Guest Post | May Wedding by Ellie Thomas

Today, we have Ellie Thomas back on the blog 🥳 She’s here to tell us about her latest story, May Wedding, which is released today! Welcome, Ellie!

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Thanks so much, Ofelia, for having me as your guest again! I’m Ellie, and I write MM Historical Romance novellas. I’m popping in today to chat about my new story May Wedding, currently in the 20% off new release sale at JMS Books until May 12th.
May Wedding is the sixth book in my Regency romp Twelve Letters series featuring an ensemble cast. After a digression in book 5, The Misfit, which introduced a new couple, Luc and Harry, May Wedding resumes with our established couples of Jo Everett and Daniel Walters, Captain Ben Harding and Dr Edward Stephens and Nathan Brooks and the Hon. Percy Havilland.
This story focuses on the weddings of the title. In the 21st century, although weddings have become big business and can be increasingly elaborate, society’s attitude to marriage in the main has become more relaxed than two centuries ago. Also, it’s become increasingly acceptable for some long-term couples, straight, gay or non-binary, to choose to remain unmarried.
Although heterosexual marriage was pretty much socially compulsory in Regency times, in practice, there were all sorts of less formal living arrangements where people adapted to their different circumstances. And, of course, until very recently, lesbian and gay marriage was not an option.
In May Wedding, I was interested to explore my characters’ attitudes to marriage. The story begins with the grand society wedding of one of Percy’s beloved younger sisters. This includes all the financial formalities of a dowry and allowances, choosing the most fashionable church for the ceremony and the headache of finding a venue for the wedding breakfast that embarrassing relatives can’t gatecrash.
In some ways, much of the organisation resembles a modern wedding, worrying about seating arrangements or the pros and cons of inviting awkward guests. But there are essential differences. Unless you’re enough of a celebrity to have a pre-nuptial agreement, the financial element is far less formal these days, as both partners usually have jobs and their own incomes. Women had very few legal rights in Regency times, so Percy’s efforts for his sister’s financial protection are understandably important.
For the couples in my ensemble, however devoted the relationship, marriage was out of the question. Even living together was fraught with difficulty unless you were wealthy and influential enough to flout draconian laws.
But, then as now, people are people, and although some find the idea of marriage unappealing, for others, it is meaningful. When one of my couples decide to stage their own informal ceremony, it was interesting to explore the attitudes in their tightly bonded group. Some members are excited and enthusiastic to help, whereas others go along with the plans without understanding what all the fuss is about.
It was fun to plan two contrasting weddings, one completely conventional and the other totally informal and gauge the emotional reactions of everyone involved in their May wedding.

May Wedding

mayweddingSome of the gentlemen who meet weekly for supper at The Golden Lion in London’s St. James’ are preoccupied with the prospect of matrimony.
The Honourable Percy Havilland is at full organisational pelt for his sister’s triumphant society marriage, ably backed by his friends. His frequent stress-induced outbursts are endured by his ever-patient lover, Nathan.
Percy has mixed feelings about the upcoming nuptials, the sorrow at losing one of his precious sisters balanced by the opportunity of exhibiting his exquisite good taste to make this the wedding of the Season.
His friend Jo Everett reacts differently to the wedding, desiring an equivalent opportunity to mark his enduring love for Daniel Walters.
Will Percy manage to survive the wedding without falling out irreparably with Nathan? And might Jo and Daniel discover they have the support of their close circle to celebrate their own special day?


Nathan, more than anyone, comprehended how much Percy agonised over relinquishing his sister. Partly because Percy no longer practiced caution with Nathan where his feelings were concerned. But also because his lover bore the brunt of Percy’s feverish exertions for the wedding.

Percy recalled when they were in Nathan’s private sitting room in his great house off Leicester Square, during a rare hour together before Percy returned to Little Chelsea to accompany his sisters to an evening’s revels. Nathan sat in his favourite Chesterfield armchair while Percy paced before him in a manner that Nathan remarked reminded him of a caged tiger.

When holding forth at great length on selecting the exact shade of soft pink for the bridesmaids’ dresses, Percy started to argue with Nathan, despite the gentleman’s indifference to whether the ladies should wear muslin or sackcloth.

