Up North | Kisses and Cabins

cabinIt’s been so long, I’d forgot I did a character introduction on my Up North stories! In my defence, Kisses and Cabins wasn’t meant to be an Up North story. It wasn’t until I talked to my publisher about the cover that I told her to make it an Up North cover.

I never say in what city or town they are, but considering there is a cabin, I figured, why not.

The last time I did one of these posts was back in November, and I don’t know about you, but November feels like so long ago. But never mind that now.

Kisses and Cabins is about Kace Channing and Lukas Holland. They’ve been friends for thirty-five years, and Kace has always been attracted to Luke, but he believes Luke is straight and he’d never risk their friendship by doing something stupid.

Then one day, Luke shows up on his doorstep, tells him he’s separated from his girlfriend and needs a place to stay. Kace invites him in, and Luke kisses him.

I loved writing this, it’s a short opposite attracts, friends to lovers story, and I’d been drowning in werewolves and wizards for a while so it was nice to write something other than that.

Kace Channing Lukas Holland

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kissesandcabins-small-1Kace Channing has been best friends with Luke Holland for thirty-five years. He can’t imagine his world without him. But over the last twelve months, they’ve hardly seen one another. And life without Luke seems empty.

When Luke shows up on Kace’s doorstep, asking for a place to stay, Kace is happy to say yes. But he isn’t prepared for the kiss that follows, or ready to admit he could kiss Luke forever. What they already have is too important.

And when Luke, the least outdoorsy person Kace knows, tells him he’s buying a cabin in the woods, Kace tries to talk him out of it. But Luke’s made up his mind. He says they need it, the two of them.

But won’t kisses and cabins ruin their friendship?

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