Read Around the Rainbow | Do You Have a Writing Plan for Next Year?


It’s Read Around the Rainbow Time!!! Every month, we’re a group of authors who blog on the same topic, and this month I picked the topic! 🥳 It sort of backfired, though. When I suggested it, I was sure I was gonna have a plan in place, but I haven’t.

Do you have a writing plan for next year?

That’s the question, and yes, of course, I have plans. It’s just… My main focus in 2023 is gonna be Holly, both because she’s fun and because she makes the most money, and I’m out of work. So while Ofelia is the name I’m more emotionally bound to, I’m gonna put on my business hat and make the best of the situation. And that is Holly.

That being said, I’m not gonna bury Ofelia. There will be a box set with some of the Up North stories coming out in February. And I have already signed up for next year’s advent calendar, so if everything goes according to plan, there will be a story in December.


My goal is one release per quarter. Anything above that is a bonus, but it all depends a little on if there are any submission calls I want to do. Submission calls are always fun, and it’s not always they fit with Holly’s holidays.

It’s a bit lose and it’s a bit unfocused, and it’s not really me. I’m not comfortable not having everything planned out, but as Ofelia, I’m gonna try to roll with the punches during 2023. We’ll see how it goes!

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Update | Fumbling

“No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear.”

― C.S. Lewis


I just read through my last update post to see what I wrote then, and I realised Mum was still alive. The post was published on November 6th, and I wrote that I didn’t know how much we had left, if her health would decline in stages or be a slippery slope. She lived for ten days after that, and it was like falling into an abyss with nothing to reach for to lessen the fall. I hope you never have to live through it, but I fear some of you will.

As you might have guessed I haven’t written much. I get a total of 17.863 when adding everything up, so not great, but under the circumstances…

My total so far for 2022 is 340.198. I need to check my word count on the 31st, so I can see if I make 350.000 😊

I average 994 a day, and I have to say I’m disappointed I’ve dropped down under 1k, but ah well.

Any day now, I’m gonna sit down with a pen and paper and make a plan for 2023, a real one. It’s just the bandwidth is lacking at the moment. I’m trying to finish Holly’s February story and am stressing about not having started her March story, and then I wanted a release on Ofelia the first quarter and… 🥵

The funeral is on the 15th, maybe I can focus a little better after that.

Read Around the Rainbow | Writing Advice I Take With a Grain of Salt


It’s Read Around the Rainbow time! Every month, we’re a group of authors who blog on the same topic, and this month, we’ll be talking writing advice. More specifically, writing advice we take with a grain of salt.

I’m gonna go with plotting here.

The surest way for me to get a story to forever remain a WIP is to have an outline. I see all these gurus out there saying that ‘Yeah, I was once a pantser too, but…’

Traitors, the lot of them! 😆

I often have a scene floating around in my head, something that gets my mind creating a world or a character. It’s happened that I’ve written stories where I had a scene that sparked my inspiration, but I never wrote the scene, because when I started putting words on the screen, they took me somewhere else.

I don’t do character sketches. I don’t know what they were like as children, and if it isn’t important to the story, I don’t know where they went to school, what their mother’s name is, or what their favourite foods are.

I know their hopes and dreams and their deepest fears, but I don’t need to outline to know that. It’s all in the way the character is built, the push and pull, and the reason why they do or say what they do.

And let’s be honest, there is no greater high than when it all falls together. When that little detail you don’t really know why you added in scene two all of sudden is important toward the end. Why would I ever want to kill that joy by planning it beforehand?

mapI’m not saying don’t plot if that works for you, to each their own, but don’t buy the guru’s gospel if it isn’t for you. Being unable to plot does not make you a bad writer.

And please, not all stories need to have a break-up scene in the third act.

I could rant about the break-up scene if you want because it’s so stupid. So stupid. And more often than not, it doesn’t fit with how the character is acting up to that point. The story doesn’t get better because the characters break up, BUT if you outline according to romance novel praxis, *they* will tell you to have a break-up scene at the end of the third act.

Oops, I feel myself turning ranty 😆

What I take with a grain of salt, is everything that has something to do with plotting. What do you take with a grain of salt?

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