What the Heck Do You Blog About?


This blog post is related to one I wrote earlier this year, What the Heck Do Authors Do? Half the year has passed, and it was time for me to turn a page in my bullet journal. I have a spread, not a fancy or artistic one as many you see out there, but one that gives me an overview of what I have scheduled and what I need to write. 

As I write this, WordPress tells me that I have published 107 blog posts, the average word count per post is 1.100 words, and I’ve written a total of 117.705 blog words during 2021.  

If I’d written those as story words, I’d have had a few more releases. But of all the ‘side stuff’ authors do, blogging is what I like best.  

So what do I blog about? 

All sorts of things. Sometimes, I have no idea what to write about, and sometimes I have so many blog posts I need to write that it’s hard to fit them all in. 

  • Behind the Scenes – I do posts like this one that’s about what I do rather than about a book. 
  • #WhatToReadWednesday – This is a feature I started this year. I’ve read a few books through the years, and we’re always bombarded with new releases, but what about those old books? For the #WhatToReadWednesday posts, I make a list of books in a certain trope, for a certain day, with covers of a certain colour, or whatever else I can come up with. 
  • Wrap-Up Wednesday – This I do on the last Wednesday of the month. I tell you about what I’ve read during the month. Last year, I did Friday Reads posts, where I read a book for each Friday, so this is a bit more relaxed. If I haven’t finished a book one week, I won’t have to panic, but I don’t know what I like best. 
  • Fridays at Ofelia’s – This is the main reason I don’t do Friday Reads posts anymore. I decided guests would be fun to have, so Fridays are dedicated to guest posts from other authors. 
  • Cover Reveals – Whenever I have a new cover, I like to show it off and tell you what’s coming. 
  • Release Day Posts – When something goes live, I like to tell you about it 😀 
  • Character Introductions – This I always do for the Up North stories, and I did it for The Rockshade stories too. I tell you a little something about the characters in an upcoming release. 
  • Book Birthdays – On the first of every month, I do a giveaway of books published in that month previous years. It’s a fun way to celebrate former achievements 😀 
  • Sales – If we’re having a sale, I try to blog about it. That being said, keep an eye on Barnes&Noble, I never know when books go on sale there, but it’s pretty often! 
  • Random Posts – When something happens, when someone from the morning office has a release and want to come on a day other than Friday, or if I join some kind of event or other there will be a random post. 

And it looks like this: 

 So, onto another six months of blogging! LOL 

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