Up North | Pet Delivery

I’m behind on my character introductions! Right now, I feel like I’m behind on everything, but ah well…

In just a few days, Pet Delivery will be released. It was once called Once in the Underworld, but it made me think of criminals and possibly demons, and since it’s a contemporary story about a guy hidden away in Nortown until he gets to testify, I wanted to change it.

Gabriel was at the wrong place at the wrong time and witnessed a murder. He’s been whisked away to Nortown since the police believe no one would come looking for him there.

Chris owns Nortown’s only grocery shop, and when he hears the police has stashed away someone in his grandmother’s old cabin, he worries. The cabin isn’t suitable to live in during the winter, so to make sure the poor person doesn’t freeze to death he goes up there to check on them.

Gabe is a gentle soul. He loves animals and the hardest thing about being in the witness protection program is that he had to leave his two cats. He can endure the cold cabin and the bearded guys in plaid shirts staring at him as if he’s an alien when he goes into town, but to never see Toffee and Caramel again, Gabe can’t accept that.

Chris is stuck. The years go by and he’s still working most days of the week in the grocery shop he took over from his mother, he’s still living in the same cramped flat, and he’s still talking to the same people, day out and day in. Meeting Gabriel brightens his boring life.


Chris Hart owns the only grocery shop in Nortown, but he isn’t exactly overrun by customers. Some days he wonders why he bothers to open the doors at all. Spending his days smiling at the few people trickling in and his nights alone in bed isn’t the most interesting life a man could lead. But when Chris suddenly gets the excitement he’s been craving, it may be more than he bargained for.

Gabriel Miller loves his life. He’s close to his sister, has a job he adores and is the proud owner of one and a half cats. But all of it is taken away when he witnesses a murder. To keep him safe, the police place him in Nortown, of all possible locations.

Chris can’t believe they’re letting someone live in his gran’s old cabin in the middle of the winter. It’s too cold. When the poor man shows up in his shop looking to buy clothes, Chris’s heart melts, despite the freezing temperature. Gabriel notices the way the shopkeeper looks at him, but it can’t be right. No one looks at a heavyset man with heat in their eyes. Do they?

JMS Books :: books2read.com/PetDelivery

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