Guest Post | Orphan’s Cry by Jaymie Wagner


We have Jaymie Wagner on a visit, and today she’s gonna let me ask her some questions! Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Why do you write?

In the words of Adam Savage: “You have to do the thing you can’t not do.”

I have been writing down stories, ideas, and characters since I was old enough to do it! That energy’s been channeled into different places over the years – schoolwork, my thesis, D&D games and online spaces – but I always keep writing. It’s a way I de-stress, and it’s part of how I hang on to my sanity.

When I was going through my divorce, writing stories (including the manuscript that became my first novel!) was a big part of how I kept my spirits up and my brain from dwelling on the nastier things going on. I didn’t even think of it that way at the time – I just knew I needed to write something – but I can see it in hindsight. 

At the end of the day, it’s just who I am.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be an astronaut so badly! I was nuts about space and space travel, and I even managed to get money saved up (with more than a bit of help from my grandparents) so that I could go to Space Camp! I still have 13 year old me’s old flight suit in my closet! It’ll never fit me again, but I just can’t imagine parting with it.

Unfortunately it turns out that being really good at X-wing and Microsoft Flight Simulator are not adequate qualifications to go down to NASA and apply, and my skill at math and physics did not equal my talent for writing. 

Still love space, though. I got the Lego ISS set for my birthday last year!

What are you working on right now?

I just turned in the manuscript for Outcast’s Song, the next book in the Sing For Me trilogy, and I have beta reader feedback for the final book, Herald’s Call to go through and incorporate into my draft before sending it in to JMS books! 

I have some smaller stories that I’ve made a few notes for, but the next ‘big’ project is going to be a story set in a Mediterranean influenced fantasy world, and I have some fun ideas for where it’s going to go…

Can you share with us something about the book that isn’t in the blurb?

Even though Orphan’s Cry is very much the story of Leah, our heroine, adjusting to life as a more social werewolf, there are a lot of seeds planted in these pages that will begin to sprout in book two, and truly flower in book three. 

Also, there’s a very persistent woodpecker, and an American werewolf in London who might have some useful things to say about the whole affair!

What are your ambitions for your writing career?

In a personal sense? Tell good stories that people connect with and enjoy. I think in some ways a short story is easier for me than writing novels, but I’ve really enjoyed the work and challenges in writing these books, so we’ll see!

Professionally, I will be very pleased if my royalties every quarter increase from “Treat yourself to a fancy coffee” to “Dinner’s on me” money. 🙂

orphan's cry


Two years ago Leah Corbyn was bitten by a “dog.” A few weeks later, the full moon’s rise revealed that she had become a werewolf.
After months of trying to hide her secret in the city of London, Leah is about to learn she isn’t alone…

Book link:

Lesbian Paranormal Romance (FFF): 95,046 words

JMS Books

Guest Post | Holiday Garage by Jaymie Wagner


Today, Jaymie Wagner is here to talk about her story, Holiday Garage. Welcome, Jaymie 😊

“Where are the lesbian Hallmark movies?!”

That was the question on Tumblr that got me thinking, and eventually writing back in 2019. We did finally get a lesbian Hallmark movie last year, but we can do more!

Besides, we all know those cheesy Hallmark plots are a goldmine of cute, feel-good holiday content that is just waiting to be tapped and turned into all kinds of queer goodness.

So, picture this: A lonely widow gets stuck on the side of the road when her car breaks down on Christmas Eve, and there’s only one garage open.

The hotels are booked solid, but the Mechanic has an apartment right above the shop and offers a place to spend the night…and did I mention the mechanic is awfully cute?

Throw in a quiet holiday dinner, a snowy night, some ice skating, and perhaps – just perhaps! – you end up with a chance for love again.

(Oh, and a kiss under the mistletoe, because of course there needs to be a kiss under the mistletoe!)

Sounds interesting?

Well, then – let’s take a peek at the little town of Holliday, Illinois…


 Holding up a hand in a “Wait just a second” gesture, the welder (mechanic? Owner? All three?) pulled off her heavy gloves and apron before walking into the waiting area. “Hullo! Welcome to Holliday Garage!” 

