute favourite – and I had this Wallace and Gromit feeling – that’s a compliment, just to make it clear. Wallace and Gromit guard the giant vegetables in their village just as the Joneses and Sharpes guard their giant bun LOL.

40801802All’s fair in love and war. But not in baking.

Part of Seasons of Love Anthology

Friday Reads: Machete Betty and the Office Sharks

It’s Friday, and I was this (imagine me holing up thumb and forefinger really close together) close to skipping writing a blog post today. But here I am, well caffeinated and ready to tell you about an excellent author I’ve kidnapped – no, not really, but he’s become a good friend of mine.

CC0 Creative Commons

A little over a month ago Seasons of Love was released, and one of the authors in the anthology is Neptune Flowers.

Machete Betty and the Office Sharks is one of the most bizarre stories I’ve read this year – in a good way!

Tim is part of a highly professional team trained to spot anomalies, in other words, mass hypnosis and stuff. They’re bored working at their office, but no one has noticed anything strange…or maybe but…

Things escalate pretty fast, even the shark in the screensaver begins to act weird, and soon the team are up to all kinds of things. It can’t be described, it must be read!

It’s hot, it’s surreal, it’s an office romance, and it has a merman. Yup, it’s true, a chain-smoking merman.

And while all this is really really good, the best of all is that Mr Flowers will join Amy Spector and me in this year’s Buried Desires. The manuscripts are with our publisher and have you noticed things getting a little scarier? The evenings are darker, the mist is rolling in over the fields, and there are strange noises here and there. That’s because Halloween is getting closer, people. Ghosts, zombies, and serial killers are on the way…

40801600Tim is in the A team, professionally trained to investigate allegations of the potential mass hypnosis of the nation… But Tim is bored and horny. Who wouldn’t be? The office is full of idiots, and summer just keeps getting hotter and hotter. Reality starts to blur, screensavers come to life, and before he can say jiggyjig, he finds himself cavorting with a chain-smoking foul-mouthed merman.

Tim’s training is forgotten as he becomes immersed in fishy hedonism and office shenanigans. Can he save the day? Or will the team be forever lost in shameful acts of bouncybounce?

Find out in this tail of office boredom and surreal fun.

Warning! This story does not reflect realistic relationships with mermen or sharks.

Part of Seasons of Love Anthology

My Favourite Sci-Fi Stories

Yesterday, It Doesn’t Translate was released. A sci-fi story, yes sci-fi. I never thought I’d write one, not one taking place in space at least, and you’ll never find me writing hard sci-fi, sorry. I’m not techy enough to pull that off. But everyone needs a little alien love now and then.

I wouldn’t say that I read a lot of sci-fi, but I have my periods when my iPad is filled with spaceships and aliens. Many of these stories I’ve read several times so I thought I’d share in case you’re on the lookout for a good read. I won’t do any ranking because that changes from day to day depending on what I’m in the mood for.

CC0 Creative Commons

Bone Rider by J. Fally. I love this books so much, I’ve read it several times, and I would say it’s one of my absolute favourite stories, sci-fi or not. It takes place here on earth. A spaceship crashes and an alien armour system that crawls into a man and connects with his being escapes. At the same time Riley Coper, super hot Texan guy, figures out his boyfriend, Misha Tokarev, is an assassin for the Russian mob and runs away. This is such a great story, you get sci-fi, the mob, love, and a great adventure. Awesome!

Blind Space by Marie Sexton.  Now, we’ve gone on board on a spaceship. Captain Tristan Kelley is taking the Prince on a luxury trip when the ship is boarded by pirates. The Pirates uses a device that makes Tristan blind for a few weeks. They keep him as a prisoner, but one of the pirate captains (yes, there are several) takes an interest and soon love is in the air, there is just this little problem of them being pirates and someone in Tristan’s crew being a traitor, and all of that. If you like space pirates and a little lace with your men, check this one out.

Freighter Flights by Drew Zachary.  Some days I just want a healing-power-of-sperm book. You know when the traumatised MC meets Mr Right, they have sex, and then all troubles are fixed…if only real life what like that. Will is a pilot on a spaceship, Tab is his mechanic, and they too run from space pirates. This book is mostly arguing and sex, it starts out with a good plot but ends up in bed LOL. And some days that’s alright.

