Friday Reads | The Last Pure Human

I should be reading Camp Hell by Jordan Castillo Price now—that was the plan, but the other day a story by Twisted Hilarity showed up in my feed on Goodreads. I thought damn I’ve read something by her and went to her author page but I hadn’t rated any of her works. I shrugged it off thinking maybe I’ve just seen her around, it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been certain I’d read someone only to realise I actually haven’t, so I let it go. But then the day after I saw someone asking for a book where the MCs got these markings when they had mated, one got one on the chest and the other on the bum. I knew I had read that story, and wouldn’t you know it? The Last Pure Human by Twisted Hilarity. I then remembered that there were some pretty annoyed readers when the book suddenly was removed from Goodreads a while ago.

But, having been reminded of Kasan and Max, I went looking for it again. There are so many things I normally grumble about here, the epithets, quite a few repetitions, men unable to control their sexual urges—the sole purpose of the story is sex, but cat aliens people! Cat aliens! *snigger* I have a hard time putting it down even though I’ve already read it once.

Kasan, a prince of the feline Kyashin race, is in deep shit. He’s in heat, he needs a consort to help him survive it, and his uncle has locked him away from every available candidate. When he’s offered a small human male at the last moment, he’s quite happy to accept. His new consort, on the other hand, is a little less than pleased with the situation. So what’s a human to do when he finds himself in the bed of a hot, sexed-up alien? We’re about to find out.

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