First Footing

Time for some Christmas reads, right?

First Footing by Clare London. I grabbed this for free a long time ago when I was browsing Smashwords – I don’t shop on Smashwords very often, but this time I did. This story is about Caleb and Owen who are in a relationship. There are other books about Caleb and Owen, but that I only found out after I’d read First Footing.

I don’t know in what order you’re supposed to read them, but since I didn’t know it was part of a series until after I’d read it, I’d say you can read it out of order without being confused.

Anyway, they receive a Christmas card for a girl in their building and they start fighting about in what order their names should be. The argument makes spark fly and soon their focus is elsewhere.

A short, hot, established couple, Christmas story. Perfect for when you have a few minutes to spend.

First FootingCaleb and Owen’s relationship thrives on conflict and banter, however deep their true feelings run. But are they really going to fall out over… a Christmas card?

This was written as a free gift for readers as part of the Rainbow Advent Calendar event on Facebook.

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