Cover Reveal | Silent Woods


Do you have the energy for yet another cover? Silent Woods is one of the first stories I ever wrote (that I published) and it’s the one I’ve had the nicest rejection letter to LOL

I can’t remember what the call was, but I wrote it for Less Than Three Press. I sent it in without much hope. All I’d published at that point was Knickers in a Twist, and I didn’t have much hope of ever finding a publishing house willing to take in a writer with English as their second language.

You know how it is – editors charge more, readers think we either have ghostwriters, translators or that we first write the story in our first language and then translate it.

I don’t know the numbers of reviews I’ve had that say ‘this was good, despite the author not being a native speaker.’ Despite. And a few months ago I had to sit on my hands not to type snide remarks on Facebook (and if you know me, you know I never ever feel the need to do so) when some of my so-called colleagues in the LGBTQIA+ writing community talked about how second language speakers never will make good writers, and how disappointed they were when they picked up a book and realised it was written by a non-American or a non-Brit (I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say you Aussies are probably okay). I’m not naming names, but I’ll never read their books LOL

Anyway, back to the rejection letter. The person writing it said how they really loved the story but that they sadly couldn’t accept it since it wasn’t really romance – it’s an established couple kind of story – but to please submit again. They wrote some other nice things too, but I never submitted again. I found Beaten Track Publishing and they had no problems publishing an established couple kind of story, and now it’s found a new home with JMS Books.

Are you ready to see it?




Do you believe in myths and ancient creatures? 
Daniel has never understood the need to leave the city, so when his husband suggests a camping trip for their holiday, he agrees with reluctance. Even before they step out of the car, trepidation crawls over Daniel. Something is wrong. There is something about the forest that turns his stomach into knots. 
He wants nothing more than to return to the safety of their home, and when their five-year-old son goes missing his fears turn into full-blown panic. What awaits them in the depths of the forest is far more sinister than anything Daniel ever could have imagined. With a missing child, it’s a race against time. Will they be able to find their son before it’s too late? 

Buy links:

Paranormal M/M Romance: 18,772 words

Pre-order @ JMS Books (20% off)

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