New Year, New Plans


Here we go again! We have a new year, and with it, new plans. Though, I don’t know if my plans are that different from last year LOL.

2019 I decided to have a theme for my year – Out of My Comfort Zone. I did that.  Every time I wanted to go into hiding, I told myself that no, the reason I don’t want to do this is that I’m not comfortable, but that’s not a valid reason to run away.

I published my first story in June 2014, so 2019 was my five year anniversary as a writer, and yet I did everything the same way I’ve always done.

It was time for a change.

The result:

  • I wrote 193 384 words (my goal was 182 500)
  • I published 6 stories
  • I published those stories through a new to me publisher
  • I created a Facebook group, and that might not have been a big business decision, but Facebook really scares me, so there was a lot of panic involved despite the group hardly having any members LOL
  • And, biggest of all, is that I’ve turned my writing into a business. I’m now a sole proprietor registered at the Swedish Tax Agency instead of having it as an income bringing hobby (and if we’ve talked panic before, it’s nothing compared to the sleepless nights that decision has given me. But if I’m to take this seriously, I damn well should take it seriously and make it into a real business.)

2019 in review

Goals for 2020:

For 2020, my theme is Clean-Up. I have soo many stories that I’ve started only to abandon due to some due date coming up for a different story. Stories I’ve started writing because they’ve amused me, but that I’ve then dropped to write something more expected. A few of those are M/F stories, so I’ll plan to do something with that. What I in way of goals have so far is:

  • Write 182 500 words
  • Publish 6 stories
  • Start an M/F name

So, we’ll see where that gets us LOL

The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.”– Bill Copeland

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