Read Around the Rainbow | A.I. vs. Me


It’s time for the monthly Read Around the Rainbow post!!! On the last Friday of the month, we’re a group of authors who get together to blog on the same topic. This month, we’re delving into something that scares me.

A.I. vs. Me

I wrote Holly’s post first, so may I suggest you read that first? Over there you can read a 400-word fated mates story I wrote, and then one A.I. wrote.

This time, I didn’t write a story. Instead, I took my fated mates story, which, since we’re in May, I wrote as a May story. I popped it into ChatGPT and asked it to:

Rewrite this story into a Christmas story where they kiss under the mistletoe instead of on the street: *the story*

The result was this:
Rudi hurried down the busy street outside the office, feeling the weight of the long day and never-ending week on his shoulders. The harsh May sun seemed to taunt him, and he yearned to shed his human facade and embrace his true self—a wolf running wild beneath the moonlit sky.
As he inhaled the exhaust-filled air, Rudi’s senses suddenly heightened. His heart skipped a beat, and he knew. His mate was near. Heat surged through his veins, and his body burned with an intense longing.
Without a second thought, Rudi stepped onto the street, his focus solely on finding his destined partner. Ignoring the blaring horns, he rushed toward the source of his desire—a tall man with dark hair and searching eyes.
Their eyes locked, and time seemed to stand still. Rudi’s growl subsided as their gazes connected, and a surge of electricity coursed between them. The man changed his path, homing in on Rudi with equal urgency.
Breathless, they faced each other. Rudi couldn’t help but reach out, their hands finding each other’s as if drawn by an invisible force. Their lips brushed together in a tender, tentative kiss, and a burst of fireworks exploded within Rudi’s soul.
His voice quivering with emotion, Rudi whispered, “What’s your name?”
The man’s arms tightened around Rudi’s neck, his voice a husky reply, “Bjorn Oak of the Hibernator Hollow sleuth.”
Rudi felt a mix of surprise and delight at the revelation that his mate was a bear shifter. Their connection felt right, undeniable.
“And you?” Bjorn asked, his touch sending delightful shivers down Rudi’s spine.
Rudi smiled, his heart pounding with joy. “Rudi Oclan of the Moonstone pack.”
As they shared their identities, a sense of acceptance and excitement settled between them. Rudi couldn’t resist pulling Bjorn closer, their lips meeting once again. The world around them faded away, replaced by the blissful certainty of their fated bond.
Though interrupted by the impatient honking of a car, their passion remained unyielding. Rudi clung to Bjorn, knowing they had found each other, their love transcending species and the noise of the busy street.
Their kiss under the mistletoe became a symbol of their Christmas miracle—a serendipitous meeting that would forever warm their hearts. And as they walked hand in hand, Rudi and Bjorn embraced the enchantment of the holiday season, grateful for the greatest gift of all: love found amidst the chaos of the world.

Werewolf and bear shifter under the mistletoe
‘Werewolf and bear shifter under the mistletoe’ A.I. generated picture from Canva

I thought it was pretty good, but you’d never find speech tags in one of my stories (or very, very few), and the harsh May sun doesn’t really fit in a Christmas story, right? So I asked it to:

Change the story from May to December and make it cold and snowy.

And this was the result:

Rudi walked briskly down the bustling street outside the office, his breath turning into clouds in the frigid December air. The snowflakes danced around him, adorning his dark fur with delicate crystals. The world was cloaked in a serene white blanket, and Rudi longed to run through the snowy forest, feeling the chill against his paws.
The icy wind tugged at his coat, urging him to seek warmth and shelter. But then, a scent carried on the wintry breeze caught his attention—a scent that stirred his soul, promising a connection deeper than the frosty landscape.
He followed his instincts, weaving through the crowd with determination, his keen senses guiding him towards his destined mate. The hustle and bustle of the city seemed to fade away, replaced by the beat of his own heart and the whispers of fate.
And there, standing amidst the falling snowflakes, was Bjorn—a tall and sturdy figure with a warm smile and eyes that mirrored the winter sky. Rudi’s pulse quickened, his fur standing on end with anticipation. The world stood still as their gazes met, as if time itself had frozen to witness their union.
With each step, Rudi and Bjorn closed the distance between them, their hearts beating in synchrony. The snowflakes seemed to slow, swirling around them like a waltz. Bjorn’s gloved hand reached out, and Rudi’s paw fit perfectly within it, a seamless connection of warmth and affection.
Underneath the mistletoe, they shared a kiss—a delicate meeting of lips amidst the winter’s embrace. It was a moment that defied the cold, igniting a fire within their souls. The snowflakes twirled around them, celebrating their love.
Rudi whispered through the frosty air, “What’s your name?”
Bjorn’s voice carried a gentle warmth, “I’m Bjorn Oak, of the Hibernator Hollow sleuth.”
A smile spread across Rudi’s muzzle, his voice filled with adoration, “I’m Rudi Oclan, of the Moonstone pack.”
In the midst of the snow-kissed city, Rudi and Bjorn found solace and belonging in each other’s arms. They reveled in the magic of the winter season, exploring snow-covered parks hand in hand and creating memories filled with laughter and love.
As the snow continued to fall, they built a sanctuary of love and acceptance, nurturing their bond with every snowflake that landed softly on their fur. Together, they embraced the enchantment of the holiday season, finding warmth in each other’s embrace amidst the wintry chill.
Their kiss beneath the mistletoe became a symbol of love’s triumph over the cold, a testament to the power of destiny and the joy that comes from finding one’s true mate. And as they walked through the snowy streets, Rudi and Bjorn knew that their love would continue to bloom, forever entwined in the magic of a snowy December.

