Up North | Cover Reveal – Banger Challenge

I just got a cover in my inbox…

I have to admit there are quite a few stories spinning in my head at the moment, so I have to take a deep breath and try to remember in which order everything is supposed to go. It’s a rather pleasant problem, I have to say.

In just two days, When Skies Are Gray will be released, so naturally I’ve already moved on to the next story in the series – Banger Challenge.

Bagner Challenge is a 31k long road trip story. Like all Up North stories, it’s contemporary M/M romance, and completely stand-alone from all previous stories in the series.

So, do you want to see the cover??

Banger Challenge

Fred Munson likes his job as a traffic cop. He’s good at it. It’s his personal life that could use some improvement. With no friends, and being too shy to talk to anyone while out of uniform, when Fred is forced to use some of his vacation time, he has nothing to fill his days. At least not until he comes home to find his driveway blocked by a stranger with car troubles.

A month after losing his father, Zen Zeppelin Cave has also lost his place in the world. The only thing holding him together is focusing on a charity junk car race to raise money for cancer research. And he’s crossing that finish line even if he ends up replacing every part of the car along the way.

Zen had planned on completing the race on his own, but a spur-of-the-moment decision changes that when he invites the adorable, blushing police officer whose driveway he’s blocking to tag along. Going with a stranger on a road trip is completely out of Fred’s comfort zone, so when he accepts the invitation no one is more surprised than himself.

Together, Zen and Fred are heading south. But will the old junk car hold together long enough to reach their destination? And will crossing the finish line mean the end of the road for a budding romance, or will they find there’s more to their journey?


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