Friday Reads: Machete Betty and the Office Sharks

It’s Friday, and I was this (imagine me holing up thumb and forefinger really close together) close to skipping writing a blog post today. But here I am, well caffeinated and ready to tell you about an excellent author I’ve kidnapped – no, not really, but he’s become a good friend of mine.

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A little over a month ago Seasons of Love was released, and one of the authors in the anthology is Neptune Flowers.

Machete Betty and the Office Sharks is one of the most bizarre stories I’ve read this year – in a good way!

Tim is part of a highly professional team trained to spot anomalies, in other words, mass hypnosis and stuff. They’re bored working at their office, but no one has noticed anything strange…or maybe but…

Things escalate pretty fast, even the shark in the screensaver begins to act weird, and soon the team are up to all kinds of things. It can’t be described, it must be read!

It’s hot, it’s surreal, it’s an office romance, and it has a merman. Yup, it’s true, a chain-smoking merman.

And while all this is really really good, the best of all is that Mr Flowers will join Amy Spector and me in this year’s Buried Desires. The manuscripts are with our publisher and have you noticed things getting a little scarier? The evenings are darker, the mist is rolling in over the fields, and there are strange noises here and there. That’s because Halloween is getting closer, people. Ghosts, zombies, and serial killers are on the way…

40801600Tim is in the A team, professionally trained to investigate allegations of the potential mass hypnosis of the nation… But Tim is bored and horny. Who wouldn’t be? The office is full of idiots, and summer just keeps getting hotter and hotter. Reality starts to blur, screensavers come to life, and before he can say jiggyjig, he finds himself cavorting with a chain-smoking foul-mouthed merman.

Tim’s training is forgotten as he becomes immersed in fishy hedonism and office shenanigans. Can he save the day? Or will the team be forever lost in shameful acts of bouncybounce?

Find out in this tail of office boredom and surreal fun.

Warning! This story does not reflect realistic relationships with mermen or sharks.

Part of Seasons of Love Anthology

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