Gay men kissing under mistletoe
‘Gay men kissing under mistletoe’ A.I. generated image from Canva

There is less of me here, and I feel like the pet robots don’t really understand shifters. Maybe if I gave it clearer instructions, but instead I asked it to:

Rewrite it as a contemporary story where they aren’t shifters.

And the result:

Rudi walked briskly down the busy street outside the office, his breath forming misty puffs in the chilly December air. Snowflakes fluttered around him, adding a touch of magic to the bustling cityscape. The world was transformed into a winter wonderland, and Rudi couldn’t help but smile at the joyous atmosphere.

As he made his way through the crowd, a figure caught his eye—an imposing man with a warm smile and eyes that twinkled like snowflakes in the sunlight. Rudi’s heart skipped a beat, and a surge of anticipation coursed through him. He felt an inexplicable connection to this stranger.

Driven by curiosity, Rudi ventured closer, his steps cautious yet purposeful. The bustling street seemed to fade into the background, and it was as if time stood still, leaving only the two of them in their own little world of swirling snowflakes.

With a slight smile, Rudi approached the man, their eyes locked in an unspoken understanding. The snowflakes danced around them, creating a magical backdrop for what was about to unfold. Their paths had crossed on this wintry day for a reason.

Underneath the mistletoe, they shared a tender kiss, their lips meeting with a delightful warmth that defied the chilly air. In that moment, Rudi felt a spark ignite within him, an electric connection that transcended the falling snowflakes and drew him closer to this enigmatic stranger.

Gently pulling away, Rudi’s voice resonated with curiosity, “What’s your name?”

The man’s smile widened, his voice filled with warmth, “I’m Bjorn Oak.”

Rudi’s heart fluttered, a soft smile gracing his lips, “I’m Rudi Oclan.”

In the midst of the bustling city, Rudi and Bjorn discovered a shared love for art, music, and exploring the hidden gems of the urban landscape. They strolled hand in hand through the snow-covered streets, immersing themselves in the holiday spirit that permeated the air.

They sipped hot cocoa at cozy cafes, exchanged playful banter in bookstores, and laughed together under the glow of festive lights. With each passing day, their bond grew stronger, their connection evolving into something truly special.

As the snow continued to fall, Rudi and Bjorn reveled in the joy and romance of the holiday season. They attended festive gatherings, exchanged thoughtful gifts, and shared countless kisses beneath mistletoe. Their love blossomed like a delicate snowflake, enchanting and beautiful.

In the midst of the contemporary cityscape, Rudi and Bjorn found solace and happiness in each other’s arms. Their love story became a testament to the power of unexpected encounters, reminding everyone that true love can be found even in the busiest of streets.

And as they embraced the enchantment of the holiday season, Rudi and Bjorn knew that their love would continue to flourish, forever entwined in the magic of a contemporary December.

If you plan to sell your soul to the pet robots and let them write your stories in the future, I think contemporary works better. Though I guess it’s just a matter of training them. This is so freaking scary. I fear we’ll soon be (if we aren’t already) in a world where we won’t be able to tell what’s written by people and what isn’t.

The more times I ran my story through ChatGPT,  the less of my voice remained. And the robots don’t really understand words. They make a good impression of understanding, but in the midst of the contemporary cityscape, the magic of a contemporary December tends to be a bit too contemporary in my mind.

What’s frightening is that after I wrote Holly’s post, this only took me a few minutes to get these, and I did it while having a conversation with a seven-year-old who jumping up and down next to my chair. So not exactly focused on what I was doing. Had I thought my requests through better, I think ChatGTP could’ve written me a pretty good story. It wouldn’t be mine, but a story I could’ve slapped a new pen name on and published after some polishing.

Had I had the time, I would’ve taken one of my longer stories and asked it to change the character’s name and something in the setting. I think we’re gonna see a lot of plagiarised stories in the future. I think we as authors will have to be prepared to prove our copyright, and I’m quite frankly scared shitless.

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Read Around the Rainbow | As a Reader, what’s more important to you, the story itself or the way it’s told?


It’s Read Around the Rainbow time! If you haven’t seen the rainbow posts yet, we’re a group of authors who blog on the same topic on the last Friday of the month. This month’s topic is:

As a Reader, what’s more important to you, the story itself or the way it’s told?

My initial thought was that this is easy – story wins every time! But this might come as a surprise to you LOL, but I’m a bit of a bitch at times. I have a lot of pet peeves, and depending on how lenient I feel on a specific day, they can make me DNF a book in a heartbeat.

