Dirty Pirate

Dirty Pirate (Dirty Shorts) by Kyle Adams.

We’re having ourself a #freefictionFriday!

This story was so much fun! I was scrolling through my Goodreads feed and saw Dirty Pirates. I read Dirty Cop some time ago, probably a couple of years now. I’d written a filthy short about a cop and one of my beta readers read it and said ‘yeah, it’s good but it’s almost exactly the same as Kyle Adams’ cop story – so I had to read it, and sadly it was pretty much the same LOL.

But, I enjoyed Dirty Cop, so when I saw Dirty Pirate I figured I had to read it (and I’ve read Dirty in Drag too).  I realised there are many Dirty Shorts that I haven’t read –  yay!

Quinton’s sister blackmails him into getting a roommate so he writes a ridiculous ad, but Eric needs a place to stay so he tells Quinton he can live with the no inviting vampires rule and signs the contract.

When Quinton babysits his nephew he dresses up as a pirate and has a pink parrot, but none of that scares Eric off. Instead, he flirts with Quinton, but Quinton is convinced Eric is straight…until Eric decides it’s time show Quinton just how not straight he is.

It’s short, it’s hot, and it’s funny!


Dirty PirateThis cute and quirky story requires suspension of all belief. It’s a silly little story written based off these prompts:

Story elements: Haunted shower curtain, a pink stuffed parrot, a magic wand, bucket of chicken, a burnt Pop-Tart, and Batman.

Main characters: One loves chicken, it is all he talks about. Other character wears an eyepatch because he thinks he’s a pirate.

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