   Emile blinked in surprise at the woman’s English accent. At least now she knew why Mike had seemed so amused when she’d asked if the garage had experience with Europeans. “Ah. Hello…”

  The mechanic cocked her head slightly, then laughed at herself. “Oh! Sorry, I’ve gotten used to living in a pretty small town.” She offered a hand with a friendly smile. “Nyra Olson.”

   “Emile,” she answered, shaking the shorter woman’s hand. “Emile Meunier.” 

   “Pleasure to meet you, Emile Meunier.” Nyra’s grip was firm, with calloused fingers that lingered perhaps a moment longer than absolutely necessary. 

   Emile was a bit shocked by the warmth in her touch, but tried to explain it away as her own cold skin and Nyra having just finished working with a torch. Still, she found herself wishing the brief contact had lasted another second or two longer as Nyra stepped back and pulled a heavy red and black checked flannel off of the coat tree in the corner.

   “So, obviously you had a spot of car trouble. Can you tell me what happened, exactly?” 

   Emile grimaced as she buttoned her coat back up again. “I was shifting when I suddenly went out of gear. I tried upshifting with no change, and trying to go down another gear didn’t work either.”

   Nyra gave a pained ‘ooof’ as she finished shrugging on her flannel. “I’ll be honest – that doesn’t sound good. If you’re lucky it’s just a plug, maybe a connection for the electronics in the gearbox. If not…” 

   Emile groaned. She hadn’t wanted to spend the holidays with Sofia  or their other friends, but she’d expected to be at home, not stranded in the middle of nowhere. “I will try to hope for the best, then.”

Holiday Garage

holidaygarageFive years after the death of her husband, ballet teacher Emile Meunier just wants to drive home after a long week of work and have a quiet Christmas at home. But everything changes when her car breaks down and she finds herself in the little town of Holliday on Christmas Eve.

Then she gets an offer of food and a place to stay from the town mechanic Nyra. Is it just a moment of kindness from a stranger? Or a chance at something more?

JMS Books

Guest Post | A Christmas Exchange by A.J. Morrow


Today, A.J. Morrow is on a visit to talk about her upcoming release, A Christmas Exchange which will be released tomorrow! Welcome, A.J.

Christmas is often a time of contradictions; the cold and dark of winter is contrasted against hot chocolate and lights, while we celebrate family and the spirit of giving as we indulge head first into consumerism. Personally, I think the dual message of the holiday is part of its beauty. Warm mulled wine tastes better when you’re cold, after all.

Part of what I wanted to explore in my newest story, A Christmas Exchange, was this idea of complimenting contradictions–I love the idea of two fundamentally very different people being made better because of each other. Paired with a Christmas setting and a fun, secret-santa set up, and the story of Rachel and Emily soon took shape!

While writing this novella, I did my best to get into the holiday spirit–from watching Christmas movies to baking gingerbread cookies, I did it all. Because of the pandemic, I was only able to do a few ‘outside’ activities, which made me certain that I would include plenty of scenes where the characters were having fun in the snow, at Christmas markets, or with their friends. We could all do with a bit of escapism at the moment, and Christmas really is all about the important people in your life.


achristmasexchangeRachel works most days at a cafe in the middle of a small British town. Working alongside her, however, is Emily – the confident American who Rachel has been secretly in love with for months. Shy and often anxious, Rachel doesn’t know if she could ever act on her feelings, even as the rest of her coworkers raise their eyebrows in disbelief.

As the holiday season approaches, Rachel’s best friend, Ryan, suggests a secret santa among the workers of the cafe – and, while she’s certain the game is rigged, Rachel can’t help but be happy that she picks Emily’s name out of the bag. Even after the anxiety about what to get her kicks in.

Over the course of a few weeks, Rachel has to figure out a present while also not making it obvious who she got as her secret santa, and what follows is a series of awkward conversations, totally-subtle-flirting and more than one Christmas-themed outing. Will Rachel choose the right gift and come to terms with her feelings, or will she remain in the friend-zone forever?

A Christmas Exchange comes out on the 18th of December.