Monster Till Midnight

Halloween! We have arrived, people.

I’ve picked stories after species up until now, but today I went with the story that had a pumpkin on the cover, and I did not regret it for a second.

Monster Till Midnight by E.J. Russell is a delight. I haven’t read anything by Ms Russell before, can’t even remember seeing her name which I must have because I realised she has quite a lot out there, but her books must have swished by in my feed without me noticing. Not any more, though. I really enjoyed this.

Brady loves Halloween, he loves haunted houses, costumes, and scary props so of course, he’s gonna have a haunted house. He spends days arranging it, advertising in town, and perfecting everything, but no one comes.

Well, someone comes. Rej, arrives and shoots Brady’s vampire. While talking to Rej and contemplating calling 911 he realises the pumpkin mask he’s wearing is blinking when he’s blinking, frowning when he’s frowning, and smiling when he’s smiling.

Rej is an Interdimensional Law Enforcement officer out hunting bad guys through different time threads…or something, time travelling is way too complicated for me LOL, and he recognises the evil mastermind behind Brady’s transformation.

I loved this story and I will head over to E.J. Russell’s website and see what else she has to offer. This will not be the last thing I read by her.

Monster Till Midnight is free to the 2nd of November here.

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42509627Brady dearly loves Halloween. But the haunted house extravaganza he staged in his new town–in a house that’s actually supposed to be haunted–is a total bust. But then, an unexpected visitor barges out of his corn maze…

Wrong Order

How to trade with a demon

Only one day to go to Halloween and it’s time for some demons… I have to admit that demons aren’t my thing. I haven’t read many demon books, and those I have read have mostly been M/F. There are a few I know I’ve read that I can’t remember the title of, we’ll see if I find them when going through my collections.

But, since I don’t have many demon books, and I don’t have many angel books, I thought I’d put them in one collection together. You’ll see it here.

So yeah, demons… Yesterday, we did monsters, and I talked about the Halloween Giveaway I’d found. I looked through the books, on the hunt for a demon book so I could read it and write a blog post.

I found one! Wrong Order by Morgan Noel. I haven’t read anything by Noel before, and with demons, you never know what you’re getting into, do you??

So… I think I’ve been cursed or something. This is the third book in a row I’ve read with tentacles – I’m not really a tentacle kind of girl LOL.

Josh wants wealth and fortune and summons a demon to get it. Things go a little wrong, though, because Josh didn’t bring the virgin he needs in order to trade with the demon. But he really wants that wealth and fortune…

This is an erotica story, so I’ll let you guess what happens next, and this demon has tentacles!

Grab it for free till the 2nd of November here.

42509924Josh wants wealth and good fortune, without all the trouble of hard work. When he summons a demon as a quick and easy way, he gets more than he anticipated he would.



Monster Monday

We’re continuing towards Halloween. Quite frankly, I don’t know why I’m making a thing about Halloween, we don’t celebrate it here. But, I do like paranormal stories and I do like stories with a bit of an edge, and when the organisation devil digs his claws into me I have a hard time letting an idea go.

So since I figured I’d organise my ‘monster books’ in time for Halloween, I’m organising my monster books in time for Halloween.

In the name of alliteration, we’re going with Monster Monday today. Finding a monster book was actually quite hard. Most often it’s the character thinking he’s a monster when in the end it turns out he’s just a plain old shifter or something like that.

But, a little while ago someone in my Instagram feed posted a picture about an M/M Halloween Short Story Giveaway. I figured I’d check it out and there is a story written by K.A. Merikan called Jack Addison vs. Man-Ravishing Spider.

This is another case of me not reading what kind of book it is I’m getting myself into LOL. I’m terrible, I didn’t even read the entire title until now when I was gonna write it here. Jack Addison I knew since it’s written in large letters on the cover, then I read the first line of the blurb where it said monster hunter and thought my chances of finding a monster was pretty high.

I was a bit surprised when there was a huge spider (though looking at the cover again it’s quite evident there is a spider).

But it’s a great fit for Monster Monday! Jack is the son a famous monster hunter and he’s off to slay Loch Ness. He flies to Scottland from New York and ends up in a fight with a chat on arrival.

Then the hunt begins and Jack sneaks off on his own – not a good idea. Inside a cave, he runs into a giant spider. Now, this story is tagged as erotica, so I’ll just leave the rest to your imagination…

This is the first time I’ve encountered spider-human sex and I think I could’ve gone a whole life without and not feel that I was missing out. But if you want to broaden your horizons, go for it!

Jack Addison vs. Man-Ravishing Spider is part of the Halloween Giveaway that ends on November 2nd. On November 3rd and onwards you’ll find it here:

41808940“Please write down my name. Jack Addison.” 

Jack Addison. Son of a famous monster hunter. Grandson of a celebrated inventor. He has a lot to live up to, but his ego is as big as the expectations of his family. At just nineteen, he’s fresh out of a prestigious academy, set to make a name for himself in a world where people need protection from strange and dangerous creatures.

During the annual hunt for the Loch Ness monster, Jack finds a rival in Roux Chat-Bonnes, a cat-like being who recently joined the same profession and is set to steal the bounty–and fame–from under Jack’s nose.

Jack won’t let that happen. He sets out on the hunt alone, but the creature that he finds in the cave near Loch Ness doesn’t have tentacles. Instead, it’s got hairy legs, eight black eyes and a taste for human flesh.

Themes: living up to expectations, pride, dreams, self-discovery, tolerance, fame, monster hunting, inter-species relations
Genre: M/M romantic erotica, horror-comedy
Erotic content: Scorching hot, explicit scenes

Length: ~7,500 words (Episode 1 in the serial)

WARNING: This story contains morally ambiguous characters and scenes of sex that might be considered taboo.