Guest Post | Autumn Books by Nell Iris

Today, we have Nell Iris back on the blog 🥳 She’s here to help you fill up your TBR for the autumn. Welcome, Nell.

I want to start by thanking my dear friend Ofelia for welcoming me back to her blog. For once, I’m not here to talk about a new release; instead, I’m spreading some love for a couple of my older books. Because older books need love too, amirite? 😊

It’s foggy outside as I write this. And chilly; the thermometer says 1 degree Celsius (34F), but I’m wearing my favorite woolly socks, an oversized thick, knitted sweater, and my softest sweatpants, so even if my nose is a bit on the cold side, the rest of me is warm and cozy. And my soul is warm, because it’s AUTUMN, baby!, and I love autumn. It’s my favorite season of them all!

Because autumn is not only the time for knitwear and fresh, crisp air, it’s also the time for steaming mugs of tea (or hot chocolate!) and, of course, books. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve already spent on Goodreads and various other book sites, looking for the perfect books to read this season, preferably with autumn vibes. And if you’re a bookworm like me, you’ve probably done the same.

So that’s why I’m here today. To tell you a little about stories I’ve written that have autumn vibes, to help you with your TBR for the coming months. Are you ready? Do you have a cup of a hot beverage of your choice? Fuzzy socks? Alright, let’s go.


If you’re in the mood for characters over forty flirting on social media like two old farts, a huge but adorable rescue dog, a character with abandonment issues and a possible tool belt fetish, and an old crush being brought to life, this is the book for you. There’s also the best sister in the world and slow walks in the autumnal forest. What more could you possibly need? 😊 

Sliding into my DMs

Acquaintances-to-lovers :: bisexual representation :: characters over 40 :: reunion :: rescue dog 

Hi. I heard you’ve been sick.”

Eddy Pennington is recovering from a severe bout of pneumonia when an old acquaintance, Moss, sends him a message on social media. They haven’t spoken in years, but Eddy is pleasantly surprised. He always liked Moss even if they were never close friends.

Moss Fanning has no ulterior motive with his message: all he wants is to wish Eddy a speedy recovery. He got over the crush he used to have on Eddy a long time ago.

They reconnect easily and have even more in common now. And when they meet in person, the attraction is instant. Will an innocent, well-meaning message on social media lead to something more? Something deeper? Something…everlasting?

M/M Contemporary / 21998 words

JMS Books :: Amazon

They Met in the Park

If you like the meet cute trope, this book is for you. And if you like a loner gentle giant who’s economical with his words, a spoiled cute dog who acts as cupid, and a talkative adorable man with a huge heart, you’ll definitely want to give this book a try. Add on a heroic rescue mission and you’re sure to melt 😊 

They Met in the Park

gentle giant :: size difference :: characters over 40 :: lone wolf :: meet cute

Can a spoiled little dog bring two strangers together?

The first time Jacke sees him, it’s a happy accident. He’s taken refuge in a quiet corner of the park, decompressing after a difficult day at work, when the man, dressed in a fancy suit, passes by him walking a spoiled little dog.

As the days pass, Jacke notices the adorable pair several times. He’s unable to take his eyes off the man whose first priority is the dog, even over his own comfort. And one day, when circumstances are right, Jacke takes a chance and speaks to the man. David.

David’s personality is as adorable as his outward appearance, and a short walk in the rain results in mutual attraction and a promise to see each other again. A second meeting in the park turns into a date, and Jacke starts longing for something he thought he’d never have; a partner. But does David feel the same? Will a chance meeting in the park turn into love?  

M/M Contemporary / 17478 words

JMS Books :: Amazon

If you can’t get enough of autumn, these three stories also take place in fall to varying degrees. In My Arms Again is a fantasy story that is set when autumn slips into winter; Of Autumn Leaves and New Beginnings is contemporary and the title speaks for itself; and finally, Us Again is a shortie with a very autumnal cover. 

Us Again

In My Arms Again :: Of Autumn Leaves and New Beginnings :: Us Again

I wish you a cozy autumn season and lots of lovely reads! 

Guest Post | Dear Diary by Holly Day


Hello, everyone! I’m Holly Day, and Ofelia doesn’t mind me stealing a spot here since she’s my alter ego 🤪 This month, we’re celebrating Dear Diary Day.