Instead of justifiably losing his temper with Percy in this wildly unreasonable mood, Nathan said, “Come here,” and patted his thighs encouragingly. After a brief hesitation, while formulating a heated debate between the virtues of a bright peach hue or a subtle shade of apricot, Percy rather sulkily sat on Nathan’s lap, holding himself stiffly.

“That’s better,” Nathan said, pulling him close. All Percy’s nervous tension started to dissolve as he breathed in Nathan’s familiar Bay Rum cologne, listened to the steady rhythm of his breath, and felt the warmth and strength of his body that Percy relied on and frequently enjoyed.

“Whatever you choose,” Nathan opined, “will be perfect, not only in tribute to your excellent taste but because of your insurmountable care.”

At this disarming statement, rather than bristling, Percy found himself weeping copiously on Nathan’s broad shoulder while his paramour patiently stroked his back and kissed his neck between reassuring endearments.

Needless to say, that had not been the only circumstance when Percy had relieved his raw nerves on Nathan. The degree of toleration Nathan exhibited on account of Percy’s mental and emotional strain in the run-up to the wedding had resulted in far fewer spats than was their habit.

On the odd stolen night in Nathan’s bed during the Season, Percy lay wrapped in his strong arms, momentarily soothed and protected from all his fears, demands, and struggles. He didn’t know how he would have survived the headlong months of Araminta’s betrothal without Nathan’s support and even managed to admit that once or twice.

With a rush of affection and gratitude, Percy raised a grin and his glass in a private toast. Nathan’s frown disappeared, replaced by an answering smile as he emulated the gesture. Percy presumed that when the last slice of cake was consumed, and they all gathered on the front steps of the house to wave off the bride and bridegroom, he would feel a discreet touch on his shoulder, or a hand briefly grasping his waist, Nathan’s way of showing solidarity.

Naturally, after the splendid formality of the Seymours’ hospitality, Percy’s wider family and even a few friends might convene at Little Chelsea for a dish of tea or something stronger to discuss the joyoyus event. But after Simeon and Cordelia departed to collect Harriet and bestow a similar rehash of events with a new audience in Emma, Percy idly wondered if he could excuse himself for the afternoon and decamp to Leicester Square.

He had caught that brief heated flash of interest when Nathan first laid eyes on Percy in church, delectable in tight-fitting dove grey. It seemed only fair to allow Nathan to appreciate Percy’s new clothing behind closed doors and slowly remove every layer. After being such a faithful knight during the wedding campaign, tolerating the worst of Percy’s barbs and inconsistencies, Nathan deserved a leisurely reward.

Also, losing himself in the intense, deliberate, and mind-numbing loving that only Nathan could give, Percy could glory in the achievement of the nuptials without dwelling too much on the lack of Araminta at home.

Anticipating such a sweet release, Percy put his glass on the table and ran an elegant middle finger around the rim before dipping it in the fizzing liquid. As he raised the digit to his lips, he looked directly at Nathan, allowing the promise of a flash of tongue as he delicately sucked on his fingertip.

Nathan adroitly responded to a remark from his near neighbour, only a faint flush of colour on his cheekbones betraying his response to Percy’s teasing. I’ll pay for that later, Percy thought with a pleasurable squirm.

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Ellie Thomas lives by the sea. She comes from a teaching background and goes for long seaside walks where she daydreams about history. She is a voracious reader especially about anything historical. She mainly writes historical gay romance.

Ellie also writes historical erotic romance as L. E. Thomas.


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Wrap-Up Wednesday | April

It’s Wrap-Up Wednesday time, and this month, I read a few books during the first half. During the second half, I’ve been panic-writing 😆

I picked up some new books. There was the free books thing from Romance Bookworms, and I grabbed a few titles I might not have touched should they not have been free, so that will be interesting 😁

Match with The Demon by Chace Verity

This was one of those books I picked up for free that I probably wouldn’t have read if it wasn’t, and I… eh… It’s quite funny. It’s a demon who picks through garbage, and it’s all very Canadian. I’ve never been to Canada, so I don’t know how Canadian it really is, but all the things I associate with Canada are in this one, almost as if the author has checked them off a list. Oh, and tentacles.

