Guest Post | Music of My Heart by Morgan Mason


Morgan Mason is here today to share a little about Music of My Heart, the fourth story in the Elves After Dark Series. It’s a multi-author series of standalone elven Christmas stories.

Santa is real and so are elves. Want to find out what happens when love finds them? Come find out with Elves After Dark.

Music of My Heart is the fourth book in the Elves After Dark collection. Each book is a standalone and all are based around the idea of what Santa’s Elves get up to After Dark. Eight authors with eight different novellas, there’s bound to be a trope to suit every holiday desire!

Here’s what one reviewer has to say:

This delightful holiday story has a bit of everything … music, elves, reindeer, family, friends, and most importantly all the feels!!

Music of my heart

In the North Pole, Nym works as an Observer. It’s his job to watch over the children of the world and report back to Santa on who’s being naughty and who’s being nice. Falling in love with one of his charges, however, would not only be cause for removal from his post, but falling in love with a human child and watching him grow into a beautiful young man, would be cause for banishment. Humans don’t know elves and Santa really exist.

Nym cannot help his amorous feelings for the talented Josiah Patterson, and as Josiah has since turned eighteen and passed out from under Nym’s watch, it’s been months since Nym has observed him. With Josiah away from his close-knit family at college, Nym hastily decides to leave the North Pole for the first time to take Josiah the only Christmas present he might receive that year.

One thing Nym never expected, however, was for Josiah to be able to feel Nym’s emotions.

With a nudge of support from an unexpected ally, is it possible for Nym to find the happiness he so desires with Josiah? Can an old elf and a young human truly be free to love each other?

Here’s an excerpt to entice:

“Have you ever been with anyone, my love?” Nym whispered as he moved his mouth over to Josiah’s ear, licking the lobe and then drawing it into his mouth.

Josiah moaned and rutted his hips into Nym, his hard cock nearly perfectly aligned with Nym’s. “No, wanted it to be special.” Josiah panted loudly as Nym sucked the skin on Josiah’s neck, nipping and humming along the tender column of flesh.

“I am not like humans,” Nym said, trying to keep his mind clear to inform Josiah about what to expect between them. “I have never been with a human to know for sure, but our basic parts are close to the same, I am told.”

“That’s so weird,” Josiah replied breathlessly, but he didn’t really sound like he cared all that much. “I guess I should have figured out right away that you were different because I could feel your emotions, but knowing you’re like a human but not, it’s strange and kinda cool. I’ve never seen another dick before, so I don’t really think I’ll care that much.”

Nym’s heart nearly short-circuited upon hearing those words, and his need flared brighter than he could ever remember. Josiah whimpered in Nym’s arms.

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