Unless you’ve forgotten or never stumbled upon the explanation before, as Holly Day, I write stories for specific days. They’re all gay romance stories in every possible and impossible subgenre, but the idea comes from a specific day.

This month, that day is Dear Diary Day. I could have done it by someone finding a diary and learning something important. I could have done a love story in the past time – think The Bridges of Madison County. But I didn’t. I wrote a diary.

Telling a story in diary format was a challenge, but a fun one! I most often write in third person and with dual points of view, but I couldn’t do that in a diary, so I had to rethink my usual strategies.

I have to say I’m quite fond of the result. It’s just a short little thing. A slice of life. A guy fighting depression one day at a time with the ups and downs that come with it.

Dear Diary

deardiaryDear Diary, 
My therapist wants me to write a diary to help me manage my depression. I have no idea how it’ll work, but I didn’t have the energy to argue with her. 
All I want is for life to go back to the way it was before I walked in on Christopher and Jason. Or maybe not because I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forgive Christopher for cheating on me in our bed, but I want to function as I did before that moment. Before I lost everything. 
Do you remember Lars Olsen from school? I do my best to stay away, but it’s like he’s magnetic and pulls me in every time I see him. I shouldn’t be dating. I don’t want to force my crazy on anyone, but he’s asked me to dinner. He deserves a sane partner, so it would be unfair to go, wouldn’t it? 

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Contemporary Gay Romance: 9,219 words 

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Monday, September 12th

Dear Diary,

Remember Lars Olsen from school? Damn, he looks good now he’s grown into those arms, so good I forgot to stop walking once I spotted him. Yup. I walked right into him, spilled my walking-home-from-work Caramel Latte all over his chest. He only screamed for a few seconds. Not embarrassing at all. I swear. I wished for lightning to strike right then and there.

It was a clear blue sky.

Aliens would’ve worked too. They could’ve beamed me up, and I would have gone willingly. It would’ve been a rescue mission, after all. Everyone knows I don’t belong in this world.

Fuck, I suck. Why do I always do things like this?

Anyway, Lars claimed to be okay, and the once-white T-shirt clung nicely to his abs. When the hell did Lars get abs? Why don’t I have abs? Well, I know the answer: Caramel Lattes and a fetish for moving as little as possible. Now, now, no need to be insulting.

Still, though… Abs would’ve been nice. I’m aware of having abs, thank you for reminding me, you fucking know-it-all, but they’re buried under a soft layer.

1. My breakfast coffee was okay.

2. My lunch coffee was okay.

3. Lars Olsen’s abs—I’d forgotten how much I love looking at abs.

Guest Post | Queer Relations by Ellie Thomas

Ellie Thomas is back on the blog, yay! Welcome, Ellie. 

Queer Relations Promo 1

Thank you lovely Ofelia for having me as a guest on your blog again! I’m Ellie Thomas and I write MM Historical Romance and I’m here today to chat about Queer Relations, my September release for JMS Books. When I finished writing Twelve Letters for the submission call to celebrate JMS Books’ 12th Anniversary in July, I had no intention of writing a sequel. I was already in the middle of my August story, One Summer Night, when Percy Havilland, the Regency himbo from Twelve Letters, sauntered into my head and demanded his own story (because he’s so beautiful!)
What made this all the more infuriating was that as complete chunks of dialogue kept popping into my mind, I couldn’t even ignore Percy, but had to scribble down the lines in between turning my attention to my much better-behaved MCs in the story I was supposed to be writing.

Percy was only a minor character in my Twelve Letters ensemble cast, as a briefly misguided love interest for Jo Everett, before he comes to his senses and chooses the far less decorative but much nicer Daniel as a partner. Although Percy was so much fun to write as an impossibly vain, spoiled and outrageously selfish character in the first story, I realised that as a main character, someone so two-dimensional and unsympathetic would soon become dull for both the writer and readers.

So I racked my brains and eventually came up with a storyline that suddenly turned Percy’s privileged and inviolable lifestyle upside down and forced him to change and re-evaluate himself and his relationships, especially his somewhat rocky liaison with his new lover Nathaniel Brooks.

Percy is still Percy, of course, and always the prettiest person in the room. But I thoroughly enjoyed taking him on a journey towards realising his potential as a better, kinder and more thoughtful friend to the other characters and partner to the frequently infuriated Nathan as their relationship deepens into trust and love.