Match with the Demon

Harrison Hamilton rarely takes risks in his everyday life. Raising a kid by himself has required him to be extra careful at his construction job and with his heart. But with his child off at university, only two hamsters to keep him company at home, and Valentine’s Day looming around the corner, the lonely Canadian dad is ready to take a risk in the world of online dating.

When he matches with a ludicrously attractive guy named Lazlo who is eager to go out with him, Harrison can hardly believe his luck. His first date with a man, however, does not go the way he expects. Instead of a handsome human, a pleasure demon with tentacles and a strange interest in trash shows up.

Despite being a little catfished, Harrison finds himself enamored with the demon on a quest to find his true happiness. Lazlo is always down to take risks and charmingly passionate about everything. As they continue going on dates and seeing each other for who they really are, Harrison starts to find himself hoping the answer to the demon’s happiness is a human heart.

Free Hand by E.M. Lindsey

This is another story I picked up for free, but it has been on my list of books to buy for some time, so lucky me 😊 I liked it – disability, flowers, and tattoos. And I get how when you’re writing a series, you have to peek and interest for a side character that will get their own story, but if I’m gonna complain about anything with this one, it was that it felt a bit like a line-up. This person has these problems, this person has these problems, this person has these problems, and if you keep on reading you’ll find out how they’re solved. I’m not saying it’s wrong, but for someone who normally doesn’t have the energy to read series, it felt like I already was pushed into one for only reading one story.

Free HandIt begins on a rainy night, trapped in an ATM vestibule.

Derek Osbourne’s life is ruled by a carefully cultivated routine, and there’s no room for change. A tattoo artist at Irons and Works, Derek spends his days hunched over a chair, and his nights pouring his trauma onto a canvas. And that’s all he has time for. So, when a storm knocks out the power and he’s trapped with the ridiculously hot Deaf florist who just moved in across the street, he’s not sure what to do with himself.

Derek owes Basil for keeping his panic at bay while they waited for the doors to open, but he’s not sure there’s room for more than friendship.

With Basil’s hesitance to date a hearing man, and Derek still dealing with the trauma his abusive father left behind, happily ever after seems like it’s just a dream. But Derek finds it difficult to stay away, and the more Basil sticks around, the more Derek starts to wonder if he might be worthy of love.

Just George by Mary Calmes

 I’ve read the A Matter of Time books, but it took me some time to realise that it was Sam and Jory’s Hanna in this one. She’s mostly grown up now! I also realised that Calmes is building a universe, and there was a time when I’d read most of what she’d written, and now there are so many books I haven’t read. I felt like I’d missed a few things. Not that I needed to know them for this story, but when they were mentioned, I was like, ‘Oh, did that happen?’

Just George

George Hunt can think of nothing he’d like more than to skip the high-society fundraiser where he has to guard a precocious seventeen-year-old girl and her judgmental therapist, but there’s no way out of it. If anything bad were to happen and he wasn’t there to stop it, he’d never forgive himself. So even though she’s grilling him about his dating life and the good doctor is psychoanalyzing him, he’s going to soldier on, because protecting his charges is what a knight does.

What he doesn’t count on is having to use both his training and his gun to make it through the night, or finding the last thing he ever expected… someone who actually sees him, not for the man he is, but for the man he could be with just a little bit of love.

Wolf Heart by T.J. Nichols

A solid werewolf story. It has pack hierarchy and homophobia, and while I doubt I’ll remember the plot months from now, it was just what I was in the mood for when I read it. So great!

51mfrqgskvlThey belong to rival wolf packs…so why can’t they keep their hands off each other?

Paramedic Con Albury loves nothing more than spending his time off either as a wolf or at night clubs. He’s always looking for a good time, and he usually finds it. While he has aligned himself with the Outcast Pack for protection, he tells himself he prefers to be alone.

Zach Ellis has spent his life preparing to take over the pack just like everyone expects. Pack and family come first. But he needs more than duty and giving into temptation and falling into Con’s bed is easier than it should be.

