Hula Dancers and Hauntings

Hula Dancers and Hauntings (Gabe Maxfield Mysteries #2.5) by J.C. Long

I grabbed this during one of the Smashwords sales, might have been the quarantine sale, I can’t remember, but I thought the title sounded fun. As usual, I had no idea it was part of a series until I started reading, but it worked as a standalone even though I understood that there was some backstory to the characters.

Halloween on Hawaii…

It’s a fun read. Gabe isn’t afraid of anything, and he doesn’t believe in spirits or ghosts or anything paranormal. Reluctantly, he accepts a case where people hear voices and objects are being moved around without explanation. He thinks someone is messing with them, but when his boyfriend disappears in the woods, he’s not so sure there isn’t a higher power involved anymore.

An entertaining Halloween short read with old legends and good friends!

Hula Dancers and HauntingsIt’s Halloween time in Hawai’i and of course Gabe Maxfield is in business. Gabe owes lu’au owner Hiapo a favor (read Tiki Torches and Treasure to find out why!) so when weird things start happening at his lu’au, strange enough to frighten off his hula dancers, he comes to Gabe for help. Skeptical as always, Gabe steps into a creepy mystery where things are going missing or getting moved around and people are disappearing left and right. Can he solve the mystery before everyone he knows falls prey to the woods?

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