Jaeger’s Lost and Found

Could you be happy in a world where it never stops raining?

Thunder and rain at Jaeger's Lost & FoundJaeger’s Lost and Found is a story about Archibald Jaeger, a finder, and Gael Murray, a vampire who has lost his connections.

Society is divided into human and non-human districts. Jaeger and his business partner Edie Sweet (who’s anything but sweet) pose as humans and run a finder’s shop in Stratholm – a human district.

One day, Gael Murray, a vampire, seeks their help. He’s lost his connections to his coven and a vampire can’t survive without his coven.

Archie doesn’t want to help Gael, but he can’t let him die, can he? Edie thinks he can.


Gael watched Archie’s face slip back into the blank mask, but as he looked at his eyes, he realized they weren’t as expressionless as he’d first thought. Sure, all signs of frowns, smiles, winces, and smirks were ironed out, but his eyes—his eyes were telling him he was an idiot. He hunched his shoulders. It was true.

“Shall we go?”

Edie got up on tiptoe and kissed Archie’s cheek but instead of Archie returning it as Gael expected him to, he spluttered and pushed her away. “Keep your germs to yourself. Snake.”

The forked tongue poked out between her lips.

“You’re not married?”

Edie barked a laugh, Archie paled. It made Gael chuckle simply watching him.

“Okay, off you go.” Edie pushed at Archie. “Do you have a car, Mr. Murray?”

Gael shook his head.

“Take mine.” She tossed him the keys. “I expect it back in perfect condition, and no snacking on Archie.”

“Why not? He looks tasty.” He wouldn’t drink from Archie, it would be unprofessional to bite someone he’d hired, though he would be lying if he said he wasn’t a little curious about what a finder tasted like.

“He’s likely to vomit all over you if you try it.” Edie flashed her fangs again. “He’s squeamish.”

He is right here.”

“I promise not to eat you.” Before he could stop himself, he added, “Unless you beg me to.”

Archie didn’t respond, didn’t move a muscle in his handsome face. Gael tried not to frown, but damn it, was a blush too much to ask for?

Clutching a black coat, Archie took a step toward the door, backed up two, blew out a breath, and slid forward about half a step. The air filled with the scent of fear and Gael glanced at Edie. What the fuck was this?

“The car is parked around the corner.” She gestured for Gael to go. He hesitated. Archie’s heart was beating hard enough to hurt his ears. Shit, they didn’t have time for this. They’d already wasted a good chunk sitting around here chatting.

“I…eh…I’ll wait there.” He nodded at Edie and strode out into the chilly night. He didn’t bother moving at human speed. There was no one around to watch him, so why should he endure the rain longer than needed?

There was one car parked around the corner, one. The rusty old Volvo had been dark blue at some point. Gael sighed, but since it beeped to life from the key, it had to be Edie’s. He yanked the door open and slid in on the driver’s seat.

Lightning flashed behind his eyes and pain exploded in his brain. He curled his fingers around the steering wheel and hissed. He would die in a fucking Volvo.

Slowly, all too slowly, the pain ebbed away, and he became aware of a shadow creeping around the corner of the building. Back pressed against the wall, fingers tracing every brick, Archie took one step after another. A sloth would’ve made faster progress. Edie came jogging, grabbed Archie’s arm, and shoved him toward the car. Opening the door, she pushed him inside.

“Sometimes he needs a little help. He’s usually fine once he’s in the car.” She pursed her lips and shielded her face from the rain. “If he yells for you to stop, stop.” She slammed the door shut and ran back around the corner.

Gael got them moving, only glancing at Archie every other second or so.

“Are you agoraphobic?”


Gael took a turn out on the freeway leading away from the city. “I think you are.”

Archie didn’t answer.

“I’m Gael.”

No response.

Gael drummed the wheel. “So…you’ve known Edie long?”

Archie gave him a blank stare and Gael rubbed his neck. Damn, this was uncomfortable.


Jaeger's Lost & Found

Jaeger’s Lost & Found is the only finder shop to be had on the whole of the west coast. The problem is, Archibald Jaeger, the last of the Jaeger line, seems to be defective. A result of too many generations of crossbreeding with humans. But Jaegers are finders, and there’s nothing to be done about it.

Gael Murray has lost his connections. A vampire can’t survive without the energy exchange he has with the members of his coven through mental links. And, as of this morning, they’ve all vanished. Gael will die if he doesn’t reinstate his connections through a blood exchange. And his only hope to find the other members of his coven is to hire a finder.

Even a terrible finder is better than no finder at all.

Together they set out to save Gael’s life, but what was an already difficult task becomes nearly insurmountable. And Archie, who can never find what he’s looking for, finds himself falling in love with a man he’ll be hard pressed to save.