But the fallout will threaten everything the Outcast Pack stands for: freedom and found family.

El Presidio Rides North by Domashita Romero

This was my reread of the month over at Holly’s, so check out what I wrote there! A road trip during a zombie apocalypse.

El Presidio rides northOn the verge of death by zombie in a public restroom, a young man is saved at the last minute by a shovel—and the intriguing man who wields it. A man who doesn’t really want company, and definitely isn’t interested in sharing names. But ‘Mercury’ also comes with an RV that doubles as a zombie-proof fortress, and almost any company is better than none—even if that company has a cute nickname for his nailgun, and inflicts him with the name ‘Gaga’.

Read here

Scarred by J.M. Snyder

Another reread simply because I was in the mood 😁

ScarredBiker gangs known as regulators rule the streets of a war-torn city with hate and pain — their cruelty is etched into every inch of Dae’s battered body. He has never known anything but hurt from the hands of men … until he meets Coby.

When the new regulator rides into town and takes an interest in him, Dae is unwilling to believe that anyone who is a regulator can be a gentle, caring lover.

Is Coby strong enough to protect Dae and his sister Delia when there’s hell to pay in the form of McBane?

I have the feeling I’ve forgotten a story. We’ll see if it pops up or if it’s forever gone. I did abandon a few, so it might be those spinning in my head.

Guest Post | Saved by the Bear by Holly Day

Shut book

Hiya! I’m here as Holly today 😊 A few days ago, Saved by the Bear was released 🥳 It’s a story I wrote to celebrate Tell a Story Day which is celebrated on the 27th of April.

This is the shortest story I’ve published so far this year, and given I’m freaking out about not making my deadlines because my stories get a life of their own and get longer and longer, I fear it will be the shortest for some time. I wouldn’t have minded if it hadn’t been for the chasing-deadlines thing LOL

This story is about Frode who inherits a book with Will Tell Your Story written on the cover. It makes him uneasy, but he laughs it off, especially after seeing the pages are blank. 

The problem is, they don’t remain blank.

A sentence appears, and it yanks Frode out of his body, leaving him to hover above himself while he’s watching his life from the beginning up to the present day. Since he only has a few pages left of the book when they reach the current day, he assumes the book will end with him reading the book, but it doesn’t. 

The book turns a page and shows him the next day. 

After freaking out about seeing the future, Frode freaks out about how few pages there are left. His life is coming to an end, and as he sees himself die, he tries to change his fate by seeking help from his neighbour who happens to be a bear shifter.

When I sent this story to my beta readers, one of them asked if it was an old story I’d rewritten because she was sure she’d read it before. It isn’t, and I don’t have any stories (on either name) that are similar to it. No magic books, no trying to outrun death, no bear living next door. 

I haven’t read a similar story either, but if you know of one, let me know. Because we tried to figure out why she got the deja vu feeling. Maybe she read a book about her reading a book about a book… 😆   

I really don’t think there are any new stories under the sun, everything has already been written, maybe not in the same style as I write, but I’m sure there are plenty of stories about magic books and guys trying to escape death. As an author, you just add your spin to it. 

Saved by the Bear


Would knowing how you die change the way you live? 

Frode Hall inherits a book that promises to tell his story, and it does. It starts with a recap of his childhood, leads him through his teens and into adult life. Then it turns a page and shows how he dies in a car crash the following day. Frode panics, but can he trust the book? It’s showing a huge Grizzly sneaking around the garden, and there are no bears in the garden, only Imre, his neighbor. 

By not being in his car when the predicted car crash was to take place, he survives another day. But someone has learned he has the book, and it’s showing ninjas breaking into his apartment to get it. Unsure of what to do, Frode turns to Imre. Frode doesn’t know what to believe about his growling and talk of mates, but he trusts Imre to help him. They leave the city in a hurry, but will the book give them enough warning to keep them alive or will their journey end in a gruesome prophecy? 

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Paranormal Gay Romance: 14,970 words 

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Then the air froze in Frode’s lungs.

The book showed the morning, the coming morning. Frode slammed a hand over the open page as he took a shuddering breath. It hadn’t happened yet. Fuck.

