Cover Reveal | The Setup

So… I’ve had this cover for some time, and I’ve posted it on Facebook and in my newsletter, but I kept forgetting to post it here. Now though! We’ve reached the moment, peeps! 😆

The Setup is a contemporary short story, and it’s very dear to me. I wrote it back in July since we had an early deadline on the Christmas stories so with everything going on in my real life, I’ve more or less forgotten this story.

Not forgotten, but I had forgotten that Ellis made me laugh. I sat here by my desk, went through the edits, and chuckled to myself. Sometimes you need a little silly fluff in your life 😊

Are you ready to see the cover (again)? Here it is!

the setup

Three years ago, Dax Howard got out of a bad relationship and swore never to date again. He loves his picturesque cabin outside Nortown and is looking forward to three weeks of quiet over the holidays. He hadn’t foreseen a stranger turning in on his driveway in the middle of a snowstorm, claiming he’s there for a date.

Ellis Rush has risked his neck driving in a snowstorm to meet his friend Daniel and his boyfriend Dom for a double date he agreed to go on as a favor. Reaching the destination, he can’t see Daniel’s car anywhere, and when the mountain of a man opening the door says he’s never agreed to go on a double date, Ellis realizes he’s been played.

The more Ellis explains the situation, the more annoyed Dax gets. Dom is one of his closest friends, and he does not appreciate the setup, no matter how intrigued he is by Ellis. Since the roads are undrivable, Dax invites Ellis to stay, and together they plot their revenge. Cooking for Ellis, kissing Ellis, and sleeping next to Ellis isn’t the same thing as dating, is it?


Contemporary Gay Romance: 14,382 words

JMS Books

Release day: November 19th

Cover Reveal | The Cake Shop

We have a cover!!! The Cake Shop will be out on April 9th, and it’s another one of those either-or stories. This time, we got to pick from either Rain or Shine – I picked Rain.

The Cake Shop is in the same series as Cup o’ Sugar and The Drunken Dog. They’re loosely linked, so you don’t have to have read one story to read the others, but it’s about people who belong to the same werewolf pack.

York is a member of the Halfhide pack, and after a run-in with a rivalling pack, he takes refuge in a bakery. The owner is a bear shifter who wants nothing to do with York, that they are fated mates matters little.

Are you ready to see the cover??



York Winter and his packmates are attacked by a rivaling werewolf pack at a lumberyard. Injured and exhausted, York runs into a part of town he’s not familiar with, and when the enemy is closing in, he takes his chances and escapes into a bear-owned bakery.

Torbjorn Holt doesn’t do people, and he doesn’t do wolves no matter what the pull in his heart is trying to tell him. He’s learned his lesson and will not have wolves in the bakery, and he’ll definitely not mate one. Luckily, York isn’t too badly injured, so Torbjorn doesn’t feel bad about kicking him out into the rain.

York can’t believe what’s happening. He’s finally found his mate, but Torbjorn refuses to let him stay. Torbjorn will never trust a wolf again, and if York doesn’t leave soon, he’ll knock him out with a rolling pin and dump him in the alley. York has to make Torbjorn understand he means him no harm, but how will he do that when Torbjorn refuses to talk to him?

Pre-order link

Gay Paranormal Romance: 12,864 words

JMS Books


Cover Reveal | The Drunken Dog

We have a cover!!! This month has been chaos so far, we’ve been running late on just about everything, but we’re now done with the edits for The Drunken Dog, and I have a cover 😊

This is one of those either-or calls that JMS Books will have every other month this year. This month, the stories are either Sugar or Spice, and you’ll get to read about a couple of other stories written for the same call here on the blog. Nell Iris has already been here with Secrets on a Train, which is a Sugar story. And tomorrow Ellie Thomas will drop by to talk about The Spice of Life which is a Spice story. The Drunken Dog is also a Spice story.

It’s loosely linked to Cup o’ Sugar. The Drunken Dog is about Zev who belongs to the same werewolf pack as Roarak in Cup o’ Sugar. You do not have to have read it to be able to read this.

Are you ready to see the cover??



Zev Nightfall has a secret. For two years, he’s been the beta in a loosely knitted werewolf pack, but he’s not a werewolf. He’s a crossbreed, part wolf, part fae, which is a death sentence in most packs. That’s not his only problem. One night he meets Otis, a vampire. Shifters and vampires aren’t friends, yet fighting is the last thing on Zev’s mind.

Otis Miller is in the middle of rebuilding his rockstar persona. Again. A hundred years ago, all he had to do was to move when people started noticing him not ageing. With cameras and social media, it doesn’t work anymore, and he isn’t sure he has the energy to start over. Then there is the shifter coming to the bar where he’s singing. He makes Otis want to jump off the stage and never look back.

Zev knows he shouldn’t get involved with a vampire; he has enough problems as it is. But Otis is alone and vulnerable, and it tugs at Zev’s heartstrings. Normally, Otis stays away from other supernatural beings, but something about Zev makes him want to curl up on his lap and forget about the world around them. But how would two people from enemy species make things work, and will Zev’s pack ever accept not only a crossbreed but a vampire as well?

Coming February 26th