Nothing inspires art like love

October is here! And with October comes the one holiday we don’t celebrate in Sweden that I really wished we did – Halloween.  Luckily I have my buddy, Amy Spector, to bring some Halloween celebrations into my life, and we’re celebrating by releasing Buried Desires #3. This year we’ve invited Neptune Flowers to write with us, so instead of a double feature, we have a three-story anthology. Cool, ey?

SnowflakeI will talk more about The Reluctant Ghost Whisperer by Neptune Flowers and Pretty Plastic (Cold Fingers #3) by Amy Spector later, but now, it’s time to show off Theophile Lekas, ice sculptor extraordinaire.

Theo is amazing. He is fascinated by ice, he can create the most amazing sculptures, and he is willing to do just about anything to make life better for the love of his life, Dylan Mincer.

And if making Dylan’s life better means murdering a couple of people, well then Theo will murder a couple of people. You have to understand, Theo has loved Dylan since they were in school, he has – stalked is such a nasty word – kept track of him during the seventeen years that have passed since they left school, and now it’s time. It’s time to bring Dylan home.

Dylan needs him.

Dylan does need Theo. His life is not going well. He hates his job, his co-workers bully him, but he’s too insecure to leave. So when Theo steps into his life and shows him what love can be like he grasps on to it.

The Snowflake is a story about ice, it’s a story about art, and about hope. It’s also a story about a sociopath in love. I would definitely label it as romance, but it’s also horror. Don’t forget that it’s horror LOL. It’s October, there should be some horror, right?

Buried Desires #3, The Reluctant Ghost Whisperer, The Snowflake, and Pretty Plastic (Cold Fingers #3) will be released on October 10th, but you’ll find them up for pre-order here:

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