What the Heck Do You Blog About?


This blog post is related to one I wrote earlier this year, What the Heck Do Authors Do? Half the year has passed, and it was time for me to turn a page in my bullet journal. I have a spread, not a fancy or artistic one as many you see out there, but one that gives me an overview of what I have scheduled and what I need to write. 

As I write this, WordPress tells me that I have published 107 blog posts, the average word count per post is 1.100 words, and I’ve written a total of 117.705 blog words during 2021.  

If I’d written those as story words, I’d have had a few more releases. But of all the ‘side stuff’ authors do, blogging is what I like best.  

So what do I blog about? 

All sorts of things. Sometimes, I have no idea what to write about, and sometimes I have so many blog posts I need to write that it’s hard to fit them all in. 

  • Behind the Scenes – I do posts like this one that’s about what I do rather than about a book. 
  • #WhatToReadWednesday – This is a feature I started this year. I’ve read a few books through the years, and we’re always bombarded with new releases, but what about those old books? For the #WhatToReadWednesday posts, I make a list of books in a certain trope, for a certain day, with covers of a certain colour, or whatever else I can come up with. 
  • Wrap-Up Wednesday – This I do on the last Wednesday of the month. I tell you about what I’ve read during the month. Last year, I did Friday Reads posts, where I read a book for each Friday, so this is a bit more relaxed. If I haven’t finished a book one week, I won’t have to panic, but I don’t know what I like best. 
  • Fridays at Ofelia’s – This is the main reason I don’t do Friday Reads posts anymore. I decided guests would be fun to have, so Fridays are dedicated to guest posts from other authors. 
  • Cover Reveals – Whenever I have a new cover, I like to show it off and tell you what’s coming. 
  • Release Day Posts – When something goes live, I like to tell you about it 😀 
  • Character Introductions – This I always do for the Up North stories, and I did it for The Rockshade stories too. I tell you a little something about the characters in an upcoming release. 
  • Book Birthdays – On the first of every month, I do a giveaway of books published in that month previous years. It’s a fun way to celebrate former achievements 😀 
  • Sales – If we’re having a sale, I try to blog about it. That being said, keep an eye on Barnes&Noble, I never know when books go on sale there, but it’s pretty often! 
  • Random Posts – When something happens, when someone from the morning office has a release and want to come on a day other than Friday, or if I join some kind of event or other there will be a random post. 

And it looks like this: 

 So, onto another six months of blogging! LOL 

Update | Staying on Track

Don’t get sidetracked by people who are not on track.


It’s update time, and I have no idea what I’ve been doing. Last month, I wrote that I’d written 36k in May. In June, I wrote 16.055 words. That’s quite a lot less. I’m currently 56.6% done with my yearly goal of writing 250.000 words, so still on track, I’d say. 

July is Camp NaNo month, and I signed up to do 20k. I’m nearing the end of Holly’s September story, so to write those 20k, I need to start a new one – bummer, right? LOL. New stories are the best 😀 

I’ve written 8.465 words in four days, but now work is messing up my flow. I’ll be back by my desk on Friday morning. 

The last few days, I’ve played with the idea of cleaning up a few WIPs and get them out there. More than once, I’ve convinced myself it’s a great idea, but then when it’s time to start working, I end up writing a new story instead. 

And I know I’ve been saying this for a couple of months now, but I need to write a holiday story if I’m gonna publish one this year. That deadline is coming closer and closer. I have an idea. Maybe I’ll go with that rather than finishing old stories.  

To wrap up, I’ve written 141.508 words so far during 2021, and that leaves me at 56.6% done 😀 

How are you doing with your goals? There is no shame in tweaking them should conditions have changed. There is still half a year left, and you can achieve great things in half a year. 

What’s in a Name?

Naming characters is not easy. Sometimes a name’s just there and sometimes I name them something but it doesn’t feel right. I often check the meaning of the name, not always, but if you ever google the meaning of a name, you’ll see that it sometimes fits well with the character and/or the story.  

