Easter Sale!!!

Easter Sale

I hope you’re all having a lovely Easter. In Sweden, as with every holiday, we celebrate on the Eve, so we’re already over it here LOL. I had my mum and sister with her children over, so there were lots of sugar-hyped children which means that I now want to curl up in a corner and sleep for a week. But, perhaps I should reward myself a book instead? Over at JMS there’s an Easter Sale in full swing – 40% off on all ebooks, and it ends tomorrow, so don’t leave it too long before you hop over there.

Looking for an Easter read? I have two!

the egg huntJason has one rule when it comes to holidays — work his shift behind the bar and then find a willing body to distract himself with. One night is long enough to satisfy his needs and still walk away with his heart intact. It has worked out fine for most of his adult life, but this Easter, he’s trying something new. He’s leaving the city to visit his friend Aiden, who recently moved in with his boyfriend in the middle of nowhere, but one unfortunate incident leaves Jason without a place to sleep.

Tom doesn’t just not do relationships, he rarely does hook-ups, either, and never too close to home. Living on his own without attachments is easier than having the whole town knowing about him. As the holiday approaches, his lonely house grows even quieter than normal — at least until his friend Tristan dumps an arrogant bartender in his lap.

As soon as Jason lays eyes on the gruff lumberjack whose home he’ll be sharing, he knows who’ll warm his bed for the weekend and help chase away any pending holiday gloom. Too bad Tom doesn’t want to get with the program. As much as he wants to let Jason close, he won’t risk outing himself for a weekend fling. Will Jason trust Tom not to break his heart if he stays longer than a couple of days? Will Tom value their relationship higher than the town gossip?


Aiden has prepared a special Easter egg for his boyfriend, Tristan. He wants to make their first Easter together special, but as the moment for handing over the egg draws nearer, Aiden’s nerves get the better of him. What if he has it all wrong? What if Tristan wants nothing to do with the silky satin hidden within the egg?

NOTE: This story appears in the collection Aiden and Tristan.

Smashwords Read an Ebook Week Sale

booksToday is the last day of Smashwords Read an Ebook Week Sale, and my books are 50% off, most of them at least. I won’t list them all here because that would be too tedious LOL

The Drunken Dog, which was released a couple of weeks ago, is also 50% off, so if you haven’t had the time to grab it yet, now’s a great time!

Holly’s books are 50% off too – you’ll find them here.

The Drunken Dog


Zev Nightfall has a secret. For two years, he’s been the beta in a loosely knitted werewolf pack, but he’s not a werewolf. He’s a crossbreed, part wolf, part fae, which is a death sentence in most packs. That’s not his only problem. One night he meets Otis, a vampire. Shifters and vampires aren’t friends, yet fighting is the last thing on Zev’s mind.

Otis Miller is in the middle of rebuilding his rockstar persona. Again. A hundred years ago, all he had to do was to move when people started noticing him not ageing. With cameras and social media, it doesn’t work anymore, and he isn’t sure he has the energy to start over. Then there is the shifter coming to the bar where he’s singing. He makes Otis want to jump off the stage and never look back.

Zev knows he shouldn’t get involved with a vampire; he has enough problems as it is. But Otis is alone and vulnerable, and it tugs at Zev’s heartstrings. Normally, Otis stays away from other supernatural beings, but something about Zev makes him want to curl up on his lap and forget about the world around them. But how would two people from enemy species make things work, and will Zev’s pack ever accept not only a crossbreed but a vampire as well?

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Gay Paranormal Romance: 12,121 words 

JMS Books :: Amazon :: books2read.com/TheDrunkenDog :: Smashwords (50% off)

Summer – Winter Sale

Summer-Winter-SaleI just realized I haven’t posted anything about the Summer-Winter Sale over at Smashwords. Most of my books are 50% off till the end of the month.

50% off

Get them here!

I’ve most likely forgotten one or two, you’ll find all discouted books if you hop to my profile.


Worth His SaltEldred Henstare is a not so powerful witch who’s been left in charge of helping the city’s lingering spirits to move on. He usually handles it pretty well, but something’s wrong with the spirit leading him to the abandoned lighthouse.

Mo Vin likes his quiet life in the cottage next to the lighthouse, at least it’s quiet until one night when Eldred Henstare—young, beautiful and crazy—arrives. After that night things aren’t the same. A man is found dead on the beach outside Mo’s cottage, and he’s almost sure he’s the one who killed him, except it doesn’t make sense. Why would he kill anyone?

Eldred needs to get rid of the ghost haunting Mo. If he doesn’t Mo’s life is in danger, but to do it he needs both Mo and his brother Lachtin to help out.

Grab it here!