Claimings, Tails, and Other Alien Artifacts by Lyn Gala. While we’re in space, we might as well land on a planet, right? Here we have purple aliens with tails. Liam is a trader and a linguist, and he trades with Ondry, one of the Rownt (alien race). I love this story because of the cultural differences. It’s actually a BDSM story, and that’s not my thing, but I like this one. Liam is a sub, and Ondry most certainly isn’t, but it’s about living in a D/S relationship and not about the sex, and about living with an alien in a different culture of course. I’ve read this entire series, or I thought I had, because now when I went to check that I had the title right, I saw there’s a new book. Yay!

CC0 Creative Commons

Rarely Pure and Never Simple by Angel Martinez. This was published back in 2013, and it says it’s #1 but there isn’t a #2, I want a #2! Okay, we’re back on Earth again. Damien and Blaze are variants, humans with special talents. Damien is a human GPS and Blaze tends to blow things up with his ability to create fire. Damien isn’t doing well around people, but he has to find several variant children that have gone missing. There is also evil scientists, always a good thing. I love this one!

Seven by Adrienne Wilder. While we’re talking about evil scientists… This is a gruesome story. Seven is on the run, has been on the run for a long time, which isn’t easy when he has people with special talents hunting him. He can’t afford to get tangled up with Chase, love is not in the cards for him…or is it? This story is funny but there is also so much cruelty it’s hard to understand how anyone can do the things they do…but then again they’re not real, because they’re just characters in a book.

Falloucaust by Quil Carter. Now we’re really taking a step into the dark and gruesome. It’s been a long time since I read this story, and it hasn’t been one that I’ve re-read, but it’s hard to forget. We’re in a dystopic world where cannibalism is the new black. It’s long and, while I’ve read it’s now been edited, I read it unedited (if you want to give this a go, get yourself an edited copy). It’s unforgettable, but not for everyone! Cruel and dark and amazing LOL.

CC0 Creative Commons

The Dissasembled Life of Duncan Cole by S. Hart. Now we’re stepping into another subgenre – steampunk! Every time I read a steampunk story I tell myself I need to read (and write) more steampunk. This is a long read, but I love Duncan so much, and his conversations with his coffee machine. It needs to be read. There is steam, and trains, and inventions, and love, and adventure.

That’s it, people! I’ve probably forgotten a few but, at large, these are my favourite sci-fi reads. What are yours?

Max Burgers – The Best Burgers in Space

What’s your favourite burger restaurant? For the last sixteen years, MAX Burgers AB has been appointed as the most liked hamburger restaurant in Sweden…every year for sixteen years, people! That’s something, isn’t it?

hamburger-1238246_640 (1)
CC0 Creative Commons

Now you’re wondering why the hell is she talking about burgers? And yeah, I admit it might seem a little strange, but I wanted you to know that here in Sweden we have this hamburger chain – and there are actually four restaurants in Norway and two in Denmark too – that’s really popular among Swedes, and it’s called MAX.

So it only seemed natural that if I were to open a restaurant in space, at say the Luna Terminal – approximately a light year’s distance from Earth – I would, of course, have to tell all the aliens that it was a human restaurant, but I’d also want them to know that I had great burgers. And here, the name MAX is associated with quality, at least when we’re talking burgers.

And if I were to open a restaurant in space, I’d need someone to run it for me, because there is no way I’d ever set foot on a spaceship. And that’s how the main character of It Doesn’t Translate was born.

Max’s Human Hamburger Bar has the best burgers in space…or at least in a light year’s distance, Max says so himself.

Max Welch grabbed onto the counter as the sound of metal soles clinking against the titanium walkway on the arcades of The Luna Terminal reached him. They shouldn’t be here yet. It had only been two days since the last time.

With a deep breath, he forced himself to relax his shoulders. When opening the Hamburger bar, Max had figured they’d be kind to him since he was the only restaurant for at least a light year—days’ worth of travelling in the fastest high-speed ships—but of course, the fucking pirates didn’t care.

