Release Day | Dazzle Me


It’s release day!!!

Dazzle Me was first released back in 2015. It all started with me reading an article about sparkling nether regions – it’s true. People who, after having been thoroughly waxed, decided to decorate their bits *blinks owlishly*

So naturally, the wheels began to spin.

Poor Tom has no desire of being silky smooth and hairless, but Santino, his boyfriend, had booked him a day at the spa. Tom expected a massage and maybe a pedicure or something, but that’s not what he’s getting.

I had a great time writing this one. The things we do for love, ey LOL


I lay down on my back and gazed up at the tiny spotlights that were scattered over the ceiling like faraway stars. Mahdi was pottering about, I could hear him moving things, but I didn’t look. My limbs were heavy. I hoped he would do something soothing. I let my eyelids droop shut, and shivered even though it was warm in the room. My body became heavier by the second, and the soft music playing in the background made me think of sunlit beaches and palm trees. 

Keep on relaxing like that, Mr. Williams.” Mahdi touched my shoulder right before putting something cold, and quite heavy, on my cheek. It felt like it was moving. It was moving! Another one was planted on my other cheek, and then one on my forehead. My breath quickened. Oh God, something is moving on my face…several somethings. I stared at the ceiling, I couldn’t remember opening my eyes, but they were definitely open now. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a tiny tentacle approaching. 

Relax, Mr. Williams. The snails will cover your skin with their mucus, and you’ll feel ten years younger.” 

I gagged a little. Saliva was flooding my mouth, and I had to force myself not to scream. Snails were crawling on my face. The saliva continued to flood my mouth. I was going to be sick all over the spa table. I swallowed, and swallowed, and swallowed again. How the fuck could Santino do this to me? I would kill him! He knew I hated slimy animals. I squeezed my eyes shut, strained to hear the music over my heartbeats and thoughts. Slow even breaths. Goose pimples spread over my body. There are no trails of mucus from nasty animals on my skin. I could feel one getting close to my lower lip. Breathe. BreatheDo not pay attention to the one slipping in its own mucus and sliding down your cheek. 

Ugh.” I clamped my lips shut in case one of them wanted to crawl into my mouth. 

Oh, I’ll get it.” Mahdi placed the one that’d been slithering down my cheek closer to my nose. “Just relax.” 

Relax? Was he out of his mind? Did Santino really think I needed this? Maybe I had been looking a bit haggard lately, but snails? Couldn’t he have told me that he wanted me to take better care of myself? I should’ve known. He was always gorgeous. Before we’d started dating, I’d had a toothbrush, toothpaste and my electric razor in my bathroom cabinet. Now it was filled with creams and stuff. I should’ve paid attention. Hadn’t he said, only the other week, that I needed to moisturise? 

One nasty creature crawled over my nose. Don’t think about it! Don’t think about it! I breathed through my mouth, not opening it more than I absolutely had to. My feet had a life of their own. I tried to relax and listen to the music, but I kept clenching my toes. 

Keep on relaxing, Mr. Williams. Rab will be with us soon.” 

He said something more that I didn’t quite catch, and since I didn’t dare open my mouth to speak, I sort of grunted a reply. A few minutes later I heard a soft knock on the door and the two men whispering in Thai. I paid no attention to them. One snail was almost up in my hair, and I did not want it in my hair. Breathe, Tom. You can do this; you can do it for Santo. 

There was a soft touch by my right shoulder before Mahdi rearranged the snail on my forehead. “Keep on relaxing, just like that, Mr. Williams.” 

Keep on relaxing? He had no idea what he was talking about. This was so bloody— 

Ouch! What the fuck are you doing?”  

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dazzlemeTom and Santino’s anniversary is coming up, and Tom has a plan. He’s going to show Santino how much he means to him. The night will be magical.

Tom’s plan did not include a trip to Thailand. He doesn’t do aeroplanes, doesn’t do tropical climate, and he doesn’t do spas. Yet he finds himself without a stitch of clothing on a spa table, with a man he’s never met before while Santino is away on a business meeting.

This was not how it was supposed to go. Tom will do his best to live through the day so they can celebrate their anniversary when they get back to the hotel, but If Santino wanted him smooth and sparkly, couldn’t he have told him instead of booking him an appointment?

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