His hand shook as he removed it and watched himself walk down the stairs. The book allowed him a glimpse of Imre waiting on the other side of his door. He wasn’t waiting, was he? When Frode was halfway down the stairs, Imre exited his apartment.

Shit. Frode’s heart was beating so fast he feared he’d have a heart attack. Maybe he was dreaming? He checked how many pages there were left of the book. Hard to say, twenty perhaps. Did he dare read them? It was a thick book, and a chill went through him as he realized there were several hundred pages of his past and only about twenty of his future. Was he dying? He was thirty-four years old. If thirty-four years took up—he looked at the thick part of the book—could it be five hundred? Or maybe the entire book was about five hundred pages and he’d read through four hundred and eighty.

He bit his lips not to make a sound and focused on the text again. It showed him in the office, throwing paper clips into the pencil holder. Charming. He winced. He had to do better at work. If they fired him, he wouldn’t be able to pay rent, but customer service was mind-numbingly boring.

Was throwing paper clips significant? The book lingered in the moment. He huffed and looked around the image shown. It looked like it always did. Hye Choi was on the other side of the cubicle divider, as he always was. Frode hated him—maybe hated was too strong a word, but he made him uncomfortable. He was too good-looking, too charming, too… Frode had learned his lesson when it came to smooth, charming men. They never were what they made themselves out to be. He didn’t think Hye would slap him around if he took him up on the invitation sparkling in his eyes, but something set off his alarm bells.

 As he studied Hye, he noticed how he leaned toward the wall separating his and Ana’s booth. Frode leaned closer to the book. Ana was talking on her cell phone. They weren’t allowed to while they were working, and she seemed to be whispering. It could be because she wasn’t allowed to talk, but the way Hye stiffened had him taking slow breaths. What the hell? Was this important? It had to be since the book played it at the same pace it would have—will?—played out.

Frode swallowed. He shouldn’t watch this, and why the hell didn’t the book have sound? He wanted to know what she was saying.

The moment Ana ended the call, Hye stood and strode past the desks on his side, rounded the last one, and headed for Frode.

He missed the pencil stand, and the paper clip slid off the desk and would’ve dropped to the floor hadn’t Hye caught it. Frode groaned. Of course, he had to see him miss.

Hye’s lips moved, but Frode had no idea what he was saying. To his surprise, he got up, and together they walked toward the elevators. What the fuck? He’d never go anywhere with Hye.

He watched the color drain from his face as Hye spoke, then he dashed back into the office area and spoke to Mrs. Lewis, his boss. Hye was nowhere to be seen when Frode hurried back toward the elevators.

The book fast-forwarded as he drove through the city and back to the apartment. Imre was nowhere to be seen, and neither was the grizzly. He didn’t know what Imre’s job was, but he knew he had one.

 He watched himself rush up the stairs only to come face to face with a tall, broad-shouldered, faceless ninja—why was he faceless?—who exited his apartment. Under his arm, he had the book. Frode hissed, his grip on the cover tightening.

The ninja pushed him, and he fell backward down the stairs. Frode gasped, his body jerked as if it happened to him now.

He landed in a heap at the bottom. There was a bleeding gap in his forehead, and his right leg was at an awkward angle.

Air no longer entered his lungs. Someone would break into his apartment tomorrow and steal the book.

He flew to his feet, too shaken to remain seated, and paced the living room. A glance at the clock told him he’d been reading most of the night, and it was soon time to get up.

He couldn’t go to work.

The man came while he was at work. Something Ana had said made Hye go to him, and whatever he’d told him made Frode rush home. He couldn’t leave the apartment. Or he’d have to go somewhere with the book. He had to hide it.

About Holly Day 

According to Holly Day, no day should go by uncelebrated and all of them deserve a story. If she’ll have the time to write them remains to be seen. She lives in rural Sweden with a husband, four children, more pets than most, and wouldn’t last a day without coffee.  

Holly gets up at the crack of dawn most days of the week to write gay romance stories. She believes in equality in fiction and in real life. Diversity matters. Representation matters. Visibility matters. We can change the world one story at the time.  

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