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Today, my dear friend Amy Spector is here on the blog to show off the cover of her upcoming release and tell us a little about it and herself. Amy always has to coolest covers, so check it out!

Happy Friday! I’m Amy Spector, and Ofelia has been kind enough to let me visit her blog today. Some of you may know me, most of you probably don’t, but Ofelia and I have known each other for years now, and have worked together on a number of writing projects. Those projects are always the most fun! (There’s a hint in that for you, Ofelia!)

Not only is this my first time stopping by Ofelia’s blog, but it’s also cover reveal day for my newest book, the first book in a new series!

I’ve always loved to read! Even as a kid, you would normally find me with a book in my hand. Yet, somehow I was surprised when the writing bug bit. Despite spending the last fifteen years writing marketing copy for work, it never occurred to me that I might enjoy writing fiction.

I think it was the discovery of paranormal romance that pushed me from avid reader and into writing. And that all my years of watching Bewitched and Dark Shadows reruns would finally pay off! I won’t lie, I still want to be Agnes Moorehead when I grow up! I’d also happily run a haunted amusement park.

I watched a lot of Scooby Doo, too.

Give me magic, mystery, and romance! Add a dead body and bad decisions? I’m a happy girl!

Club 669 (House of Witches Book One) combines all these loves. Especially the bad decisions

You can take a sneak peek below!

Cover and Blurb:

Club 669

Witch’s corpse. Witch’s ticket. Witch’s party.

As a counter-boy at a high-end men’s boutique, Charlie Jessup’s life consists of little more than work and sleep. That, and enough flirting to help guarantee his commission on sales will pay his rent. So when a twist of fate, and some behavior unbecoming that of a Ganymede employee, leaves him in possession of a dead man’s pass to a mysterious Club 669, Charlie has no desire to waste it.

Every seventeen years, the House of Witches throws a party like no other. It’s invitation-only, and for centuries it has helped ensure peace between the covens. It’s the last place Caspian wants to be, but with the death of Queen Avel, and his own imminent rise to the throne, it’s more important than ever that he attend. The stability of the House depends on it.

In four days a new king will be crowned, but when Charlie unintentionally crashes a gathering of the most secretive of all the Great Houses, he sets in motion a series of events that could disrupt the transition of power, and threaten the future of the House of Witches forever.

Book Excerpt:

Adam pushed up to the bar, squeezing in next to a necking couple to press close to Sebastian. He pulled a cigarette from his pocket. “You got a light?”
The crowd was loud, the music louder, so that even with my better-than-average hearing, I needed to move in close to make out Sebastian’s response.
“They don’t allow smoking.” And that would have probably been the end of it if Sebastian hadn’t glanced away from the dancing long enough to take Adam in. “But we could probably find you somewhere to light up.”
“Really?” Adam smiled and made of show of slipping the cigarette between his lips. It was no wonder he made so much more than I did. “Too cold outside.”
Sebastian eyed him up and down, and his distraction allowed me to slide up even closer. How was it possible he could fall so easily for his own trick?
“Bound to be a back room somewhere.” He pushed up and dropped a few dollars on the bar. “Or there’s always my place.”
I recognized the smile.
“Your place sounds perfect.” Adam pulled the cigarette from his mouth and tucked it behind his ear. “I’ve got a car outside.”
I followed the two as they moved through the crowd, Adam wrapping himself around one of Sebastian’s arms. Once we’d made it outside, I stepped up and wrapped myself around the other one.
When he looked over, he stopped dead in his tracks.
“Oh, fuck no.”
“Oh, fuck yes,” I countered, dragging him toward Tiki’s car.
“I don’t want to be involved in this bullshit.”
“You drugged me,” I spat, and Adam’s eyebrows went up, but to his credit, he said nothing. “You’re already involved in this bullshit.”
“I’m sorry. Did I tell you I was sorry?” He tried to pull free, but Adam and I spent our weeks lugging boxes full of leather pants around, and Caspian had already told me that witches worked hard to remain anonymous. We were stronger than we looked, and he didn’t want to draw attention to himself. “Because I am. And your friend, what he did to me? He’s scary as fuck.”
Caspian? Scary? I couldn’t see it.
“What he did was stop you from abducting me. And what, raping me?”
“We were at an orgy, for fucks sake!” Sebastian’s voice was loud and his tone exasperated. Adam looked shocked. “I’m pretty sure we’d both been naked if I’d just waited around.”
“Well, you’re going to make it up to me. You’re going to take me to the Monastery.”
That seemed to take Sebastian by such surprise he allowed Adam to push him into the backseat of the car without a fight, Adam climbing in next to him as I slipped behind the wheel.
“You want me to take you to the Monastery? To the seat of power?”
His absolute confusion at the request settled me on my plan. It was obviously a brilliant idea.

Club 669 (House of Witches Book One) is available for pre-order on Amazon, and is out March 26

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