Maybe they’d only come here to fuel up… Yeah, right.

Maybe they’d come to the floating city to do some grocery shopping. Pirates probably needed to stock up on necessities too, right? They couldn’t steal everything they needed.

He held on to his hope as he glanced over to where Quam sat and sipped on his coffee. Max was proud of his coffee; not many were able to get it on their menu and Max had managed to land a deal with one of the top brands. It was the real thing, not the bland laboratory-grown kind you could pick up at any space colony.

When the hollers of men jostling and laughing came close enough to make the one customer who had been enjoying a cup hurry out of his—her?—seat, Quam sighed and put down the tablet. “They’re early.”

Max swallowed and gave him a terse nod. He hated when Bair and his crew came, but he’d be damned if he was to give them the satisfaction of showing it.

It Doesn’t Translate is a Tattooed Corpse Story, so in other words, it’s a stand-alone story where at some point a body will show up, and it’s the same body you’ll find in any of the other Tattooed Corpse Stories.

ItDoesn'tTranslateGifRelease date August 31st, but you’ll find the pre-order links here:





There might even be an ARC copy or two left to grab on


Friday Reads: Angel and Firebird by Nell Iris

I picked up Angel and Firebird by Nell Iris a while ago, but I didn’t get around to reading it until now. I love a good short story, love that despite having a thousand things to do I can read a story from start to end and for a few minutes laugh or cry alongside a character. This is more of a cry story…definitely a cry story.

Angel-and-FirebirdPhoenix lost his lover, Gabriel, in a hate crime five years ago and hasn’t been able to move on. How can you? He’s functioning, goes to see his parents every week, works out, goes to work. He does what’s expected of him, but he isn’t living.

At night, his dreams are filled with memories and images of Gabriel and waking up is tearing him apart. Then there is a fire and Phoenix has to decide if he’s gonna leave the flat he and Gabriel shared to save himself…or not.

There are some heartbreaking moments in this one so if you’re in the mood for a good cry, snuggle up with some tissues.

39853288Five years ago, Phoenix lost his lover Gabriel, his angel, in a horrific hate crime. All he wanted was to follow him into death and he struggled a long time trying to get his life back together. All this time later he still hasn’t been able to put the past behind him and forget about the love of his life.

On the anniversary of Gabriel’s death—and 25th birthday—Phoenix’ apartment building catches fire. Will Phoenix do the reasonable thing, or will he rise from the ashes to reunite with his beloved angel?

Friday Reads: Winter Blossoms by Paul Iasevoli

A Friday Reads post…on a Saturday…again. I need to rethink this whole posting on Fridays, Friday is my most hectic day of the week, and while there is this thing called scheduling I have a hard time motivating myself to blog beforehand.

This morning I got up to a quiet house, almost. My husband took the kids crawfishing, so it’s just me, the cats, the fishes, the hamster, and the dog at home. I went for a short walk with the dog, made myself breakfast and a big pot of coffee and sat down to read Winter Blossoms by Paul Iasevoli.

Chris is a twenty-something young man struggling to get over a failed relationship as he’s looking for love in the New York bars. Normally, I don’t read YA or NA books, I’ve lived through the struggle of becoming an adult, I don’t want to be reminded of what it was like LOL, but this story shouldn’t be missed!

It’s so carefully crafted it almost made me feel bad for the way I haste through my stories when I write. I’ve never been to New York, and I was just a baby during the 1980s, and yet it felt as if I was there walking the streets with Chris. Beautifully done!

40801877Chris, a naïve twenty-four-year-old, breaks up with the first man he’s ever lived with. In the months that follow, he travels from Queens to The Hamptons, Manhattan to Brooklyn to find love. In the process, he discovers more about himself and realizes the man he hoped to meet has been in front of him the entire time.

Winter Blossoms will take you on a ride through the streets and subways of New York City. Every stop along the way highlights the 1980s’ vibrant, gay nightlife. Part nostalgic romp, part coming-of-age story, Winter Blossoms will delight the reader as it comes into full bloom.

Part of Seasons of Love Anthology