I HATE epithets, like the taller man, the younger man, the blond or whatever else some authors tend to use instead of a name. They’re perfectly fine to use before we know the name of the character, but if we know the name and the taller man reaches for something, we’re done.

I’m VERY hesitant about speech tags. He said, she said, asked Ofelia. Here it depends on how often they occur, but it’s after every time someone opens their mouth, then I fear we’re done.

I’m not a fan of first-person POV. This isn’t something I quit a book over, of course. Heck, half, if not more, of all books are written in first person – some of my absolute favourites are! So here’s it’s more a case of quitting the book before starting. If I’m looking for something to read and open the first page and it’s written in first person, I’d say I move on to the next book in my library in 90% of all cases. This is given I don’t know what I want to read.

If I’ve picked up a book I want to read and see it’s in first POV, I sigh and keep on reading because then the promise of a story is there already. If I’ve seen a review that made me think I might like this book, I will read on. It’s for when I’m randomly opening books in my library, I skip the first-person ones.

So there you have it, my irrational and bitchy book opinions.

BUT I’d still say that story wins over how a story is written because if you can get me to read that first chapter despite groaning in misery if the younger man winks at me, then I’m yours. If you can hook me, if you can make me care, then you have me.

Did you know that a book I rec pretty often is The Last Pure Human by Twisted Hilarity? It’s an online story. I don’t read them often. It’s a WIP. I don’t read them. It’s in third person double POV, but it ticks off the rest of the pet peeves above, and it has many many more that are more part of the plot than the way the story is written, and yet… This is pure guilty pleasure on my part. Cat aliens, people!

A couple of years ago, I wrote a rant post about what I dislike in books and The Last Pure Human has all of them and more, and yet I’ve read it, not once, not twice, but three times. The third was pure accident. Someone was asking for a book they’d read where a guy got a mark on his butt cheek when mated, and I thought Hey, I know this one! and ended up reading it again.

What can I say? I feel for Max. Poor guy. What would you do if you were the last human alive and found yourself mated to a giant cat alien?

Story wins!

The Last Pure Human

The Last Pure HumanKasan, a prince of the feline Kyashin race, is in deep shit. He’s in heat, he needs a consort to help him survive it, and his uncle has locked him away from every available candidate. When he’s offered a small human male at the last moment, he’s quite happy to accept. His new consort, on the other hand, is a little less than pleased with the situation. So what’s a human to do when he finds himself in the bed of a hot, sexed-up alien? We’re about to find out.

Read here!

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Read Around the Rainbow | Someone insults your main character, how do they react?


It’s time for the monthly Read Around the Rainbow post. Every month we’re a group of authors who blog on the same topic, and this month we’re talking characters, more specifically:

Someone insults your main character, how do they react?

Had I been another kind of author, I’d written a bonus scene to show how one of my characters reacts, but I tend to forget them the moment I let them go. The little things that make them them disappear from my memory, and if I try to write them again, they’re flat, uncooperative people.

I’m also super stressed about Holly’s deadline that’s coming up, so I’m taking the easy way out 😆

I don’t really know how my characters react when insulted unless they’re insulted in the story, but the first character who popped into my mind when we decided on this topic was Thaddeus in Soul Eater.

Thaddeus is a mage, but a weak one. His favourite spell is reheating his coffee when it’s grown too cold. then one day, he happens to release a trapped spirit from a werewolf skull that he stole from the black market, and he realises that maybe he’s not a mage at all.

But for this topic, we don’t need to know what Thaddeus is other than him being a magic user. His go-to response when insulted, yelled at, attacked, accused, or anything really, is to throw blue sparks at people.

I’ll leave you with a little blue-sparkling snippet below, but before you go:

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Excerpt Soul Eater

Elora cleared her throat. “She was preparing wings to make the women pretty, but it’s their scents enticing her.”
“What?” Ric whirled around and glared at Elora. “What do you know about scents?”
“N-Nothing.” Elora glanced at Thad.
“Seriously, Ric—” Anger manifested itself in more tiny, blue sparks at Thad’s fingertips. “Get out of here. We’re trying to work. We have a few minutes before Elora crashes, and I want to hear what she has to say before she does, so if you could bury your massive ego for a couple of seconds, we’d appreciate it.”
Ric flashed sharp teeth at him, and Thad was tempted to throw a ball of fire at him.
Thad patted Elora’s knee and nodded for her to continue.
“It’s their scent, their magical scent.”
“Magic doesn’t have a scent.”
Thad didn’t so much as think, he flung a rain of blue sparks over Ric. They wouldn’t harm him, but they did sting. Ric hissed, but Thad spoke over it. “Magic has flavor. Every practitioner has a unique…taste.” He didn’t know how to explain so they understood. “As a psychic, Elora can’t sample it, so explaining it as scent makes sense. How can you be able to know what she’s thinking?”
They were running out of time. After Elora had touched something she—’fell asleep’ wasn’t the right expression and she wasn’t unconscious either, rather something in between.
“Not thinking. I saw the wings…sensed the hunger.”