Update | Making Progress

Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.


Update time! I love doing these posts. I would never call myself a maths person, but I’m a goals person, so filling numbers into spreadsheets and stuff is something I take great joy in because then I can see statistics. Yes, statistics. Turns you on, doesn’t it? 😄 

August was a pretty good writing month for me. I wrote 28.723 words, so not the best month in the history of time, but far from the worst. I wrote a short Halloween story about Thaddeus and Sandy from Soul Eater and a good portion of Holly’s Christmas story.  

So far, I’ve written 191.691 words this year. That’s an average of 772 words per day so far, and if I keep the same tempo, I’ll reach my goal of 250.000 words on November 28th.  

Sounds good, right? When I realised I have 58.969 words left to write, it feels less good 😏 Still, I’m 76,68% done, so it’s not too bad. 

How are things going for you? There are still close to four months left of this year, so plenty of time to catch up if you’re behind. We’re on day 249 of the year, which means we’re 68,22% in (yes, you totally needed to know that LOL). Plenty of time left! Not stressing at all 🤯 

We can do this! Right? Right… *putting on more coffee* 


You Do NOT Get to Sneer at Greatness

So… I was sitting by the kitchen table with my four children eating lunch, and the girls were teasing my son because when they’d gone up that morning, they heard a weird song on his radio. He was sleeping with music on and hadn’t heard it. They were mocking him for listening to opera. Going by their description, I whisked out my phone, opened youtube and put on: 

Yes. It was that song, and it was terrible. I took a deep breath and started a lecture, telling them how they need to understand the significance of that song. How two great singers from different genres came together and created magic. How there will never be a performance like it again since both of them now are gone, and this song is part of the legacy they left behind. 

*Wide eyes* 

I realised that maybe I was being a bit too emotional, using a tad too many big words, but… Freddie Mercury was important to me growing up, and his death robbed the world of an amazing voice and an outstanding performer.  

*blank faces* 

I went on to talk about how important he was and still is, to people all over the world. He was a bisexual man, an immigrant, and at the end of his life and after his death, he became a face for AIDS Awareness. 

 More blank faces until one of them asks: What’s AIDS? 

Ah, yeah, the lecture continues. I kept it pretty light but talked about how after Freddie’s death, many artists got together and played at Wembly as a tribute to him but also for AIDS Awareness.

I showed a short clip from Live Aid, also at Wembly, and talked about the importance of artists in all shapes and forms. You don’t have to like their music, but you are not allowed to belittle what they do. 

*They’re getting restless* 

I continue with: It’s like Jimi Hendrix played the Star-Spangled Banner at Woodstock (I know, I know, I’m torturing them LOL). I can’t say I like it very much, but you have to understand that this was in the Summer of Love, the US was in the middle of the Vietnam war, and we’re in 1969, so the civil rights movement were fighting hard for equal rights. On stage we have a young black man, a guitar god, playing the Star-Spangled Banner in front of 30.000+ hippies. 

It must have pissed off so many ‘patriots’. A brilliant move on Jimi’s part. I did not tell the kids that, but they know what racism is, so I emphasised this being a long time ago when the world was even more unfair than it is now, and how much it must’ve meant for people of colour to see him there. 

Then I decided to torture them some more and talked about the strength in artists and how by doing one performance they can bring awareness to something. Melissa Etheridge performing while in cancer treatment always gets me emotional. 

It was evident I’d lost the majority of them, so I figured I need to connect it to their reality somehow. They listen to what’s playing on the radio, so I tried to come up with one modern-day artist worth mentioning. One. *Please brain, give me one*


Beyoncé is important. I might not voluntarily put her music on though my son absolutely loved Single Ladies when he was little ❤️ so that song I still know by heart. But I picked: 

Why? Because then I got to talk about Tina Turner too. You can’t tell me Tina Turner isn’t important. Tina is damn important. 

So how did the midday lesson end? 

There was only one way it could end. You don’t have to like it, but you have to show R.E.S.P.E.C.T because what these people have accomplished is so much greater than what most of us ever will. 

Update | Making it Work

For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.


Update time! I’ve had a period now when I haven’t produced any words, at least not any story words. There have been blog posts and stuff, but the last time I wrote on a story was on July 21st.  

I’m gearing up to start a new story, though. I’ll be off work for a week, so I plan to get some words down. 

In July, despite not writing a word for the last ten days, I wrote 26.496 words. This leaves me with a total of 162.823 story words written this year. My goal is 250.000, so I’m 65.13% done 🤪 

There are so many stories I want to write, but the dreaded day job is stealing way too much time, and it looks like I’ll be working a lot this autumn. Unless a fourth wave of the pandemic hits and restaurants close and so on, of course. But I’m in Sweden; it’s unlikely anything will close. I’ll just have to suck it up and do the best I can. There is always the weekends, right?  

I don’t know how other authors make it work. I think I’ll have to take a course in writing while working a day job LOL. And you should know, I’m a disciplined person. My life is colour-coded and deadline-infused. If I say I’m gonna do something, I will. It’s just my brain sometimes has a hard time understanding there only are 24 hours in a day, and once we hit afternoon, my brain stops functioning as it should.  

But I’ll make it work! 

I hope you’re on track with your goals too 😊