Cover Reveal | Dazzle Me


Back in 2015, I wrote a story… Beaten Track Publishing put together an anthology called Summer Bigger Than Others – A Summer Anthology. It was to be summery short stories, and most often I write dark, grey rainy autumn stories, or I write biting cold winter stories. 

Summer isn’t really my thing. 

I mean, living in Sweden, we’re deprived of sunlight, so spring and summer bring hope and a little bit of energy. This time of year, our vitamin D levels are scary low LOL 

But the bugs, and the frogs, and the sweating… *scrunches nose* 

Anthologies are always fun, though, so I wrote a story. Dazzle Me is now being re-released with JMS Books, and Tom likes tropical climates about as much as I do… 

It’ll be released on the first of May, but I have the cover. Do you want to see it? 



Tom and Santino’s anniversary is coming up, and Tom has a plan. He’s going to show Santino how much he means to him. The night will be magical.
Tom’s plan did not include a trip to Thailand. He doesn’t do aeroplanes, doesn’t do tropical climate, and he doesn’t do spas. Yet he finds himself without a stitch of clothing on a spa table, with a man he’s never met before while Santino is away on a business meeting.
This was not how it was supposed to go. Tom will do his best to live through the day so they can celebrate their anniversary when they get back to the hotel, but If Santino wanted him smooth and sparkly, couldn’t he have told him instead of booking him an appointment?

Note: Dazzle Me was first published as part of Summer Bigger Than Others – A Summer Anthology from Beaten Track Publishing.

Pre-order in the JMS shop (20% off)

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