Queer Relations

queerrelationsIn the autumn of 1814, the Honourable Percy Havilland is generally content with his sheltered existence in London’s exclusive Mayfair. As a society beau, renowned for his fair and youthful beauty, an object of desire to other well-born gentlemen, Percy is slightly miffed that his personal life is not running as seamlessly as he might wish.

His good-natured lover from the spring Season, Jo Everett, has inexplicably lost interest, and his replacement, Nathaniel Brooks, is far too hard-headed to be cajoled and manipulated into pandering to Percy’s every whim.

But these trifles are cast into proportion when out of the blue, a family scandal of immense proportions threatens Percy’s peace of mind and his standing amongst the ton. Fearing rejection or even social banishment, to his surprise, Percy discovers a small, unconventional band of friends, including Jo, who are prepared to stick by him. And more importantly, he finds Nathan is utterly reliable in a crisis.

Will Percy remain spoiled, immature and pampered? Or can he grow from this disaster to appreciate the value of true friendship? And might he even learn to love?

Queer Relations Promo 2


While standing amongst a group of partygoers but not actively conversing, Percy pondered the state of his liaison with Nathan with a habitual twinge of frustration. Of course, he always had the option of drawing back and ending the affair, which he knew Nathan would respect and accept without question or fuss. 

But for some unfathomable reason, even when he and Nathan were at odds, Percy vacillated over making such a drastic decision. Both men were accustomed to getting their way, and Percy found that their frequent battles of will had an unexpected bonus of adding a piquant frisson that Nathan seemed to appreciate, given the resulting spark in his eye. Also, although Percy would never admit this to Nathan, there was something oddly restful about occasionally ceding responsibility and control to another. 

As his thoughts roamed, he found his gaze had drifted towards Nathan, standing next to Jo, both of them listening intently to Captain Harding. While considering his two lovers, past and present, Percy felt that an independent observer would judge Jo the better looking, being nearly a decade younger, slimmer, and with clean-cut regular features crowned with thick chestnut brown locks and smiling grey eyes. Percy could appreciate that viewpoint, but all the same, he could not help but feel that familiar sizzle of attraction as he surveyed Nathan.

Although the same height as Percy, with Jo only slightly taller than them both, Nathan’s heavier build made him appear shorter, emphasised by his dark hair neatly cropped in a no-nonsense style, with no attempt to disguise a slightly receding hairline. His features were rugged, and his eyes, an indeterminate brown, could appear flat, cold, and expressionless when considering a matter of high finance or if exasperated with Percy, but could dance with lights of warming caramel when amused or aroused.

Percy’s eyes wandered over Nathan’s body, slightly too thickset to be shown to best advantage by the current slim-fitting fashions, but as Percy knew from experience, was solid muscle beneath the covering cloth. Nathan was widely admired as having a very fine seat on a horse, and he practiced this exercise daily on Rotten Row, hours before the polite crowds came to trot and dawdle and chat. 

This constant discipline resulted in those magnificent thighs that Percy now beheld and could enthusiastically vouch for their undoubted stamina. With a little shiver of appreciation, Percy’s focus moved towards Nathan’s face, now looking at him with undisguised amusement. 

Before turning back to answer a query from Jo, Nathan favoured Percy with a salacious wink and a distinctly wicked grin.

Given this encouragement, especially as Percy had been thoroughly distracted by idle speculations about thighs for the remainder of the evening, when in Nathan’s carriage after the party, Percy was distinctly disappointed when Nathan mentioned dropping him off at Mount Street. 

“Can’t I come home with you?” Percy protested.

“I have an early engagement tomorrow morning,” Nathan explained calmly.

Percy batted his eyelashes and delivered his prettiest pout, sliding his hand onto Nathan’s temptingly rock-hard upper leg. “Please?” He entreated.

Nathan retorted, “You are the most incorrigible hussy!” But as the carriage passed the end of Percy’s street, Nathan did not give the order to stop, and as they bowled along the street-lit roads of St. James’, Percy could see he was smiling.

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Ellie Thomas lives by the sea. She comes from a teaching background and goes for long seaside walks where she daydreams about history. She is a voracious reader especially about anything historical. She mainly writes historical gay romance.

 Ellie also writes historical erotic romance as L. E. Thomas.



Twitter: @e_thomas_author