Sometimes I just pick a name because I think it’s cool or funny – like Eldred Henstare (though Eldred means red and he had red hair) or Captain Elazar Steel. You have to love those guys LOL 

Sometimes if I’m writing paranormal, I check random name generators for inspiration – Thaddeus Ezax is one of those. I doubt a name like Thaddeus would’ve popped up in my mind unless I saw it or something similar somewhere. I seldom borrow names exactly as they are, I usually change something, but Thaddeus definitely comes from a random name site. 

Sometimes I give a character an ‘ordinary’ name because they want to hide – like John Welsh in Once in May. He does not want to be noticed, and who remembers a John?  

And sometimes I google what names topped the lists a certain decade – like Larry in Falling Through. I wanted him to have a name from the time when he lived. Same with Charles and William in Remember Us (formely named Trapped) – not that you can’t be called Charles or William in any decade, but I wanted ‘old’ names. 

So, mostly to amuse myself, to be honest, I grabbed a pen and a paper, and I started to write down my character names. I need to write stories with someone whose name starts with an I, U, X, and Y. That’s not easy.  

I mean, I’m a bit surprised I don’t have one beginning with I. I think I have an Igor in an old story that I haven’t published, but U, X, and Y… Actually, Ulfgangur Hunter is gonna get his story soon.  


This is what we have (I hope I forgotten anyone): 


Abe in Crazy Joe, Ace in Acronym, Aiden in Aiden and Tristan, Alex in Knickers in a Twist, Anders in Silent Woods, Archie in Jaeger’s Lost and Found, and Arlo in Black Blird


    Bjorn in Elevator Pitch


    Cecil in Elevator Pitch, Charlie in Remember Us, Chris in Per Delivery, and Creed in The Maddest of Men


    Daniel in Silent Woods, David in Deadly Sugar, Delron in He Melted Us, and Dylan in The Snowflake


    Elazar in Eight Feet of Magic, Eldred in Worth His Salt, and Elijah in Mind Scrambler 


    Felix in Nine Stones, and Fred in Banger Challenge



    Gael in Jarger’s Lost and Found, Gary in Scary Gary, Gabriel in Pet Delivery, and Grayham in The Maddest of Men 


    Hank in Eight Feet of Magic, Hannes in From All of Us to All of You, and Hush in Pine Tree Mary




    Jason in The Egg Hunt, Jett in Deadly Sugar, Jian in 24 Dates, Jonas in Crazy Joe, John in Once in May, Josh in Deadly Lies, Joshua in Around Seven, and Jules in #PictaBook


    Kace in Kisses and Cabins, Kirk in Nine Stones, and Kol in Mind Scrambler


    Larry in Falling Through, Lars in Acronym, Levi in When Skies Are Gray, and Lukas in Kisses and Cabins


    Madoc in When Skies Are Gray, Mason in Turning Wood, Max in It Doesn’t Translate, Micah in Scary Gary, and Mo in Worth His Salt


    Nash in Black Bird, and Noir in It Doesn’t Translate


    Oswald in Around Seven, and Otho in Turning Wood


    Peter in Knickers in a Twist, Phillipe in He Melted Us, and Phoenix in #PictaBook


    Quincy in Quinny, Focus! and Quinn in Pine Tree Mary


    Roarak in Cup o’ Sugar


    Sam in Cup o’ Sugar, Sandulf in Soul Eater, Santino in Dazzle Me, and Simon in From All of Us to All of You


    Thaddeus in Soul Eater, Theophile in The Snowflake, Tom in Dazzle Me, and Tom in The Egg Hunt (two Toms, FFS?!), Travis in Falling Through, and Tristan in Aiden and Tristan




    Victor in 24 Dates


    William in Quinny, Focus! and William in Remember Us (Two Williams?!!! I wonder if writer have story bibles to avoid this from happening) and Wojtek in Blood on Sand






    Zach from Once in May, Zeppelin from Banger Challenge, and Zoe from Blood on Sand