Cover Reveal | The Snowflake


We’re all like snowflakes—unique and one of a kind.

Time for another cover reveal! Not many books left to re-publish now, I’m afraid. Today we have The Snowflake. I love this. It’s not your ordinary romance. The main character, Theophile Lekas, tends to kill people, he’s a stalker, and talks to his cat – who responds. But… few books have been as fun to write as this one. 

It was first published in Buried Desires 3 together with Amy Spector and Neptune Flowers back in 2018. 

Theophile is an ice sculptor who wants to blow the world away with his talent, but mostly he gets to do swans for weddings and other get-togethers which he hates. But then there is Dylan Mincer – Theo’s muse and the man he’s been stalking for the last seventeen years.  

Theo loves Dylan – who says murderers can’t fall in love? – and he’ll do anything to make Dylan happy. To prove it he’s gonna make the best sculpture in the history of mankind.  

Ready to see the cover? 




Nothing inspires art like love. 
Theophile Lekas has spent the last seventeen years trying to build a name for himself as an ice sculptor. Ice is his world, but he lives for Dylan Mincer. 
But loving from afar isn’t enough, and if Theo wants to win Dylan’s heart, he’ll need to sweep him off his feet. And what better way to do it than with a sculpture that will leave Dylan breathless and the world in no doubt of Theo’s genius? 
After an argument leads to murder, Theo is hit with true inspiration. And he has the perfect block to begin his project. For Dylan, Theo will create his masterpiece. And it will be as unique as a snowflake. 
Great art requires the perfect muse. 

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