LimFic and Queer Romance Ink

Limfic - kopia

I ended 2020 by signing up for (Liminal Fiction). I had decided not to, but then the lovely A.L. Lester was talking about it, so I thought why not. LimFic is like Queer Romance Ink, but for speculative fiction.

QRI, if you’re not familiar with them, is a site where authors list their books. If you subscribe to their newsletter, they’ll tell you about new releases, when there is a sale, and other things going on. Liminal does the same thing, but there all books are speculative fiction – paranormal, fantasy, sci-fi and horror.

The other day, I got around to list my books, and I realised something. I was scrolling through my paranormal and sci-fi stories, deciding which ones to add, and…

You think you know what you’re writing – at least most of the time LOL – but listing my books had me realising something.

  • It Doesn’t Translate – Fated Mated + Interspecies
  • Black Bird – Fated Mates + Interspecies
  • Soul Eater – Fated Mates + Interspecies
  • Mind Scrambler – Fated Mates + Interspecies
  • Elevator Pitch – Interspecies

Of the five stories I listed, four were fated mates and all of them interspecies! How come I didn’t know that that’s the kind of stories I write?? LOL


On Queer Romance Ink you find queer books – all subgenres. You find my QRI profile here, and my LimFic profile here, if you want to check them out.

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