Friday Reads | Soulless

I’ll be brief today. I’m on my way to pick up a new kitty, but it’s Friday and we all have to read, right?

I’m reading Soulless by T. Baggins. I’ve read T. Baggins before both as T. Baggins and S.A. Reid. The first story I read was Thirst and, while maybe not the most logical story out there, it sure made an impression. There is so much blood dripping evil in just a few short pages that T. Baggins was endeared to me forever.

Soulless, like Thirst, is a creepy vampire story. I like evil vampires, I like reading about the dark and gritty. I’m not usually into historicals, though, but I’m enjoying this one. T. Baggins language is enthralling, the worldbuilding is great, and if you fear the creature in the shadows, know that there is something far worse in the basement. It’s a long read and I’m pretty sure some will hate it—torture, rape, and lots of blood. This is not a time for sparkly vamps! *

Book cover Soulless by T. Bagginds S.A. ReidA Man of Science

Nicholas Robinson is a chemist decades ahead of his time. Crippled by a riding accident and embittered by his injuries, he shuns the world, focusing on his laboratory and experiments. But when the sale of his country estate, Grantley, leads to an encounter with a vampire, Nicholas realizes there is more in heaven and earth than he ever dreamed possible.

A Creature of Darkness

Although three hundred years old, Bancroft Ulwin is young by supernatural standards. Enslaved by his cruel, deformed maker, Ban is forbidden from relations with mortal men unless it ends in death. But his liaison with Nicholas, expressly against his master’s wishes, soon expands beyond mere lust to something more.

A Love Predestined

Long ago while still mortal, Ban met Serafino, the only true love of his life. When death separated them, Ban accepted his role as an enemy of human kind. But as he comes to suspect Nicholas is Serafino reincarnated, Ban begins to question everything he once believed. Including his own damnation.

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