Up North | Banger Challenge


Let me introduce Zeppelin Cave and Fred Munson. If you’re lucky you get to tag along on a road trip in an Opel Ascona from 1988 without air condition during a heatwave in July – I know it’s a dream come true LOL.

When the pandemic hit back in March, I had a hard time focusing. I’m sure most of you can relate, but after weeks of not writing nor reading, I felt I needed to do something get my mind in gear again. So I asked for requests in my Facebook group. I figured if I just could write something short for someone other than myself, I could get going again.

It worked, sort of. I didn’t write one short story, I wrote When Skies Are Gray that’s 16k since the lovely Sheryl Boo wanted an age-gap story. But then the equally lovely Gabi Cervenka (who has a blog you should check out ) wanted a story about a shy guy.

Fred is that shy guy, and he’d been forced to take three weeks off from work. He doesn’t have anything on his schedule other than laying jigsaw puzzles, but that’s before his driveway got blocked by Zen Zeppelin Cave. Zen is everything Fred is not, and before long he’s convinced Fred to come with him on a road trip.

I loved writing this story, and it was supposed to be a shorty, but it’s 31k, so while not novel length, it’s went on for a bit longer than I’d planned…but it’s a long way to the south when you’re starting you trip Up North.
Zeppelin Cave Fred Munson

Banger Challenge will be published on August 5th and is up for pre-order in the JMS-shop (20% off).

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